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News: March & April of 1999

March 4th: I hope you all watched the Shania Twain Winterbreak Special last night to see our favorite Boys sing "All I Have To Give". I (LeAndra) thought they did a good job with "From This Moment". I thought it was cool how each of them had their own little part. Despite the fact that Shania Twain totally lied about jamming to the Boys CD on her bus to get her pumped up before her concerts, I thought her and the Boys sounded pretty good together. Now if only they would be in the US, touring, earlier. I'm sure we would all love to hear them performing live right in front of our faces. I know I would.

March 5th: I (Dalila) have a little something extra to say about the Shania Twain Winterbreak, THEY LET KEVIN SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!! WE'RE ALL PROUD OF YOU KEVY-KEV!!!...Sorry, I had to get that out...

March 7th: Do you know who's kissing and NOT telling??? Well, I don't want to ruin the extremely shocking surprise. Go to our new section called The Girlfriends and find out.

March 14th: The Boys got a pretty good size amount of media coverage a couple of weeks ago, more specifically Brian. There were articles in the New York Times, Newsday, and USA Today about him and keyboardist, Tommy Smith, working with a local choir in Lexington, Kentucky, and recording them for a song "Perfect Fan". They were also on the Eyewitness New in New York for their work with the choir. Click here to check out the article and TV news coverage.

March 29th: Brian's girlfriend Leighanne Wallace is going to be in a movie called "Olive Juice". Click here to check it out.

April 3rd: The Backstreet Boys have done it again!!! Last night, their new single, "I Want It That Way", off the "Millennium" album world-premiered on the radio, even though it's not supposed to be officially released on radio until April 12th. Now, for some more interesting news. On April 1st, 102.7 KIIS FM got a call from Enrique, a representative of JIVE Records, asking the DJ, Jojo, to help get some extras to be in the video for "I Want It That Way", which was taped on April 2nd. The first 50 callers, at 10:00pm, were choosen to take part in the video. And guess what?! I (LeAndra) WAS CALLER #32!!! Yes, I got the chance to be in a Backstreet Boys video. Talk about luck!! Anyway, if you haven't heard the song, be patient, I'm sure there's a radio station where you are already playing it. If not, keep April 12th in mind. If you don't want to wait that long, WE HAVE IT ON OUR SITE!!! To hear "I Want It That Way", click here and enjoy!!

April 9th: First of all, I should've said something about it earlier, but the video shoot for "I Want It That Way" went really well. The Boys thanked 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, for helping them out with the video by holding the contest to get Backstreet Boys fans to be in the video and they said they had a lot of fun. And you can see us lucky fans (playing fans in the video) surrounding an airplane, at an airport, screaming our heads off. Just thought you'd like to know. Anyway, I just got some very interesting news. There are TWO VERSIONS of "I Want It That Way"!! One is for radio airplay and I heard the other one is going to be on the album. Well, we HAVE the 2nd version in our "Sounds" section. Go there if you'd like to hear it. Mind you, the lyrics are very different and the song is longer. We also have the lyrics in the "Lyrics" section, so you can follow along.

April 12th: We have the songs on the new BSB album!!!!!(Some countries versions may differ)
01. Larger Than Life
02. I Want It That Way
03. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
04. It's Gotta Be You
05. I Need You Tonight
06. Don't Want You Back
07. Don't Wanna Lose You Now
08. The One
09. Back To Your Heart
10. Spanish Eyes
11. No One Else Comes Close
12. The Perfect Fan

April 13th: I found out some really GREAT news about the Boys. The "Millennium" album had sold almost 2 million in pre-release sales by 3/13/99, pretty much guaranteeing them a #1 album on the charts. I'm sure they have sold way more than that. WAY TO GO, BACKSTREET BOYS!!! Now here some more interesting news. TV APPEARANCES!!! Some of them are not confirmed, but I'll let you know if and when they are. They go like this:
4/24/99- Backstage With the Backstreet Boys on Showtime @1:30pm (this is not the PPV special, but the interview shown before the special)
5/1/99- Kids Choice Awards on Nickolodoen @ 8pm
5/11/99- Total Request Live on MTV @ 3:30pm, 9pm (unconfirmed)
5/12/99- Fanatic on MTV @ 4:30pm, 10pm
5/15/99- Saturday Night Live on NBC @ 11:30pm
5/20/99 or 5/24/99- Rosie on NBC @ 3pm (West Coast)(Uncomfirmed)
5/21/99- Jay Leno on NBC @ 11:30pm (Unconfirmed)
5/21/99- TEEN PEOPLE 21 Hottest Stars Under 21 on ABC @ ?? (Check local listings) Nick Carter scheduled to appear
7/10/99- Backstreet Boys In Concert on The Disney Channel @ 7pm

There you go!!

April 17th: Here's more info on the new single, "I Want It That Way". The B-sides are said to be "My Heart Stays With You" and "I'll Be There For You". The single will be packaged with the video, "Homecoming to Orlando". And we also got the lyrics to the new album. I'll be putting them up soon. That's all for now.

April 18th: Let's hear it for the Backstreet Boys and JIVE Records(!!) for getting 165 multi-format out-of-the-box adds for "I Want It That Way". An "add" is when a radio station picks up a song and starts playing it. Most songs by popular music artists get around 100 "adds" their first week out, but the Backstreet Boys did way better than that. "I Want It That Way" was picked up by 165 radio stations the first week of its release. This is an all-time record for Top 40 radio. CONGRATULATIONS, FELLAS!!!

April 21st: Well, as you probably noticed, the transcripts for "Countdown to the Millennium" have been taken down. There is a very good reason for this. THEY'RE FAKE!! That's right. The producer for the station supposedly airing this series emailed our source saying they never, at anytime, announced they would air such a series and was shocked to hear about this, let alone see transcripts for it. Our source was assured the transcripts were real and is sorry for putting out misleading info, as am I, the co-owner of this site. If you got a chance to see the "transcript" with the phone call from Nick, the call was, at least, authentic. On to other news, it's being said that "Where Can We Go From Here" and "Who Do You Love" is going to be on the European/Australian version of "Millennium". It's also being said that a release date for Europe (and maybe Canada) hasn't been chosen and that "Millennium" could be released a week or two earlier or later than the US. There is also some talk about what songs are going to be on the new album. Look here to see what the possibilities are. Finally, there is a commercial being aired in Canada for the "Millennium" album. Also, click here to see what the possible covers might be for the album.

April 22nd: "I Want It That Way" goes from #72 to #34 on the Billboard Charts, making them the biggest airplay mover this week. Way to go, Backstreet Boys!!!

April 23rd: Here's some good news. The video for "I Want It That Way" is going to world premiere on MTV next week, so watch for it on Total Request Live. Also, a spark of hope for all you Nick fans around the world. I heard that Nick Carter and g/f Mandy More BROKE UP(!!) and that he is not looking for a new girlfriend right now. Only the time that passes by will prove it true or false. Now for the best news, we have clips of every song on the new album! I'll be putting them up soon. Hopefully, they'll be up by tonight for your listening enjoyment.

April 24th: The news all Backstreet Boys fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. May 5th is the day the "I Want It That Way" video will be world-premiered on MTV. The video was directed by Wayne Isham (who did the videos "Livin' La Vida Loca" and "The Hardest Thing"). The video was taped at the Los Angeles International Airport, which promises to be heavy with performance footage. The video premiere will be the first in a string of Backstreet MTV appearances, which include "Backstreet Boys Favorite Videos", turns on Total Request Live, and a live concert special titled, "Backstreet Boys Live". Also the Boys' are planning many appearances before "Millennium" hits the stores on May 18th. For all fans who have Showtime, they are showing "Backstreet Boys Coming Home" at 4:00pm on April 25th. It may be the pay-perview special, don't know for sure.

April 25th: Another Backstreet TV appearance!! May 20th, the Boys will be on "The View", so check your local listings for times. For the fans in Australia and New Zealand, the "Millennium" album will have a bonus track, "I'll Be There For You" (I'm not sure if this is the European release as well). And there was a secret message in Nick's "thank yous" in the "Millennium" CD jacket. It goes like this: 5883-5433-86-843-3855378-367-843-388873-47-722723. Guess what?! It's been decoded to "Live life to the fullest for the future is scarce." Thanks for the advice, Nick!

April 27th: We have some awesome news for all you loyal Backstreet Boys fans. The Boys are going to have a BUNCH of TV appearances leading up to the release of "Millennium" on May 18th, and this day is included also. There will be a 30-minute Backstreet Boys special played on the Astro-Vision screen in New York's Times Square on May 18th and JIVE is also looking for a internet partner for the event. The Boys will also be on MTV's "Total Request Live", having a party with a New's Year's Eve theme to it. Now for all the important dates to mark on your calendars:
5/15/99 to 5/16/99- Backstreet Weekend on MTV, which includes an episode of "FANatic", clip package, and three hours of live programming
5/15/99- Saturday Night Live on NBC @ 11:30pm
5/18/99- Total Request Live on MTV @ 3:30pm, 9pm, party with a New Year's Eve Theme
5/18/99- Backstreet Boys special on Astro-Vision screen in Times Square @ ??
5/20/99- Rosie on NBC @ 3:00pm (West Coast, otherwise check local listings)
5/20/99- 1999 World Music Awards on ABC @ 8pm, Boys will record their appearance in Monte Carlo in early May
5/24/99- Jay Leno on NBC @ 11:30pm

All these appearances have been confirmed. So, be prepared, people! THE NEW "MILLENNIUM" IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!!