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News: May & June of 1999

May 1st: Today I(LeAndra) got my issue of Teen People in the mail and, much to my extreme happiness, Nick Carter is on the cover (along with Monica and Britney Spears) and has a small article on him inside. Then I was also happy to see a story on the Backstreet Boys when they were shooting the cover for "Millennium". And Teen People, as many of you know, have decided to make a TV Special out of the 21 Hottest Stars Under 21. It will be on:
5/21/99- Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars Under 21 on ABC @ 8pm; you'll get to see Nick Carter's photo session for the cover of this month's issue.

Be sure to watch! The single "I Want It That Way" has gone from #34 to #23, while "All I Have To Give" has stayed put at #22, on Billboard's Hot 100. More good news is "All I Have To Give" has now sold 1 million units. Congratulations, Boys!!

May 2nd: The Backstreet Boys won "Favorite Song" with "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" on the Nickolodoen's Kid's Choice Awards, but lost "Favorite Group" to *N SYNC. Just wait until "Millennium" comes out, *N SYNCers. Your "favorite group" will be nothing but a memory. You know why? Cuz it's all about the Backstreet Boys!!! Speaking of "Millennium", there is a really cool add for the album at Go check it out. There is also some commercials playing in the US for the album, mostly on Nickolodoen, shown from from 3pm to 6pm EST. Apparently, each Backstreet Boy has his own little commercial to promote the album.

May 4th: If you've already heard this, sorry, I'm behind a day, but it's important. First to all BSB Webmasters: BEWARE!! There have been some anti-BSB people going around and destroying BSB websites. They also hack into their email accounts and erase messages. It's happenning mostly to humor site, but not just those types. The 'hackers' leave a message saying it's a waste of time to do this, leave a long row of 'HA HA's and then puts "DIE AND ROT BSB FANS". Now on to some good news. The single "I Want It That Way" entered the #1 spot on the Top 40 countdown in Holland. I know that sounds normal considering this the Backstreet Boys, but it's the first time it's ever been done in the 35 years the countdown has been around in Holland. Next, a new BSB song will be on a CD called "Chris Sheppard presents Groove Station 5" from BMG Music Canada out May 18th. Third, "I Want It That Way" single SOLD OUT IN AUSTRALIA!!! Let's hear for the best music group in the WORLD!!! Anyway, on to other things. Some possible singles off the new album are: "Larger Than Life", "Show Me The Meaning....", and "Don't Wanna Lose You Now". Finally, another day has been added for the Disney Special. It's:
7/11/99- Backstreet Boys in Concert on the Disney Channel @ 7pm

That's all for now.

May 5th: Okay, first, I (LeAndra) HAVE to make a comment on the video. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I loved the whole thing. I recorded it and I swear I almost cried. Not quite, almost. Ah, memories. Anyway, I just thought it was the best video they've done so far. And I'm so glad the whole world now knows that Kevin can actually sing. ALRIGHT, KEVY!!! Now that I got that out, the Boys are on the cover of "Rolling Stone". I've read the article and seen the pictures. It looks very interesting. Also, "I Want It That Way" has been reaching the number one spot all over the UK. And it's so popular, that the price of the single has been raised. What can I say, the Boys deserve it. Keep up the good work, fellas. Love you much.

May 7th: I (LeAndra) have some bad news for all the fans who were looking forward so much to seeing the Backstreet Boys on "The View" on May 20th. Well, it's been cancelled. Sorry, I had to get that out first. Now, for another thing bothering me. As you all know, the video for "I Want It That Way" has finally been premiered in the US. The next day, I fully expected it to be #1 cuz the Boys have so many fans and it's been doing so well on music charts not only in this country, but all around the world. First, I have to say I wasn't home to watch the beginning of "Total Request Live" because I was at a movie audition and there for well over an hour. I didn't get home until they just started showing the new Britney Spears video. Imagine my complete shock when *N SYNC was still #1!! Although, they went from #8 to #2 today, the Backstreet Boys should be at #1. So, please, just take five minutes of your time and vote for them on TRL, so the next time we see the video, it's at #1 where it belongs. Okay, I'm done begging. It's time for more TV scheduling and it goes like this:
5/15/99- Backstreet Boys Favorite Videos on MTV from 1pm-6pm
5/16/99- Backstreet Boys Live Special on MTV @ 11am & a repeat at 8pm; two-hours of nothing but a Q&A with the Backstreet Boys
5/18/99- Backstreet TV on MTV @ 4:30pm; a LIVE half-hour special

Once again, I must mention the Boys appearance on "The View" has been cancelled. Other than that, get ready to ring in the new "Millennium"!!

May 8th: Alright, everybody. Here's some great news. The US & Canada tour is to begin in September and last until December!!! Almost all the venues are booked so all US & Canadian fans, be on the look out for tour dates. For the fans in South America, the Boys will be hitting your part of the world in January. Tommy Smith, the BSB keyboardist, says the new tour is going to be one of the best shows to hit the US in 1999. I can't wait!!! Anyway, the Boys will be attending the Blockbuster Awards on May 25, 1999 on FOX. What time I don't know yet. Then two days after that, they will leave for Europe. Now for the a music chart update. "I Want It That Way" stays put at #23, while "All I Have To Give" drops from #22 to #27 on Billboard's Hot 100. On the Billboard 200, Backstreet Boys drops from #40 to #42.

May 9th: I would like to give a special Happy Mother's Day shout out to Ann Richardson, Paula Dorough, Jackie Littrell, Denise McLean, and Jane Carter. As you all know, these are the women responsible for bringing Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick into this world. I'd also like to say "Thank You!!" to them, for these five guys whose music has reached so many people all around the world and inspired so many. Without you, we would not have the Backstreet Boys. So, THANK YOU AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

May 10th: The Backstreet Boys have taken over the #1 spot on Total Request Live!!!! YIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!! Now that I got that out, the single "I Want It That Way" has been capturing the #1 spot on the charts all over the world, such as Canada, the UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Lebanon. It debuted at #6 in Australia. But what many are wondering is if the Backstreet Boys will score a #1 hit in the US. Well, it would help if the single was actually being sold in stores, instead of given away with the home video that was released. So unless it's actually on sale, it probably won't make it to #1. On that note, a plea.... "Pleeeease, put 'I Want It That Way' in stores NOW!!"

May 14th: It's been a while since an update (Ok, 2 days), but nonetheless, we have great news to share. The Backstreet Boys are having a Virtual Fan Conference on May 17th @ 1pm Eastern Time, to celebrate the re-launch of the Official Backstreet Boys Website and the debut of the Backstreet Boys online store. We'd like to send a shout of "Congratulations" to 13-year-old Caitlin, owner of "", for winning the contest to host this event. She got picked out of more than 1,000 contestants (including us) to be "#1 Fan of the Backstreet Boys". Alright, Caitlin!! Okay, now for a TV appearance:
5/15/99- All That on Nickelodoen @ 8:30pm

Be sure to watch. Also don't forget to watch Saturday Night Live, also on May 15th, for the Backstreet Boys appearance. Now for a little bad news. The Backstreet Boys appearance on Jay Leno (on the 24th) has been cancelled because Tommy Smith, BSB Band keyboardist, said they will leave for Europe on the 25th instead of the 27th, so the Boys and the Band will have more rehearsal time in Belgium. Sorry! Now for more good new. Backstreet Boys has gone from #42 to #38 on the Billboard 200; "I Want It That Way" has gone from #23 to #18 on the Billboard Hot 100; "All I Have To Give" has dropped from #27 to #34; and "Homecoming- Live In Orlando" is #1 in Billboards Music Video Sales.

May 15th: I have a little bit of news about the Jay Leno show. As we mentioned before, the Backstreet Boys appearance was cancelled, but I was informed by one of our sources that there MIGHT be a taped segment. So, if you want to watch and see, go ahead. I'm gonna do that myself. Here's to hoping....

May 16th: Wasn't the Backstreet Boys Live Special just the best thing on TV today!?! Of course I (LeAndra) taped it. And didn't they sound just great on Saturday Night Live last night?? I taped that, too. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the Live Special was so good, I think Kevin, Howie, Nick, Brian, and AJ looked great (although I still think Brian and AJ need to get a haircut) and they sounded awesome during their performances. I thought it was also very interesting how, considering how much time these five guys spend together, they didn't really know all that much about each other. But that's okay. It keeps the friendship always new. I really would've loved to have been there. I was kind of surprised at Howie's new hair style, but I'm used to it now. I think it looks good. Moving on, don't forget the Virtual Fan Conference at 1pm (Eastern Time) tomorrow. Too bad I'll be in school at that time, but oh well. Now just think.... 2 MORE DAYS TIL "MILLENNIUM" IS RELEASED!!! I can't wait. You know I'll be driving to every store to get it. Actually, no I won't cuz I pre-ordered!!! Hope you did, too.

May 17th: I have to make a comment on the press conference the fellas had today. It was really good, and the questions were interesting, although two girls did ask the same question, but that's okay. The Boys were nice enough to answer both times. And there were some funny moments and Caitlin did a great job hosting. Anyway, here's four major reasons not to miss the 1999 World Music Awards on May 20th @ 8pm on ABC. The Backstreet Boys won in FOUR categories: "World's Best Selling Pop Group"; "World's Best Selling R&B Group"; "World's Best Selling Dance Group" (which they won last year); and "World's Best Selling American Group". CONGRATULATIONS, NICK, AJ, KEVIN, HOWIE AND BRIAN!!! So, don't forget to watch! Now just a little reminder to everyone to watch "Total Request Live" tomorrow at 3pm or 9pm, or both, for more Backstreet Boys. Also watch "Backstreet TV" at 4:30pm or 10:30pm, or both. And I THINK the Backstreet Boys are supposed to be on that "Star Wars" special MTV is having at 10pm, but I'm not sure. Once again, here's to hoping....

May 18th: Today is the day!!!! Finally, after waiting for over a year (almost two), the Backstreet Boys album "Millennium" has arrived at a record store near you (hopefully). I (LeAndra)got my copy today(!!!) and I have to say, AJ was right when he said this album kicks Backstreet Boys in the butt. All the songs on the CD are awesome and there's something on there for everyone to enjoy. I'm sure you all have a similar opinion. I can definitely say my favorites are "Larger Than Life", "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely", "It's Gotta Be You", "Back To Your Heart", "Spanish Eyes", and "The Perfect Fan". Actually, I don't know if I can call them my favorites because all the songs are so great. These are just ones I've listened to about 50 times already. But, thank God, the day has arrived for the new "Millennium"!!!

May 19th: Alas, Nick fans, bad news. Nick and Mandy are still together. She was at the taping of the Disney Special on May 11th, where Leighanne Wallace (Brian's g/f) was also seen. They "sat in the choice side balconies looking like a pair of Britney Spears clones." In my opinion, that's not exactly a good thing. Anyway, the fans had their differences of opinions from saying "I think she's (Mandy) is really good for him (Nick)" to a group of girls yelling out "We love you, Brian!" alternating it with "Leighanne SUCKS!". I'm guessing the majority of the crowd was not exactly thrilled at them being there. At least that's what I'm told. On to better news, as I'm sure you all know, Sears and MTV are sponsering the US/Canadian tour, which is said to start September 19th in Miami, FL, and end on December 1st, but no tour dates have been released yet, so keep an eye and ear out. Those tickets will be selling within minutes. Now for TV appearances. Tomorrow is a busy BSB day on TV with:
Rosie on NBC @ 3pm (West Coast, otherwise check your local listings)
The 1999 World Music Awards on ABC @ 8pm; watch the Backstreet Boys be honored with FOUR awards.

So, set those VCRs. Also the Backstreet Boys will be on: 5/21/99- MTV News 1515 @ 7:30 (West Coast, otherwise check local listings)
and don't forget: 5/21/99- Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars Under 21; Nick Carter will be seen during the photo shoot for Teen People's June/July issue.

Finally, it's being said the Boys are supposed to on the Tonight Show on Friday (I'm assuming this Friday) and on "The View" on May 26th, but I don't know for sure. Again, here's to hoping....

May 20th: First, the best news. "Millennium" sold 500,000 copies on the first day of it's release!!! ALRIGHT, BACKSTREET BOYS!!! Had to say that first. Moving on, Brian says he might make a cameo spot in girlfriend, Leighanne Wallace's new movie, "Olive Juice", once they start filming. Also, Brian's dog, Tyke, is said to be in the movie and GETTING PAID FOR IT! (Gee, I wonder why) Anyway, speaking of girlfriends, Leighanne was seen with Brian after the show "Saturday Night Live". Also, Nick was seen there with a Asian-looking girl who was not his girlfriend, Mandy. She introduced herself as a model named Angie and from what I was told, her and Nick were looking pretty cozy together. But then again, it could've been the Boys' wardrobe person, Angie Lehman, who is the BSB Band drummer, Tim Berkebile's girlfriend. Since Tim was there, Angie could've been there, too, right? Personally, that's what I think. Also, a quick reminder to watch the 1999 World Music Awards tonight @ 8pm on ABC and see our Boys take home FOUR awards. You know I'll be taping it.

May 21st: First, I would like to say that I was disappointed that the airing of the 1999 World Music Awards showed the Boys winning only the "World's Best Selling Dance Group" award and not the other three. But then, I guess it's different for some countries it's shown in, who knows. Anyway, I watched MTV News 1515 and seeing Brian wearing those green, plaid pants just made me laugh all over again. I don't know what got into him. Actually, maybe I do, but I'd rather not say. Next, I watched "Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars Under 21" on ABC tonight to see Nick. Being the fan I am, I taped it (as well the almost-four-minute segment on MTV News 1515). Well, I'm also one of those fans that can notice the smallest things (most of the time). If you watched, you saw that the photo session for Teen People's first cover story on them was shown (the whole BBQ thing). As I was watching, they showed a small two-second shot of Nick holding a cigarette and a glass of something I'm hoping was a Coke. I'm not surprised at the thought of Nick smoking or (possibly) drinking, just at the fact he could do that when someone with a camera, taping your every move, was there. Just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, I rewound the tape about fifty times, and put it in slow motion about twenty times at the suggestion of my father since he was watching with me. I have only one thing to say about this: "Nick, be careful about what you do when there's a camera nearby. You could be caught in the most compromising situations." But this also goes to show he's just a human being with flaws, not the perfect angel some people perceive him to be. Finally, "I Want It That Way" goes from #18 to #17, and "All I Have To Give" stays at #34, on the Billboard Hot 100, while Backstreet Boys goes from #38 to #32 on the Album Charts.

May 23rd: As you may have seen, there are a set of preliminary US/Canadian Tour Dates now on the page. If you haven't seen it yet, click here to check them out. These are just an idea of where the Boys are going to be traveling and are not the official dates. The Boys were in Toronto, Canada, recently and here's what AJ and Kevin had to say about the tour:

"Our management is putting together the dates and venues now, and we'll have a meeting within the next week and lock those dates down, and the venues, so we'll be posting those real soon," said Kevin Richardson who, along with Howard "Howie D" Dorough, and AJ McLean he court about their new album, "Millennium", in a downtown hotel, 33 floors above the hundreds of screaming girls who lined the streets outside. (The other two Backstreet Boys-- Nick Carter and Brian "B-Rok" Littrell-- were handling press duties in the US.)

McLean later provided a surprising amount of detail about the stage set-up. "The stage will be set up right in the middle of the arena. That way everyone can see us in the round," he said.

"We have 10 dancers-- five girls and five guys-- we have a six-piece band. We'll be doing a little bit of.... flying, that's all I'll say. We're just doing all kinds of new stuff. The show has 18 songs. We have a lot of music to cover. Basically it's most of the hits off the last album and all the songs, pretty much, off the new album. So it'll be about two hours long, and with lots of really cool costumes. We just worked recently with (the people) who worked with Janet Jackson on her Velvet Rope tour, so it's not like you typical, everyday clothing. We've got some pretty cool stuff that was designed specifically for us for the show. We have four different outfit changes."

Asked if the show will be the same in Canada and the US as it will be in Europe-- the tour opens in Belgium on June 2nd and stays in Europe till Aug. 7-- Richardson nodded enthusiastically.

"That's something we're excited about, because sometimes after we'd do a tour in Europe, before we bring it to Canada and the US, we've had to go back into rehearsals and adjust it and tweak it because of different songs that are on the different albums and stuff, but this is going to be a more theatrical show. We had Mark Rabbit, who's designed stages for David Bowie and KISS, he helped us put our show together, so we're excited. We want to our fans, we want to blow them away with this one."

It sounds like's it's going to be an exciting show, I think. And I (LeAndra) can't wait until they come to my hometown. They're SUPPOSED to be here in October around my birthday, but I'm kinda hoping the dates will change a little and they'll have a concert on my birthday so I can say I'm 18. Besides, what better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than with the Backstreet Boys? When it comes to me, there just isn't one. :-)

May 24th: There was one thing I (LeAndra) forgot to mention yesterday. Actually, a couple days ago, but "Millennium" went platinum in Canada in ONE DAY!! How cool is that?! Anyway, here's Nick's comments on the world tour:

"Some of the things we are doing is a little bit of aerial acts. We're also doing eighteen songs in the show, so it's going to a be two-hour show. We are doing it in the round. That was also another difficult challenge for us to try to take on."

Now for a TV appearance:
5/29/99- All That on Nickelodeon @ 8:30pm

Well, tomorrow the Backstreet Boys leave for Europe to get ready for their tour starting in Belgium next week. I'd just like to say, "Kevin, Howie, Brian, Nick, and AJ, have a safe trip there and good luck with the tour. Can't wait to see you when you come back home!!"

May 25th: After much scrutinizing and squinting our eyes, "D" and I have concluded that it was a soda can with a flexible straw in it and not a glass of something and a cigarette. It also helped that we looked at the pictures of the BBQ in the August issue of "Teen People". I'm glad I was wrong because, although Nick has admitted to smoking before (so has AJ), and he could still be doing it, I'd rather he not ruin his beautiful voice. On to other things, "I Want It That Way" jumps to #5 on the Billboard Top 40 Radio Airplay Charts, making it their sixth Top 5 on the Billboard Charts. Now I have a question: Does anyone think Mandy looks Asian or Chinese? The reason I ask this is because a Chinese girl told a fan she was going out with Nick, at the taping of the Disney Special. Personally, I don't think she does, but then it's been three months since I've seen her upclose and her face is nothing but a blur in my mind. I would just like to hear your opinions on this. My email address is all around here, so feel free to send me a line. Anyway, it's being said the Backstreet Boys are going to be on a taped episode of "The View" tomorrow. I can't say for sure that it will be on, but I'm hoping. Well, the Boys should be on the other side of this planet by now, probably tired, and I'm just hoping they made it safely. All I can say is: "The US is waiting for you all to come back home and put on a KICK ASS tour!!! So, stay healthy and stay safe."

May 26th: "I Want It That Way" is #1 in the UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Holland, Sweden, Singapore, Maylaysia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Croatia. Many retailers didn't expect huge sales for "Millennium" and sell-outs on the first day of release, causing them to put in reorders. They thought it would sell pretty good during after-school hours, but say many people in their 20's and 30's buying the album during their lunch hours, astounding merchants. 10,000 fans filled New York City's Broadway on May 16th for Backstreet Boys Live Special, making it the biggest crowd the MTV studios people have ever seen. Now for the best news of all: "Millennium" sold 1.13 million units (1,134,000 to be more accurate) in it's first week of release, ensuring the album to debut at the #1 spot on The Billboard 200 tomorrow, and breaking Garth Brook's record of selling 1.08 million units with his "Double Live" album. I have one thing to say: "BACKSTREET BOYS RULE!!!!" Now, I came across a review of "Millennium" from a guys point of view. I really suggest you read it!! Going on, the Backstreet Boys were on "Entertainment Tonight" today, only I can't tell you all about it cuz I didn't see it!! Oh well. If you missed Backstreet TV or the Backstreet Boys Live Special (or if you just wanna watch it again), you're getting another chance, if you're willing to wake up early on a Saturday morning:
5/29/99- Backstreet Boys Live Special on MTV @ 6:30am
5/31/99- Backstreet TV on MTV @ 10am

May 27th: "MILLENNIUM" DEBUTS AT #1 ON THE BILLBOARD 200!!! And some people (you know who you are!) the Backstreet Boys were gonna disappear just like that. They sure proved them wrong. But guess what!?! The US is not the only country "Millennium" debuted at #1 in. Let's count: Canada, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Mexico, Holland, Norway, Greece, and Switzerland. That's 11 other countries. Now let's see how many countries "Millennium" has gone platinum in: US, Canada, Germany, India, Thailand, Singapore, Philipines, Australia, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, Chile, Venezuala, Uruguay, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. That's 20 countries!!! To check out how their doing on other charts, let's take a look: Backstreet Boys goes from #32 to #24 on the Billboard 200, "I Want It That Way" goes from # 17 to #13 on the Billboard's Hot 100, and "Homecoming- Live In Orlando" is at #1 on the Billboard's Music Video Sales Chart. I have to say this: "BACKSTREET BOYS RULE!!!" And they will forever have a fan in me. Moving on, I finally saw a close up, CLEAR picture a friend of mine took of Mandy. She does NOT look Asian or Chinese whatsoever. She looks as white as white can be. So, who are these other girls with Nick? Maybe Nick and Mandy really did break up last month....

May 28th: The Backstreet Boys won two awards for "Favorite Group- Pop" and "Favorite CD" at the Blockbuster Awards which was taped May 25th in Los Angeles, at the Shrine. The Blockbuster Awards will air:
6/16/99- Blockbuster Awards on FOX @ 8pm.

So be sure to watch. I don't think they were there (otherwise I would've gone), since that was the day the Boys, the crew, the band, and everybody else took off for Europe to rehearse more for the 1999 World Tour. Congratulations, fellas!!

May 29th: Not much to tell, just a few TV appearances for today and Memorial Day:
5/29/99- All That on Nickelodeon @ 4pm
5/29/99- Rock of Ages on VH1 @ ?? (unconfirmed)
5/31/99- CBS This Morning on CBS @ 7-9am

And, "Millennium" is #2 on Billboard's Top Internet Sales. That's all for now.

June 1st: Congratulations to the Backstreet Boys for becoming MTV Asia's Artist of the Month. We're still waiting for the definite tour dates of the US/Canadian Tour and we'll have them up as soon as we get them. For those of you who love watching the Boys in repeats, even if you saw it fifty times or have it taped, this is for you:
6/6/99- All That on Nickelodeon @ 7:30pm


June 3rd: "Millennium" stays at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200, selling 622,000 units in its second week, making the Backstreet Boys sales' total this week third largest this year, coming behind the albums' first week sales of 1.13 million and Ricky Martin's sales of 661,000. On the other charts, Backstreet Boys drops from #24 to #34 on the Billboard 200, "Millennium" moves from #2 to #1 on Billboard's Top Internet Sales, "I Want It That Way" moves from #13 to #11 on Billboard Hot 100, and "Homecoming- Live in Orlando" remains at #1 on Billboard's Music Video Sales. SoundScan figures "Millennium" has sold 621,000 copies on it's second week, it's total sales coming to 1.75 million copies. Alright, Backstreet Boys!!!

June 6th: He did it. He actually did it! I didn't think he'd actually do it. I mean, sure he talked about doing it but he actually did do it. Nick Carter got a tattoo. Actually, not just one. I'm told he got TWO!! He got a shark on his left upper arm, and something else on his right shoulder, I don't know what. Nick was proudly showing off his tattoos at the concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 5th. From what I'm told, they looked really nice. All I can say is: Please, Nick, don't go overboard and try to be like AJ. (Not that AJ looks bad, it's just I think he has enough tattoos without wanting to get more, like he says.) Oh yeah, Happy 13th Birthday to Nick's sister, Leslie Carter.

June 7th: Ok, I(Dalila) have really great news for all you A.J. fans out there!! A.J. and Amanda really broke up and here's the proof. During their Canadian press conference on May 21, 1999, A.J., Howie, and Kevin sat down from an interview with YTV in that interview A.J. stated that the two had seperated. The interview is posted on YTV's site,

Q:Is A.J. still dating the same girl?
A.J.:"No, I was dating Amanda from Innosense for about a year. Now, we've kind of split our ways. We're still friends and she's going off doing her own solo career. She's working on her career and I'm obviously working on mine. If we come back together someday then we come back together. If not we'll always be friends...that's definite."

There you have it!! I'm sure all you A.J. fans are happy because I sure am!!

Now, I hate to rain a your parade or whatever, but I have a bit of bad news about the Backstreet Band. Now you're probably wondering why the hell do we care? Well, we do care because they're nice guys and we like and appreciate the band. As you've may or may not have heard, before the tour started, Sax/Percussion player, Obie Morant, and Bass Guitarist, Freddie Mollins, left the Backstreet Band earlier this year (I heard Freddie is now with Britney Spears). Well, I just found out from Keyboardist, Tommy Smith, that Drummer/Musical Director, Tim Berkebile, has left the band to audition for one of the premiere women in rock and roll (Tommy says he'll reveal the name of that person if and when Tim gets the job) and Sax/Percussion player, Paul Howards (AKA Obie's replacement) has left the band to join *N Sync's band. As if that isn't enough, Electric/Accoustic Guitarist, Billy Chapin, has left the band as of June 6th. Tommy says they have 3 new band members: Bubba, Mindy, and Guy Walker. I can tell you right now, it's not going to be the same without the band members I had first seen and "known".

June 8th: I have an UNCONFIRMED TV appearance to let you know about:
6/17/99- The Howie Mandel Show on CBS @ 3pm (West Coast, otherwise check local listings)

Remember this is UNCONFIRMED, which means it's not absolute it will be the Backstreet Boys on.

June11th: Okay, it's been awhile, but I've been busy (I [LeAndra] GRADUATED YESTERDAY!!!) First, watch the Backstreet Boys perform on the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, June 16th @ 8pm on FOX, which was taped at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on May 25th. Now for some awesome news. "Millennium" remains #1 on the Billboard 200 for the third week, selling 438,000 units to keep the #1 spot last week. "Millennium" also has the biggest 2nd and 3rd week in sales. Still don't official dates for the US/Canadian tour but we'll put them up as soon as we get them.

June 12th: If you've been to the store, you probably know there's a magazine totally dedicated to the Backstreet Boys put out by "J-14". If you didn't, now you know. I got a copy yesterday and I definitely think it's great. If you like to collect magazines that have something about the Boys, get the magazine completely about them. There are a few references to some other bands, but it's mainly the Backstreet Boys. A small warning: the magazine does mention Brian and Leighanne. There's a little story on how they met, but if you're a huge Brian fan, or you've been to "The Girlfriends" section on this site, you already know how they met. It also mentions AJ and Amanda still being a couple, but remember: AJ and Amanda are no longer together, so don't freak out when you see that.

June 19th: It has been too long since I (LeAndra) have even seen this site. But that's all over now, cuz my computer is working again. Let's start off with even better news. "Millennium" remains at #1 on the Billboard 200 for the fourth week. Now, for all those (guys and critics) saying Backstreet Boys music is just for girls, and teenage girls at that, aren't you feeling a bit stupid right now? I would like to quote my friend Jonathan (who's as heterosexual as they come) saying: "That album ("Millennium") is the dopest album I've heard this year." I'd also like to point out that many of my male friends have bought the "Millennium" album, and I'm talking jocks here (football players, baseball players, soccor players, etc). On the way to Disneyland after graduation last Thursday, the football players were singing "I Want It That Way" and "Show Me The Meaning". Not to mention the huge group of guys singing "I Want It That Way" while waiting in line for Space Mountain. Also, I've seen some 20-somethings and 30-somethings buying the album. My friends Jennifer, Sarah, Amy, Makayla, Myla, and Karen (to name a few), who are all in their 20's, have the album. All are single (except one who is married with NO CHILDREN yet) so there are no teenage daughters in sight. My nephew has the album and he's eighteen, who listens to Korn, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Pantera, and other hard core metal groups. Now that I got that off my mind, let's move on. "Saturday Night Live" season finale was watched by 8.3 million viewers. As you probably all know, Backstreet Boys was the musical guest and Howie did a little acting. The pay-perview special has had 10 million viewers and counting. Considering it cost about $20 to see it, think of much money it's brought in. NICE! Now for a controversy. It's being said that Tim Berkebile, former Drummer/Musical Director for the Backstreet Band, did not leave the group, but was FIRED. Yes, fired. By who? Certainly not the Backstreet Boys, but by their management The Firm. I'm not saying it's true and I'm not saying it isn't. This is only what I've HEARD. I heard that The Firm told Tim his services were no longer needed. Tim went to the Backstreet Boys who in turn talked to their management, saying he was part of the Backstreet family. The management said he could stay, but Tim wanted to be under contract saying he was still part of the band. The Firm refused and once again let him go. If anyone can confirm this, please let me know. My email address is all around the site.

June 22nd: First off I would just like to say "Happy Birthday" to Carson Daly just because I like him a lot, he's really nice, and he's the one who hosts TRL on MTV, where Backstreet Boys were once again #1 today. Now, I'm sure you've heard the rumors going around that Brian's heart problems were giving him trouble and he was going to have heart surgery again. I would've said something about it earlier, but my computer was out of commission at the time. Anyway, you'll be happy to know that Brian is absolutely fine (and I mean health-wise), he's been doing great, and he's having no problems whatsoever. The station that reported the health problems caused a major panic among the fans and probably wasn't aware of how us fans might react to news like that. If they were, can we say "We want ratings?" Who knows why they said it on the air in the first place if it wasn't comfirmed and and actual FACT. But thanks to the news staff on MTV, those rumors have been cleared up and Brian Littrell is healthy. Okay, now for some TV appearances:
6/27/99- Hi Honey, I'm Home on Nickelodoen @ 2:30pm; I heard this is an older episode and AJ is supposed to be in it, but this cannot be confirmed
6/30/99- Shania Twain Special on CBS @ 8pm; if you missed it the first time, and when it was on VH1, here's another chance.
7/1/99- Backstreet Boys- Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 8pm
7/10/99- Backstreet Boys Disney Special on Disney Channel @ 7pm; it's being shown again on 7/11/99.

Be sure to watch!

June 23rd: Well, not much to tell except AJ shaved off his goatee last night. He said it was time for a change. Like you're a stranger to change, AJ. Tommy Smith, the BSB Band Keyboardist, has reported massive tour bus food fights between the Boys' bus, the Band's bus, and the Dancers' bus. Tommy says the Band's bus always wins. He also said Kevin says the Band cheated. Well, Kevin, I all I can say is one of these days the Backstreet Boys will live in the glory of winning. The new Backstreet Band members, Bubba, Guy, and Mindi all seem like pretty nice people. It looks like they're having a blast touring with the group, so I'm going to try my best to welcome them when the Boys come home. Still, it won't be the same without Tim, Billy, Freddie, Obie, and even Paul. That's about it for now.

June 27th: Well, once again "Millennium" is at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200, for the fifth week. But then, is that really surprising? No, not really. "I Want It That Way" remain at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100; "I Want It That Way" moves from #22 to #20 on the Adult Top 40; "Millennium" goes from #1 to #4 on the Top Internet Album Sales; and "Backstreet Boys Homecoming- Live In Orlando" remains at #7. I can't tell anymore cuz my source is out of comission right now, so if you have any factual news (newpaper articles, magazine articles, TV appearances, etc.) about the Backstreet Boys, we'd appreciate hearing from you. There will be an email address you can send the news to soon.

June 29th: Okay, if you've heard this already, sorry for the repeat, but I've been working on trying to get the stories the in "Fan Fiction" section done before I leave. With that said, "Millennium" has been certified as going 5x platinum (selling 5 million copies). Isn't that just awesome? The Backstreet Boys could be well on their way to another diamond status record. Next, Mariah Carey has called up the Backstreet Boys asking them if they'd be interested in doing a duet with her. A very pleased Nick had this to say: "I've always dreamed about working together with her. Besides that, it's very good for her career and our career." Now for some really cool news. The Backstreet Boys (along with *N Sync and Britney Spears) with be making a cameo in the movie "Jack of All Trades". Some footage has already been shot in Central Florida and they will sing and play cameo roles in the movie. Three days of filming was shot on location at downtown Orlando's NYPD Restaurant, Windermere Country Club, and Disney-MGM Studios. Filming will continue in Los Angeles through mid-July. The cast includes Paul Sorvino (Bulworth), Hunter Tylo (The Bold & the Beautiful), Antonio Sabato Jr. (The Big Hit), Danielle Fishel (Boy Meets World), and comedian Gilbert Gottfried. As for how much acting these music artists will do, you'll have to wait and see. "Some of the music groups are performing; others are playing characters," says Scott Appel, the films publicist, to the "Orlando Sentinel". "We want to keep people in suspense a little bit." The movie is being produced by TransContinental Pictures, a new part of former BSB manager, Louis J. Pearlman's TransContinental Cos. Now for TV appearances (or repeats):
7/1/99- Backstreet Boys- Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 8pm
7/3/99- Backstreet Boys- Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 8pm(repeat)
7/9/99- Backstreet Boys- Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 9pm (repeat)
7/10/99- Backstreet Boys- Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 10am (repeat)
7/10/99- Backstreet Boys Disney Special on Disney Channel @ 7pm
7/11/99- Backstreet Boys Disney Special on Disney Channel @ 6pm (repeat)
7/14/99- Backstreet Boys Disney Special on Disney Channel @ 8:15pm (repeat)
7/17/99- Backstreet Boys Disney Special on Disney Channel @ 6pm (repeat)
Just in case you miss it the first time, you have three more chances.