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News: July, August, September, & October 1999

July 1st: Backstreet Boys' "Millennium" drops out of the #1 spot on the Billboard 200. Limp Bizkit beat them out in sales, pushing "Millennium" into the #2 spot after spending five weeks at #1. "I Want It That Way" remains at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, while it moves from #20 to #17 on Billboards Adult Top 40. "Millennium" remains at #4 on the Top Internet Album Sales and "Backstreet Boys: Homecoming- Live In Orlando" drops from #7 to #8 on Top Video Sales. This homevideo has reportedly sold over 3 million copies. YAY!! Now here's something interesting. It's being said that Nick's girlfriend, Mandy, has a CD coming out. Gee, I wonder how she got her record deal? Exactly when it'll be out, I have no idea, but I'd like to know if this girl can really sing. We'll just have to wait and see.

July 2nd: There isn't much to tell except for an UNCONFIRMED TV appearance on Regis & Kathy Lee (obviously a re-run) on July 5, 1999. Oh, yeah, the "Teen Awards" is coming up and Dalila is planning on going so keep an eye out for information.

August 22nd: We want to wish a Happy 26th Birthday to Howie Dorough. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOWIE!!! WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

August 30th: I (LeAndra) am finally back from New Mexico. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, so all I'm putting up right now is TV appearances:
8/31/99- UPN Music Mania on UPN @ 8pm (Uncomfirmed)
9/04/99- Backstreet Boys: Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 12noon (Repeat)
9/9/99- 1999 MTV Video Music Awards on MTV @ 8pm; the Boys are performing and are nominated for four awards
9/23/99- Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central @ 6pm; a repeat with Julianne Moore hosting and BSB as musical guests (also showing on 10/16/99)

And for all of you fans who think Nick's girlfriend is that new pop singer Mandy Moore who sings "Candy", you're wrong. That girls is only 15 years old and said she has never even met Nick Carter.

September 1st: Well, Sears and MTV aren't the only ones cashing in on the "Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour". Seem that Polariod is going to do so as well and sponser the sold-out tour. That's was pretty strategic, waiting to see how ticket sales would go. Now for more great news, the song dedicated to all Backstreet Boys fans, "Larger Than Life", has been getting great radio airplay and has become one of the most requested songs at many radio stations. Another song doing particularly well on the radio is "Back To Your Heart". I heard it being requested a lot and played a lot on the radio while I was out of town. Well, here's some interesting news. Two ex-girlfriends of the Backstreet Boys are writing books about them. Samantha Stonebraker, ex-girlfriend of Brian, and Marisa Jackson, ex-girlfriend of AJ, have decided to follow the lead of Nick's mom, Jane Carter, and write books about their experiences as a Backstreet Girlfriend. Whether this is good or bad can only be determined when the books come out. You can expect "What You Wanna Know: Backstreet Boys Secrets Only a Girlfriend Can Tell by Brian Littrell's highschool sweetheart Samantha Stonebraker" to be published in November and "Loving AJ: My Six-Year Romance With a Backstreet Boy" to be published next month. Going on, if you watched TRL's Summer Countdown, you saw that "I Want It That Way" prevailed at #1. ALRIGHT, BACKSTREET BOYS!! Now for some TV stuff:
9/02/99- Before They Were Rock Stars #20 on VH1 @ 1:30?M; Brian and AJ are supposed to on there
9/03/99- 1998 MTV Video Music Awards on MTV @ 8pm; the Boys do a skit at the very beginning and perform "Everybody"
9/04/99- Backstreet Boys: Coming Home on Fox Family Channel @ 12noon (repeat)
9/05/99- Before They Were Rock Stars #20 on VH1 at 8:30pm (repeat)

September 2nd: The Backstreet Boys have tried their hardest to keep their ticket prices as low as they could since they know most of their fans aren't the ones paying for them, it's their parents. So the next time you hear your mom, dad, or whoever bought your tickets to one of the sold out shows, tell them to be thankful cuz they could be a lot more if it weren't for them. And if it was you yourself who bought the tickets, remember the Backstreet Boys helped you save some of your money. Anyway, "Larger Than Life" already getting a good response on radio and before it's official release. The new single is to be released next week and the video, directed by Joseph Kahn (the one who directed "Everybody"), is expected to be released on MTV shortly thereafter. So be looking out for the new "Larger Than Life" video. Just a reminder, the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards is one week away and the Boys are nominated for four awards: Best Pop Video, Best Group Video (which they won last year), Best Video Of The Year, and Viewer's Choice Award. So far, the Boys are in the lead for the Viewer's Choice Award. Be sure to watch on September 9, 1999 at 8pm and see how many awards they take home. And I'd like to say "Happy Birthday" to a friend of mine, you know who you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!!

September 3rd: Well, Brian's girlfriend, Leighanne Wallace, is getting a lot of publicity for her new movie, "Olive Juice", which will begin filming in November, in Orlando, Florida. It was, in fact, confirmed that Leighanne is 30 years old, and not 19 years old, like it says in her bio at the website for her movie. She will also be going with Brian to the MTV Video Music Awards in September 9th. Nick's girlfriend, Mandy Willaford, was also mentioned in the report. It said she has gotten a record deal with RCA Records and records under the name "Mandy Moore". WRONG!!! Both 15-year-old Mandy Moore and Nick has said repeatedly that they have never met each other before, so they are not a couple. As for Mandy Willaford and Nick Carter, as far as I know, they aren't even together anymore. At least that's what I'm hearing. Anyway, the Boys are holding a contest where the winner gets two free tickets to whichever concert is closest to their hometown. I pair of tickets to every show will be given away. Go to to enter.

September 10th: Well, I'm sure you all watched the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards and saw the Backstreet Boys performance as well as seeing them win the coveted "Viewer's Choice Award". I was so excited and happy when they won. Their performance was great and full of energy, but I only have one question. What was AJ thinking wearing that half shirt?? Also, when they were saying their "thank yous", I want to know who 'baby' is when AJ said, "Baby, I love you." Anyway, if any of you were paying attention, Nick was noticably dateless. He also wasn't wearing that silver ring on his right middle finger he always wears since he's been going out with Mandy. And of course Leighanne was with Brian, Kristin was with Kevin, and Pollyanna was with Howie. I couldn't see AJ so I don't know if he was alone. Moving along, has announced the single "Larger Than Life" will be available there as an import on October 12th. It's being said it will NOT be commercially sold in the USA, like "I Want It That Way" wasn't. Doesn't that suck? Every other country on this planet have gotten the singles from "Millennium" except us. How unfair is that? And we're their home country!! At least we get to see the video for "Larger Than Life" real soon. It priemeres on MTV's "Total Request Live" at 3:30pm on September 13th (this coming Monday!!) And guess who now belongs to Jive Records?? If you said N Sync, you're right. I don't know why N Sync agreed to move to Jive when it sounds like they're really tired of being compared to the Backstreet Boys already. They didn't need to add this to their list of how they're like the Backstreet Boys, who really did open all their doors for them. Maybe they like being the wannabe-Backstreet Boys, who knows?

September 11th: Everyone just wants to see the Backstreet Boys in concert this year and if you've seen them in concert before, you know why. Hell, I'm lucky to be seeing them in Phoenix (thank you once again to 105.1 FM from me and my cousin). But it seems like I'm not only one who tried the nearest radio station to get tickets. In Seattle, one radio station was giving away free tickets to their show and told listeners to meet up at a certain place to try to get them. A big crowd turned out and a helicopter drop a big load of envelopes that held either gift certificates, Backstreet Boys tickets, or something else I forgot what. As soon as those envelopes came within reach, the crowd went wild. When the whole thing was over, one person left with a broken leg, while others left with scratches and bruises. I think I'll stick to being caller 10. Also, 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, will be in my hometown at Straw Hat Pizza East for Monday Night Football and they will be giving away Backstreet Boys tickets. I'm lucky that's just down the street from me, so you can trust I will be there at 5:30pm when the fun begins and I try to get more tickets.

September 12th: Backstreet Boys concert tickets are really in high demand. There are still tickets being sold, if you're willing to pay up to $550 for them. It can even go up to over $2,000 (but that's for front row). I have to say it once again: THANK YOU, 105.1 FM!!! Now I don't have to spend half my life to see the Backstreet Boys. Well, Howard Stern's sidekick Stuttering John found out how hard it really is to get the Backstreet Boys to talk about their sex lives. He found out you can't get them to talk about their sex lives. And from what I hear, the Boys didn't appreciate the questions very much. Actually, it was said they "shouted down" Stuttering John. Anyway, it has been confirmed that the music group, EYC (Express Yourself Clearly) is going to open for the Backstreet Boys "Into The Millennium" tour. I haven't heard them sing live, but from what I hear on the radio, they sound pretty good. MTV News 1515 is doing a story on the launch of the "Into The Millennium" tour and it will air on September 17th on MTV @ 7:30pm. Also don't forget to watch "Total Request Live" tomorrow for the video priemere of "Larger Than Life". Remember: This song is for the fans!!!

September 13th: Well, first to comment on the "Larger Than Life" video that priemered on "Total Request Live" today. I thought it was cool. I liked the way the Backstreet Boys shot the video to go with the theme of "Millennium" and the futuristic theme of the "Into The Millennium" tour. I enjoyed watching it very much. In fact, I watched it about four times after since I recorded it. Moving on, it was said in a MTV News report done by John Norris that there was some questions on whether or not the Boys will be doing the opening shows for their tour because of Hurricane Floyd. It seems those questions have been answered. Since weather newscasters can't really be sure of which way Hurricane Floyd will go, the Backstreet Boys' management and local promoters in Florida have decided to postpone the first two concerts of the "Into The Millennium" tour in Ft. Lauderdale on September 14th and 15th. It's being said those two shows will now take place on December 5th and 6th. Even though it must really suck for those who have purchased tickets to either show, but it's better for the Boys to be safe than sorry, right? So, if it's true the Ft. Lauderdale concerts have been pushed to the end of the tour, then there might not be a story on MTV News 1515 this Friday, as expected. Or at least, it won't be the story they originally wanted. Who knows? Maybe John Norris could go to the next location of the Backstreet Boys following concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 17th.

September 14th: As many of the BSB concert-goers know, the Ft. Lauderdale concert for tonight and tomorrow night have been postponed until December 5th and 6th. And it looks like the plans for MTV News reporter, John Norris, will be a little shaky. He plans on going to Charlotte, North Carolina, determined to get that story of the "Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour Brought To You By Polaroid" (or something like that) launching for all the Backstreet Boys fans around the country. But, alas, that too could also be put to a stop by Hurricane Floyd and we don't want to John to fly into a hurricane, do we? Of course not. Let's just hope Hurricane Floyd doesn't get there to postpone that concert also. And, keep in mind all the people that are in danger of losing everything they have by remembering them in your prayers.

September 15th: I'd like to start off by saying "Great job, BSB Fans!" for voting for the "Larger Than Life" video and making it #1 two days in a row (it debuted a #1 and remained there). Remember this is our song, so let's show the Boys how much we appreciate them by keeping "Larger Than Life" at #1 on TRL. Well, it's still not known for sure if MTV News 1515 will get their news story about the Backstreet Boys' launch of the "Into The Millennium" tour. Even though Hurricane Floyd is now bearing down on the Carolinas, as far as I know, the September 15th concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, is still going on, but MTV is not sure if they're going to send John Norris down there. Well, I'm going to watch MTV News 1515 anyway, just like I always do.

September 19th: It sounds like the Backstreet Boys fans at the Charlotte, North Carolina concert got quite the treat that night. Many fans have said that during their show, they got a pretty good look at Kevin's, um, rear end. Apparently, during one of the songs (I can't remember which one) Kevin's pants ripped showing the crowd just how good his body really is. This happened before the Boys sang "The Perfect Fan", which turned out to be challenging for Kevin. How? Everyone knows how five mothers and daughters are picked to be sung to during "The Perfect Fan", right? Well, the Boys also lead whichever daughter they have around the stage, holding their hand, and singing to them. This proved to be quite difficult for Kevin because he was holding his microphone in one hand and holding up his pants with the other. Determined not to deprive "his" girl of holding his hand, he switched back and forth from her hand to his pants the whole time they walked around the stage. It doesn't end there. When the Boys got back to the place they started from, they had to kneel in front of the mother and daughter. As if Kevin hadn't suffered enough (and the fans hadn't gotten enough of a show), the last thread holding Kevin's pants together broke when he kneeled down, showing that he had on a pair of spandex shorts that I hear were very short and tight. POOR KEVIN!! I also heard that Kevin was very embarrassed by the whole thing, apologized about 50 times, but felt he had a duty to stay onstage and not go get another pair pants (much to the crowd's appreciation). One of the wardrobe people did attempt to fix Kevin's pants, but Kevin soon realized there was no saving his pants, so the wardrobe person left the stage. If anyone got pictures of this, I'm begging you, please, send me a copy! My email address is all around the site.

September 24th: It seems there is a lot of backlash for Samantha Stonebraker from the Backstreet Boys fans because of the tell-all book she is writing about Brian Littrell, from her ex-girlfriend point of view. Well, I think the fans are right. The fact that this girl is Brian's ex should say that this can't be a good thing. For one thing, she has to know that Brian is going out with Leighanne (who doesn't, I think the fans knew before he did) and I'm kinda getting the idea that the word "sabatoge" might be part of the idea for this book. I'm not that big a fan of Leighanne on account of two bad expriences meeting her, but if she's the one Brian chooses to be with then that's his right. As long as he's happy, I'm happy. Another thing, can we say "ATTENTION" and "MONEY"?? One more thing: judging from the little "preview" I read, Samatha is out to seriously damage Brian's reputation, as well as the other Boys, with things she's been writing about. And is it really any of our business? That's one thing you have to think about when you see this book at the bookstore. I'm sure Brian doesn't really want the whole planet to know about his private life, past or present (like his sex life, real personal details he'd rather keep to himself, etc). But if you really can't resist temptation, then read the book in the store!! Don't buy it and take it home!! That's exactly what the author wants you to do and, I'm sure most Backstreet Boys fans would agree, this is not really something you'd want to spend money on. Save your money for real Backstreet Boys things. And might I remind you, that Marisa Jackson, AJ's ex-girlfriend, is also writing a book about her relationship with AJ, due out next month. I suggest you don't buy that book either. Moving on, the Backstreet Boys have been nominated for two categories in the "WB Awards": Best Make-Out Song and Best Adult Comtemporary Group. See, the Backstreet Boys aren't just for little girls. Adults seem to enjoy them just as much. The "WB Awards" is on October 28th at 8pm on the WB.

October 2nd: Lou Pearlman is at it again. Trans Continental Records is holding screenings in select cities in order to form a band specifically for a television show in association with MTV Productions and ABC, tentively called "O-town". The show is to give people an abbreviated version of the process that has brought the world sucessful groups like the Backstreet Boys, N Sync, and LFO. If you'd like to become a part of this submission guidelines and rules will be announced on Monday on and Lately, many adults have been "come out of the closet" and proudly proclaimed that they are Backstreet Boys fans. My father likes the Backstreet Boys as well as my mother (her favorite is Howie) and my 30-something cousin who is married with three sons, who also like the Backstreet Boys, though her olders one (at 18 years old) will not admit it. I'd like to say to any adult who is proud to be a Backstreet Boys fan, "I applaud the honesty." Now, maybe the rest of the music industry (mainly critics) will admit that a lot of those adults that go with their loved one to a BSB concert might just actually want to be there. I will soon be one of this adults now that my 18th birthday is approaching. Anyway, "Millennium" is still doing extremely well, remaining at #2 on Billboard 200 Charts, "I Want It That Way" drops from #17 to #21 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts, while "Larger Than Life" moves up from #47 to #34.

October 3rd: We like to extend a shout out to Kevin Scott Richardson. It was this day 28 years ago that Kevin was born. So.....

October 5th: Let's hear it for Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian, and Nick for debuting at #3 on the Australian music charts with "Larger Than Life" after just one week of sales. YIPEEE!!! Also, the nominees for the MTV Europe Music Awards was announced yesterday. The Backstreet Boys are up for Best Song- "I Want It That Way", Best Album- "Millennium", Best Group, and Best Pop. The show will be on November 11, 1999, live out in Europe I'm sure, but probably will be aired in the US on November 12th.

October 7th: I'm sure by now you've heard about the Backstreet Boys saying they are no longer a part of Jive Records. It's been said that attorneys for the Boys have sent a letter to founder of Jive, Clive Calder claiming the label is in breach of contract so the Backstreet Boys are no longer with Jive. The group has said to be "tired of being exploited" by Jive. A spokesperson for Jive has said that the Backstreet Boys are still on the label and have a "long-term exclusive agreement" with them. They also admit "there is some tension" between the Boys and the label. There have also been reports that the Boys are not happy at all about having *N Sync become part of Jive Records and have left their former managers Johnny and Donna Wright partly because they also represented *N Sync. I think they are right for feeling this way. If you really think about it, it seems like *N Sync is doing things the Backstreet Boys have already done months ago and having them sign on with Jive Records is another link the Boys probably don't want to their "competition". I don't have anything against *N Sync, I like watching them dance, but they could do just as better if they signed onto another label where they would be treated like a fresh group instead taking 2nd to Jive's "best-selling pop act". There are many people in the music industry wondering that themselves. Moving on, Howie reportedly went to a taping of the Jerry Springer Show while in Chicago. The Boys insisted they be allowed to go to a taping of the show, but Howie was the only one who went. Jerry was said to be thrilled to meet him and take a few pics. The Backstreet Boys once again won "Best International Group" at Much Music Awards. WAY TO GO, BOYS!!! Also, if you're in the Chicago area, the Boys will be chillin' with the fans after their final concert in the area at Club Galaxy, 9225 W. Golf Rd., Des Plaines, phone # 847-298-5077. The doors open at 10pm and there will be a cover charge.

October 9th: Let's hear it for the Backstreet Boys who won "Favorite Pop Group" and "Best Pop Fansite" at the ARTISTdirect Online Music Awards. Now, some girls have been voicing their disappoval of TranContinental Records' search for guys for their new music group and TV show, and I have to agree with them. We're not saying we don't want another boy group. We're saying "Damn it, we want to audition for the group, too!!" When I first heard about the talent search, I thought it would be open to both girls and guys. Much to my disappointment (and Dalila's), it's only for guys. I don't think that's fair, speaking as a singer. I would have liked to have the chance to share my talent with others by showing Mr. Lou Pearlman what I've got, but he took that opportunity away when he said, "No Girls Allowed". What kind of crap is that? I'm sure there are a lot of other girls out there that would've like the opportunity to audition also. But, hey, when I become a famous singer, I'm gonna say "I wanted to audition for that group TranContinental Records was forming a few years back, but I couldn't because I was a girl and not a guy. Well, looks like Lou Pearlman is the one who messed up big time." Then again, I don't know how good a deal with TransCon would be if the Backstreet Boys wanted out. Also, there is a new Backstreet Boys homevideo coming out on November 9th called "Backstreet Boys: Standing Room Only".

October 20th: Wow, it's been a while since we've updated the news. Well, I'm sure you can understand when I say that I've been recovering from one of the absolutely best concerts I've ever been to. As you might know, Dalila and I (LeAndra) went to see the Backstreet Boys in concert in Las Vegas. I also went to see them in Phoenix, which was so cool. Me, my cousin Crystal, and our boyfriends had the best time talking to the Backstreet Boys backstage. They are so nice, although Nick was acting alittle bit arrogant, but that added to his appeal to me. Don't ask me why, it just did. Anyway, on with the news. Samantha Stonebraker's (AKA Brian's ex-girlfriend) book on her relationship with Brian is in stores now, as well as Marisa Jackson's (AKA AJ's ex-girlfriend) book on her relationship with AJ. I've been told by some people who have seen them that they don't look worth buying. If you want more info on Samantha's book, click here. I haven't seen a site for Marisa's book, but if I do, I'll let you know. And remember: If you really want to know what's in the books, READ THEM IN THE STORE!!! DON'T BUY THEM!! Moving on, my birthday has come and passed, so I am now 18 years old. I'M AN ADULT BACKSTREET BOYS FAN AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!! Now for some TV appearances:
10/22/99- FANatic on MTV @ 2:30pm; Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears (repeat)
10/28/99- WB Radio Music Awards on the WB @ 8pm; the Boys won't be there, but they're up for two awards
12/8/99- 1999 Billboard Awards on FOX at 8pm; I would think the Boy would be here, since it's a sure thing they're nominated for something

October 22nd: Well, there's a lot to tell. Like I wish I'd found a way to stay in Las Vegas so I could watch the Backstreet Boys take part in the "Fairway to Heaven" golf tournament at the Las Vegas Country Club on October 18th. 'Lil Tyke followed Brian around the whole game, led by his girlfriend, Leighanne. Howie was late, but made it in time to show off his golf skills (or lack thereof). Nice try, Howie!! Meanwhile, Kevin was getting advice from golf pro Peter Jacobsen. But despite heavy security, the Boys still had legions of fans following them around throughout the game. Also, since being in LA recently for two concerts at the LA Forum, the Boys paid a visit to their favorite park. While there, an 11-year-old girl injured herself and the first ones to help were..... the Backstreet Boys. Kevin picked her up and carried her to a bench. Brian asked her if she was all right and Nick and Howie kept insisting they be allowed to buy her an ice cream. Isn't that just cute?? Goes to show how human they really are. The Portland concert on Monday will be broadcast to the Spokane Arena at 7:30pm. Tickets went on sale today at 5pm at the cost of $14.93. To see if there are any left, call 325-SEAT or (800) 325-SEAT or check out Also, it's been announced that on Novemeber 5th, the Backstreet Boys will be singing the "National Anthem" at the Detroit Piston/New York Knicks game. The game starts at 8pm. If it's on TV, you can be sure I'll be watching. And if you'd like to see the "Fairway to Heaven" golf tournament, it will be aired on November 20th, on VH1. As soon as I get the time, I'll let you know. Now for some astounding news. A 24-year-old woman named Marissa Gonzalez, wrote to the "National Enquirer" saying she had sexual relations with Nick and AJ. If you can't belive it, click here to see the article. I can't believe what people would do for money and attention. It makes me sick.....

October 23rd: Wouldn't it be just awesome if one of the Backstreet Boys was picked as People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"? It could happen. Sooner than we think. There have been reports that people from the magazine have been asking around about our very own Kevin Richardson. So, cross you're fingers Kevin fans, the next time you see Kevin, it could be on the cover of People Magazine, labeled "Sexiest Man Alive". They don't have to convince me..... Now, here's a major mix up. The November '99 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine had a section called "Inside Hollywood" and pictured were three men who had ".... Tuggable Tresses.... The hair we most want to run our fingers through." One of them was Brian Littrell. That's great and all, but they labeled the picture with Nick Carter's name. I'm guessing it was Nick they meant, but put up Brian's picture. Come on, there is no way you can mix up Brian with Nick. Then again, after this, I guess there are people who can.....

October 25th: First and foremost, I want to send a special shout out to the person who helped get me and Dalila started on this website, my brother, Phillip. Today is his birthday, so.....
Moving on, I've gotten some very different reviews on Samantha Stonebraker's book on her relationship with Brian and Marisa Jackson's book on her relationship with AJ. I've been told that Samantha's book isn't a good book at all, while Marisa's book is a very good book. Actually, some have said it's a great book and it's made them like AJ even more than they did before. I can't say either book are good or bad since I've haven't read either of them. But I'm really started to think I got to a bookstore and read them (NOT BUY THEM). From what I'm told, neither book is very long. Anyway, both books are in stores now. Click HERE to see the covers of them. I have to say my curiosity has definitely peaked....

October 26th: Wow, I'm just in shock.... I don't know when I've been this happy.... If you've been to "The Girlfriend" section of this site, then you know that Amanda Latona is MARRIED!! Don't believe it!?! Then, I suggest you go right over to that section. But that doesn't exactly make AJ an eligable bachelor. There's still the matter of his relationship with Backstreet Dancer, Kristin. When we asked her about it at the Las Vegas concert, she said they're not together, but that was when we all thought AJ and Amanda were still together. Now that we know Amanda is married, was Kristin telling us the truth. I'm sure we'll find out soon....

October 27th: This is for all those Backstreet Boys fans in Chicago. If you were one of the 500 people who showed up for a meet and great with the Backstreet Boys at Club Galaxy, you obviously know they didn't show up that night. Well, there's a reason for that. Peter Katsis, who works for the Backstreet Boys management company, The Firm, released a statement and said, "The deal was not completed. The Boys never agreed to appear." Well, the only people who can be blamed for saying the Boys were going to appear are the people at Club Galaxy. They should've never advertised the Backstreet Boys were going to show up if a complete agreement was never reached. I'm sure that the fans who showed up and paid from $20 to $50 dollars to get in were really disappointed, but it's not the Backstreet Boys fault. If you're still mad, oh well. Deal with it. Okay, it's game four of the World Series, New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves, right before the start of the 5th inning and what do I hear?.... "Larger Than Life" playing over the system. What do I see? 30- & 40-something MEN jammin' to it. As much as you older males (and younger ones) want to deny it, you know you like the Backstreet Boys!!

October 30th: Well, I(Dalila) recently reported to you all that Amanda is married. Well, this is false. Someone, who obviously had a lot of time on thier hands decided to make this up. There are three one for Amanda, one for Leighanne and Brian, and one for Nick. I don't understand why people do these things... Anyway, maybe Amanda and AJ are together... and maybe Kristin was telling us the truth. Well, I(LeAndra) am sorry for reporting something false. I just wish people wouldn't do that. I looked up wedding annoucements for Brian and got 17!! None of them with Leighanne. So obviously, it's wishful thinking and there's probably at least that much for the other guys. Moving on, Kevin stated on an radio interview (I forgot which station) that the next single will be "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely". As you all probably saw, Backstreet Boys were nominated for "Best Hook-Up Song" at the WB Awards and they lost to Edwin McCain, who shared his happiness through on sentence: "In your face, Backstreet Boys!" Personally, I thought he had a pretty good chance of beating the Boys and he did. Well, Nick stated in a radio interview with Mix 93.3, Kansas City, that he is single!! He said he broke up with his girlfriend "two, three months ago". Anyway, many of today's celebrities have been showing up to many BSB concerts. It's been reported that Ben Savage, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Sinbad, Rod Stewart, Tiffany-Amber Thiessen, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Jenna Elfman, Parker Posey, Gene Simmons, Janet Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Paul Stanley have all been seen at concerts. Well, "Millennium" has moved up to #2 from #3 on the charts. Here are some TV appearances:
11/05/99- Detroit Pistens Game on UPN @ 8pm; the Boys are singing the "National Anthem"
11/19/99- Total Request Live on MTV @ 3:30pm; Nick is said to be on the show, but it's not confirmed
11/20/99- Fairway to Heaven Golf Tournament on VH1 @ 11am-2pm; it's airing again at a later time also.

October 31st: More songwriting credits for the Backstreet Boys. Mandy Moore's CD titled So Real, due out January 2000, will feature a song written by one of the Backstreet Boys. You can see her performing "Candy" and talking about this song at her website: Howie D. stated during a radio interview with 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, that he is single! Nick and Howie are single, Brian and Kevin are taken, and AJ, who knows with that guy, but most likely taken. But, just because Howie said he's single doesn't mean he can't be lying. After seeing how some fans treat the other guys' girlfriends, it's not a mystery why he would do that.

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