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News: January & February 2000

February 29th: This is the first leap year for the site, so "Happy 29th"!! During an interview with Joey of 'N Sync admitted that the Backstreet Boys are bigger than them. At least he admits it. He also said there is no rivalry between them and the Boys. But the media and TV would like us to believe otherwise. I guess when Rosie O'Donnell was walking around backstage with the Boys and Chris said something like, "Hey, Kevin, can we ask you some questions?" and they just walked on by might give the media the wrong idea. HELLO, PEOPLE!! They were trying to get ready for the Grammys. They were busy. Moving on, Entertainment Weekly has Kevin and Brian in their engagements section. And guess what? You have to pay $9.95 to get into Marisa Jackson's (AJ's ex) website called "Backstreet X-Posed". She said it's not for herself, it's to pay for her site cuz she's got bunches of pictures and video stuff they couldn't put in that thing she called a book. The Houston Chronicle wants the fans who attended the Houston concerts to send their reviews to them for publishing. Email them to or Fax them at 713-220-6359. Two lucky fans were serenaded by the Backstreet Boys last night. The two won a contest put on by KRBE 104, Houston, TX. Actually, the station declared one winner, then found out there was another fan with a higher score and decided to make them both winners. That's a great radio station.

February 28th: It's been a few days. It's been a tiring week and to add to it, there's a family crisis going on right now that's far from over, but I'll try not to let it interfere with my work on this site. Okay.... There is a fan trying to get the longest BSB fan list on the internet going (her goal was a thousand) and if you'd like to be added send your name (just your first, but you can send your last if you want), your age, the country you live in, and email address (you don't have to send your email) HERE. The Boys are up for "Favorite Pop Group" at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards being aired April 15th, 8-9:30pm, from the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Good luck, guys! The Backstreet Boys were listed as five of YM's "50 Most Beautiful Guys". Rolling Stone's Grammy Poll listed the Boys as winners of "Record Of The Year", "Album Of The Year", and "Best Pop Album". Way to support your group, everyone. Now if only that had actually happened at the Grammys. is breaking away from it's connection with Trans Continental Media, just like Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. They're taking a survey to keep the website at it's best. CLICK HERE to take it.

February 25th: The Backstreet Boys have been nominated for two awards for the upcoming Blockbuster Awards in June. They're up for "Favorite CD" and "Favorite Pop Group". Good luck to you, guys, and hopefully you'll go this year. Sir Elton John has been incredibly vocal about his support of the Boys. Here's what he had to say during an interview after the Grammys: )"I think the BSB are great, they can sing. You hear people criticize them but they can really sing!! They have my deepest respect, I really don't know about these other bands but these guys work extremely hard and they can F***ing sing!!" I've always loved Elton John, now I love him even more. Everyone, but Kevin, brought someone to the Grammys. Remember earlier this month (I think it was) we mentioned AJ bought a new house?? Well, it's in Orlando and it costs (ready for this??) $1.2 million. I can't wait to see what this one looks like.

February 24th: Well, I'm sure you are all aware that the Backstreet Boys didn't any Grammys last night. You would not believe my disappointment at the show last night. My cousin was about ready to go a steal one of Carlos Santana's awards. But you know what? I don't blame Carlos Santana for the Backstreet Boys not winning at least one. I blame the Grammy people. Why?? Because, if they had given Carlos Santana his due props a long time before his career reached 30 years, they wouldn't have been trying to save their asses by awarding him 8 Grammys. I like Santana's album, I thought it was great. That's my line of thinking. Backstreet Boys deserved a least one of those Grammys. On a better note, the Boys performances were awesome. Their acappella versions of "How Deep Is Your Love", "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone", and "I'll Make Love To You" was amazing. When they sang "Show Me The Meaning...", they were so good. Then, they performed with Sir Elton John and sang "Philadelphia Freedom", now that gave me chills. Aside from the obvious girlfriends, Nick brought his brother Aaron, and his sister Leslie. Last year, Nick brought Aaron and Bobbie Jean. Howie's sister Pollyanna, and his mom Paula were in attendance as well. Then Howie was interviewed by CBS News at the BMG party in Hollywood and he said it was an honor to perform with Sir Elton John and that it was great to be nominated in the same categories as Santana. He also mentioned that he, Nick, Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Sir Elton recorded a song together. Okay, moving on.... There might be an HBO Special coming out about the Backatreet Boys this coming fall. A guy filming with a camera that had HBO on it said to listen for details from Carson Daly. Mindi, BSB Band saxophonist, told a fan at one of the Boys' concerts recently that they were working on another Johnny Suede show. So, have an ear out for that.

February 22nd: One day before the Grammys!! I've been so anxious for the past couple days. My favorite cousin is here to help keep me calm during the broadcast so I don't do something crazy. Now, there's a little confusion on what the Boys will be performing at the Grammys tomorrow night. Tommy Smith, the BSB Band keyboardist, and AJ said they will be performing "Show Me The Meaning..." (AJ said this during in interview with 106.1, Seattle, WA), as well as a medley of songs by other groups that inspired the Boys, and the people in charge of performances say they're going to perform with Sir Elton John. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see which way it's gonna go. Also, during this interview AJ did, he said Kevin proposed to Kristin on Christmas. E! Online said Kevin did it on Valentine's Day. Sorry for the misinformation. Thanks for clearing that up, AJ. More Grammy news, has something on the rehearsal for the Backstreet Boys (I don't know what it is), so go check that out. Howie called 104 KRBE, Houston, TX, and had a little talk with them. Howie mentioned that he recently landed a role in a movie called Bloom, and that he's up for a couple of other roles. USA Today will have an interview with the Backstreet Boys tomorrow, so look out for that. Sir Elton John recently voiced his displeasure that the Backstreet Boys couldn't be credited with doing background vocals for his new single, "Someday Out Of The Blue", at a radio industry conference, at which he did a private performance. It wasn't mentioned why the Boys can't be credited, but Sir Elton is certainly disappointed they aren't.

February 20th: First, we'd like to say, "HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY, BRIAN!!!" Today, 25 years ago, one-fifth of the Backstreet Boys was born. We both wish Brian a very happy birthday and we hope he has an awesome day. Moving on, Backstreet Boys holds the record for biggest crowd at the Georgia Dome for their concert. People who work there say they've never anything like it and it was bigger than the Super Bowl. I've also been told that traffic getting in and getting out was complete hell. But, luckily, for those who were late for the concert, the Backstreet Boys were late starting the show. Also, I (LeAndra) have some great news. It's not about the Boys, it's about me. My goal in life is become part of the music industry, as a songwriter, a producer, but I would really like to be a singer. Well, I'm gonna hook up with my two cousins (they're producers and something else, I forgot) and we're gonna try to get a jumpstart on my career. So, wish me luck. Just think, it would be so much cooler to be actually hanging out with the Backstreet Boys and being able to share it with all you fans. So, please, pray that something good will happen for me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

February 19th: The Backstreet Boys woke up to a bomb scare at the Atherton Hotel at 3am. Someone called in a bomb threat, the police searched the hotel, and, luckily, didn't find anything. See, the Boys have through tornados, earthquakes, now a bomb scare. There's life for ya. The USA Today had a quote from the "newly engaged Nick Carter" about the Backstreet Boys' comic book. It was just a mistake, Nick is not engaged, that I know of. The Millennium Collection has makeup named after the Backstreet Boys. They have lipsticks named Frick, Frack, Bone, Sweet D, and Pumpkin, and nail polish and lipgloss named Train and Rok. Go check it out. There is a correction to be made with the internet broadcast of the Boys' concert. It's not Dallas that will be broadcast, it's the concerts at Penn State on Feb 11th or 12th. Sorry, Dallas fans. Okay, a person signed the guestbook asking how we get to go to award shows and things. First, I'd like to clear up that I (LeAndra) am not a family friend of the Backstreet Boys, but Dalila knows someone close to them, but doesn't get backstage passes or tickets throught them (my [LeAndra] cousin won our backstage passes from a radio station in New Mexico), we don't work in the entertainment business (yet) but I do have two cousins that work in the music industry (we don't get anything through them either) and we're not totally obsessed fans who are delusional. We have a way of going to these things that both Dalila and I choose not to reveal. It's like a source of info for us and we'd like to keep it a secret. I hope you understand. Thanks!

February 18th: At a recent meet-n-greet, AJ told a fan that he hopes to get another tattoo while in Atlanta. He doesn't now what it'll be but he wants it on the left side of his chest. That make's what?? 11 tattoos?? Stop while you're ahead, AJ. Dallas fans will be representing BSB fans everywhere as films their concerts on March 3rd and 4th for their internet broadcast. So all you fans going to the Dallas concerts, show you're Backstreet Pride (did I just say that??). There is an article in the Landover Baptist entitled "Backstreet Boys Glorify Satan in Songs". That's right, everybody. This person named "M. Allen" wrote this article in total satire and is not for younger BSB fans, if you catch my meaning. (a radio station in Tampa, FL) is auctioning off some backstage passes (to what show, I don't know) and some of Nick's personal items: a signed pillow case, boxers, and CDs. Bidding for the passes ends Monday and bidding for the items ends Wednesday. Tune in all you Canadian fans 'cause AJ and Howie will be at the Juno Awards next month to represent the Backstreet Boys.

February 17th: Since Kevin announced yesterday he was engaged, I figured I'd tell this little tid-bit first. Kevin proposed to Kristin on Valentine's Day. How much more romantic can you get?? And we all know Brian proposed to Leighanne on Christmas Eve. The romance is piling up. Moving on, Kevin and Howie were spotted by a fan watching a Charlotte Hornets game on Direct TV. She said she didn't see the rest of the guys there. Nick's little sister, Leslie Carter, has her first single debuting on MTV within the couple of weeks. The song is called "I Want To Hear It From You", so watch out for that. In case you are going to any concerts this tour when the new special edition Backstreet Boys comic book is being sold, you can buy it at ArtistDirect's site for the Backstreet Boys. I have a feeling that's going to go fast.

February 16th: Well, Backstreet Fans, it's now completely official. Brian and Kevin have announced to one and all that they are engaged during an interview with John Norris yesterday, which was shown today on Total Request Live. Right now, a lot of you are either feeling really happy, really sad, or half and half (which means you either congratulated Kevin and not Brian or you congratulated Brian and not Kevin). As for me (LeAndra), I hoped Kevin and Kristin would get married. Brian and Leighanne on the other hand, well, let's just say I'm happy for them, but I seriously have my doubts. I've seen Leighanne's good side and her bad side, and when she shows her bad side, it's really bad. But overall, Leighanne is a nice person. All that we can do, I guess, is hope it turns out okay in the end.
In the midst of all this engagement stuff, I totally forgot about the other stuff. A fan who has attended one of the concerts of the new tour said there are now two different tour T-shirts, one with the '99 tour dates on the back, and one with the 2000 tour dates on the back. I'd buy both, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like I'm going to any concerts on this tour. A radio DJ said Nick was in hot water because he's been taking off for a day or two without leaving a phone number at which his management can reach him. The DJ even said that Nick needs to start getting his priorities straight. Personally, I don't think Nick is stupid enough to do that, not if he cares about his career. The Boys are expected to be attending a post-Grammy party at an undisclosed sound stage in Hollywood on the 23rd. You can bet I'll be looking for that party. WNCI 97.9, Columbus, OH, has been playing "Don't Wanna Lose You Now" as a new single. It hasn't been announced by the Boys what the next single will be, but for now that song is getting a lot of airplay. Okay, that's it.

February 14th: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO KEVIN, AJ, BRIAN, HOWIE, NICK AND ALL BACKSTREET BOYS FANS EVERYWHERE!! from me (LeAndra) and Dalila. A special Valentine's Day shout out to Kevin (from LeAndra) and to AJ (from Dalila). Moving on, MTV will be doing something on the Backstreet Boys. John Norris is in Albany, NY, right now to interview the guys tomorrow. Zoog Disney has a lot of great printable stuff like pencil hats, book marks, locker posters, and book covers of the Backstreet Boys, so check it out. Ever wondered why Nick is so crazy about basketball. Well, it might have a little something to do with the Toronto Raptor's Vince Carter, Nick's second cousin. That's right, Vince and Nick are related. Nick's cousin is married to Vince's cousin (his mother's sister's daughter). That must be pretty cool. Here's something else that neat. Check out this video concepts. They are really cool.

February 13th: The Backstreet Boys have been great reviews from fans who have been to their first concert at Penn State University on February 11th. They've been there since Tuesday working on their show and have been seen all over the place by fans, giving them autographs and stuff. AJ and Howie were at a bar together and met a fan who happened to be there also. Goes to show that they do have fans over 21. There is a really good song out right now, mixed by KZQZ 95.7 DJ David Garcia. It's over six minutes long, but awesome to listen to. Check it out at There was a contest held for Backstreet Boys tickets where you had to stand back to back for as long as you could with a total stranger. There were no food or bathroom breaks and if your shoulders weren't touching, you were out. Finally, after 11 1/2 hours, two people were declared the winners. Anderson Jones' column on E! Online (Movie Scoop 02/11/00) said friends from Endeavor Agency told him the Backstreet Boys have each been calling them for help jump starting their movie careers, especially Kevin. is offering Backstreet Boys Valentine Day cards totally free, so check it out. The first installment of "Diary of a Backstreet Girl" which is written in everyday by a girl named T.C. She was asked by the Backstreet Boys to write about what goes on during the tour for the fans to read. There wasn't much in today's installment, just T.C. telling about her job basically. But go back often to read.

February 11th: Watch TRL next week because, according to John Norris, they might have something about the Backstreet Boys on. Also, please, please, please vote for their video. Yesterday's tie and outvoting by 'N Sync fans was a travesty. Moving on, MTV will be taking a look at the Boys' rise to the top during their Grammy pre-show, so tune in. OnlinePop is having a contest and are giving away two copies of "Show Me The Meaning" before it's release in the UK, I guess. Got to their site for more info. has a new game called "The Backstreet Boys Must Be Destroyed". That's right. The object of the game is to find the most cruel and merciless ways to torture the Backstreet Boys. Apparently, this has been in high demand and the creators could deny their fans no longer. Check out their site for more detail (if you want to).

February 10th: First things first.... For those of you who have heard Brian and Leighanne got married this past Saturday, that's just a rumor. The wedding is set for September 2nd. More details in Backstreet Girlfriends, under "Brian's Girlfriend". Or should it be fiancee?? The "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" single is also being sold at Caesar's Palace Virgin Megastore as an import. So, if you're ever in Las Vegas in the near future, visit the Virgin Megastore and pick up a copy. has a Valentine's Day feature where you can send a phone message to a friend from their favorite Backstreet Boy. Go and check it out.

February 9th: Sorry for no update yesterday, but I was feeling like hell yesterday, so I stayed away from the computer. Anyway, Backstreet Boys and legendary comicbook editor/writer Stan Lee have teamed up to create a new web-based comic series called the "Backstreet Project". Stan Lee and Nick Carter will be the co-creaters for the series and a special edition of the comic series will be sold at the February 19th concert in Atlanta, GA. For more information about the comic series, go to On a radio station in Washington DC, I think it was, they said in their news segment that the Boys finally figured out why they're picked on all the time. They say it's because they're white. Well, they've been saying that for the past year. If you have the issue of Rolling Stone with the Boys on the cover in their boxers, Kevin explains that comment in there. A lot of what he says makes sense. If you haven't read that article, go to our "Articles" section and read it. In Singapore only, there is a 2CD Millennium Set that includes the Millennium album with a bonus track, "I'll Be There For You" and unreleased mixes of "Larger Than Life" and "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely". There will be a Grammy edition of TRL on February 23rd, so vote, vote, vote for the Backstreet Boys. The Backstreet Boys are nominated in two categories for the 6th Annual Blockbuster Awards: "Favorite Group" and "Favorite CD"- Internet Only. Good luck, fellas! There will be a new feature at called "Diary of a Backstreet Girl". She will be writing about how the Boys are doing while on the road. The Boys are on the March issue of Entertainmenteen and has pics of them when they went shopping with the five lucky winners of their contest. Finally, the Boys won "Most Creative Stage Production" at the Pollstar's Concert Industry Awards for the Into The Millennium Tour.

February 7th: It's a slow news day today. Actually, the only thing worth mentioning is that the song, "Someday Out Of The Blue", that the Backstreet Boys recorded with Sir Elton John was released on radio today and is expected to be in stores in the next couple of months. Oh yeah, all the section of this site seem to be working again and sorry for all the trouble yesterday.

February 6th: New concert dates for the UK are to be announced around September to tie in with the release of the new album provisionally titled "Jive". In the Lexington local news, it was reported the public service announcement sponsered by the American Heart Association with Brian talking about teens and smoking is to start airing this month. The Boys did pretty well in the Lime Magazine "1999 Popularity Poll". For Singapore they took: "Fave Pop Group", "Fave Album"- Millennium, and "Fave Song"- 1st. "Larger Than Life", 2nd. "I Want It That Way". For Malaysia, it was the same categories, but for "Fave Song", "I Want It That Way" was first and "Larger Than Life" was second. A little girl named Courtney Allen has been fighting cancer for the last five months and made a request through the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the Backstreet Boys to visit. But due to her rapidly failing health, the foundation thought it would be better to get her a phone call. Kevin heard about the story and gave Courtney a call, talking to her for about 30 minutes and he sang his rendition of "I Want It That Way". He also told her he'd get Nick to call, who is Courtney's favorite Backstreet Boy. This goes to show, the Boys do what they can, when they can. It's been confirmed that the Boys are the background vocals for Sir Elton John's song, "Someday Out Of The Blue" and it's expected to be the first release of his "El Dorado" project. Jessica Simpson said during her chat that the little rumor of her being the opening act for the Backstreet Boys upcoming tour is not true, although she would love to tour with them. There was a little article about the Boys in PlayGirl Magazine. Here's what it said: Hey little boys, do you want a piece of candy? pretty hard not to fantasize about seducing these five pillars of perfection. They're young, they're rich, and those sultry dance moves surely carry over into the bedroom. Best of all, we hear they like to do everything together-oh, how the mind does wander! After going multi-platinum in 16 countries and selling over 10 million records, we think these sizzlin' boys are up for a new challenge...maybe a May/December romance with a willing Playgirl? What can I say? Everybody loves the Backstreet Boys.

February 5th: This is just a small update. has Backstreet Boys Valentine cards to send your friends. Go check them out. If you've gone to see the movie Scream 3 have learned that Nick does not make a cameo in that movie. But I bet having that little rumor out made for great ticket sales. "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" is being sold as an import at for &12.99. The provisional title for the new album is "Jive". It's not the absolute, non-changable title. It's a title-in-the-works sort of thing. Keyboardist for the Backstreet Band recently said that the Boys are singing "Show Me The Meaning...." at the Grammys. That's all for today.

February 4th: There isn't much on the news front today. The "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" single is available at HMV Records in New York City. The Backstreet Boys are nominated for "Best Selling Album"- Millennium at the Juno Awards. The Juno Awards is Canada's equivalent to the Grammys. Good luck, fellas! I'm gonna make a small plea. Please, Please, Please, vote for "Show Me The Meaning" on TRL. Backstreet Boys have never had this much trouble staying at #1 before even with past 'N Sync videos. They stayed at the top at least 3 days before it would go to #2. So, please, call in, vote online everyday. It only takes a few minutes. Please help keep the Boys at #1. Thanks!

February 3rd: More on the "unidentified Backstreet Boy". It seem that it was Howie getting caught up in Super Bowl fever. A DJ from Atlanta's Star 94 said Howie was partying with him and several other stars BEFORE the Super Bowl. Howie's going everywhere these days. The Sam Goody's Website said that they're selling the single "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely", when it's not even available. So it isn't there. Was Mindi Abair playing keyboards for Mandy Moore yesterday when she was on the Rosie O'Donnell show? I don't know, I forgot to watch. But it was said the keyboard player looked a lot like her. Maybe it was her. Everybody is still on vacation, I think, so the Backstreet Band members would be playing for people in different places. A radio DJ said that Jenny Craig asked Nick if he would do a 60 second commercial spot for 6 million dollars. I don't know if it's true, and if it is, I'm sure we'll find out soon. This link now takes you to the official site an original Backstreet Boy, Phoenix Stone. It seems to go to everyone else but AJ. The "Backstreet Boyz" (you remember the tribute band) have officially changed their name to "Larger Than Life- The Backstreet Boys Tribute Band". The CD sampler being sold at TARGET that has BSB song "The One" also has a song for singer Don Phillip co-written by Brian. "Someday Out Of The Blue", the song I think Sir Elton John and the Backstreet Boys recorded late last year can be heard at or Tommy Smith, keyboardist for the Backstreet Band, said the the Boys did background vocals for an Elton John song that was written by Sir Elton and Tim Rice for a DreamWorks animated movie. This might be the one.

February 2nd: Guess who was at a Super Bowl after party in Atlanta in the St. Louis Rams hotel?? Maybe you could tell me I sure don't know. It was in local newspaper that in "unidentified Backstreet Boy" was at the after on Sunday. Maybe Kevin?? Here's a joke from ED's LONG Daily Joke-List: "I've decided to quit my job to become a Backstreet Boy. Do they take 40-year-old, overweight, bald men with bad knees?" Do you get it?? I don't. On last night's Conan O'Brien show they were reading different autographs from celebrities and they read one from the Backstreet Boys. It said: "Conan, could you please tell Max(the show's drummer)that our name is the Backstreet Boys, not the Backdoor Boys." I watched MTV's Making The Video yesterday for Mandy Moore's new video, "Walk Me Home". The male model in her video, who plays her love interest, was doing a wardrobe fitting when he came out dressed in all white and said, "I'm a super Backstreet Boy." Mandy laughed, and he said, "Didn't they wear white?" She said, "Yeah." Mandy's album is really good. As mentioned before Howie co-wrote the song "I Like It" (and I swear I hear him on background vocals, but it doesn't list him as doing background vocals on that song), and former Backstreet Band member, Obie Morant, wrote the song "Not Too Young", both very good songs. That's all for now. It's been kinda slow on the news front.

February 1st: Who would've thought that there was another famous Nick Carter earlier last century (it's really weird saying that). An author back in the early 1900s invented a fictional detective named "Nick Carter" for dime novels he and other authors wrote. According to the Sam Goody's website, the video Standing Room Only is being released on February 18th, where as says it's being released March 2nd. I will definitely be checking it out and I'll let you know. There is a BSB fan putting together a book she plans on giving the Backstreet Boys. You know, drawings, pictures, letters, things like that. If you'd like to contribute, email her. Here are the results to the "Sonicnet/Addicted To Noise Readers Poll" done earlier. Backstreet Boys did pretty good getting: "Artists of the Year", "Album of the Year"- Millennium, "Song of the Year"- "I Want It That Way", "Video of the Year"- "Larger Than Life", "Artist Website of the Year", "Live Band or Artist of the Year", 2nd in "Trend of the Year", and "Tour of the Year". Congrats, fellas!! And thanks to all the fans that voted for the Boys.

January 31st: On "Jam! Showbiz" The Hits charts, "Show Me The Meaning" hit #1 making Millennium the first album in three years to generate three #1 hits. That last one to do it was Mariah Carey with her Fantasy album. Way to go, Boys!! Good news for Latin BSB fans. HBO OLE, the Latin version of HBO, will soon be showing a Backstreet Boys concert taped in Barcelona. When the date is known, I'll let you know. Backstreet Boys were shown saying "Are you ready for some football?" right before the Super Bowl yesterday when they were showing various music artists saying something pertaining to football. It was taken from the commercial the Boys did last month, which we have pictures of in one of our galleries. Oh, and they were #1 on the Super Bowl edition of TRL. And being a St. Louis Rams fan, I'd like to say: "RAMS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!" Thanks!

January 30th: Backstreet Boys are up for "Best International Group" at the ECHO Awards 2000 on March 9th. Good Luck, guys!! Matthew Blades, a DJ for Z104 in Baltimore, made fans really angry when he made a rude comment about Nick's weight on his birthday. After getting call after call defending Nick, the DJ finally apologized saying: "Nick Carter I am sorry for calling you fat. I am a huge Backstreet Boys fan. I own both your albums and often find myself singing your songs in the shower. I am just jealous of you because the way you make girls scream and cry just with your smile. Please forgive me Nick and Happy 20th Birthday." Speaking of Nick, it being said that he might have a cameo in the upcoming movie, Scream 3, which hits theaters February 4th. He was just one of the many being said to have a cameo. I watched MTV's Senseless Acts on Video earlier today, and, yes, the female co-host is Marisa Ramirez, from the "As Long As You Love Me" video, the "Give It To You" video, the "Clean and Clear" commercial, and she's in an add for some product (I can't remember what it is) that being displayed at my local Wal-Mart.

January 29th: KROQ's Kevin and Bean have been put back under the heat. The interview they with Caitlin and her mother was a total lie. They are not BSB fans, and they lied about Carson disliking the Boys. Days Of Our Lives actor, Matt Cedeno, who plays "Brandon", was asked what song he like'd but was most embarrassed to admit in February 1, 2000 issue of "Soap Opera Digest", "I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. I'll turn that up in the car and sing along. When you get caught doing it at a red light, though, you realize what you're singing." Busted, Matt!! Backstreet Boys will have some songs on "Stepping Selection", a new dancing simulator for PlayStation 2, being released March,4, 2000. The female co-host for MTV's Senseless Acts on Video was in the "As Long As You Love Me" video. Since I haven't seen this show, and given the discription of her, I think it's Marisa, me and Dalila's favorite girl. She also did a "Clean and Clear" commercial and was the girl from Jordan Knight's video, "Give It To You".

January 28th: First and foremost, we'd like to give a bithday shout out to Nickolas Gene Carter. This day 20 years ago, the youngest Backstreet Boy was born, so "HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, NICK!!!" Okay, moving on, KROQ's Kevin and Bean have been reconciled by way of Backstreet.Net after having been pretty much attacked by Backstreet Fans all over the world when a transcript of a Carson Daly interview was posted on that site, where it looked like the two DJs of this Los Angeles radio station were making some really rude remarks about the Boys. They now say that everything was blown out of porportion and they are really huge Backstreet Boys fans and that it was Carson that was making all the not-so-good remarks. I don't know, but if that's what they say, then that's what they say. Oh yeah, they also said, "'N Sync sucks!!" You can listen to the interview they had with Caitlin and her mother, who run Backstreet.Net, on that site. Big Hit Magazine held a poll where the Boys faired pretty well getting: "Best Group", "Hottest Male Celebrity Bod"- Nick (2nd), "Coolest Website" (2nd), "Best Music Video", "Concert You'd Most Like To See", "Best Male Pop Star"- Nick (2nd), "Best Album"- Millennium, and "Best Song"- "Larger Than Life" (1st), "I Want It That Way" (5th). At the T-Blades game in Kentucky where Brian sang the "National Anthem", a BSB fan got her chance to return the favor by singing to Brian during a karaoke contest they had at one point of the game. During the "Baby, baby, the love that we had was so strong...." part of "Quit Playin' Games", the fan sang "Brian, Brian...." instead of "Baby, baby....", getting a great reaction out of Brian. Her group ended up winning autographed T-shirts for their performance. "I Want It That Way" is supposed to be on a new episode of "Pop-up Video on VH1 tomorrow at 4:30pm, so check it our. Okay, 'N Sync's new video has been #1 on Total Request Live for two days now. Let's show them that us Backstreet Fans know that Backstreet Boys belong at #1, not #2. So, vote at MTV Online and call in. Remember, the phone calls are considered a more accurate count to determine which videos go in what order. Call in 50 times if you have to. Just get "Show Me The Meaning" back at #1 on Monday.

January 27th: There isn't much to tell. I guess there wouldn't be since the Boys are on vacation. There was a little thing on Kevin in Ted Casablanca's column, "Awful Truth", on E! Online. Here's what it said: Kevin Scott Richardson. The poor Backstreet Boy is working out at Crunch in WeHo these days, always trying to just do his thang. Not always easy, as most folks like to gab with him. Baseball cap backwards (how last century, though I've noticed it is making a comeback) and the most perfectly shaved goatee you can imagine. Will let you know if he hits those see-through showers the place is famous for. Another pretty boy... The Days Of Our Lives spoiler site was true to its theme. I almost missed 'cause I was watching a movie, but I turned off the VCR just in time. On yesterday's episode, the characters "Belle" and "Chloe" were standing by the CD section in some cafe. Belle said, "The Backstreet Boys are my favorite group." Only thing is they cut to that part a little late and you heard the last part of the sentence. Chloe said, "The Backstreet Boys are your favorite group?" Belle said, "Oh yeah, especially that hottie, Nick Carter." Then Chloe made some sarcastic remark. That's pretty much it.

January 25th: The 2000 Grammy Nominees album will be released on February 8th, and the Backstreet Boys will be on it. During the pre-show for the Golden Globes on E!, Todd Newton led the crowd star-gazing in a chorus of "I Want It That Way". He sang the "Tell me why" part and the crowd did the rest of it. On a Days Of Our Lives spoiler site, it says that on the episode airing tomorrow, "Belle" will tell newcomer "Chloe" that "the Backstreet Boys are her favorite group, especially that hottie Nick Carter." Being the big Days Of Our Lives fan, I will be watching for that. A prediction has been made that the Backstreet Boys Spring 2000 Tour webcast will top Paul McCartney's webcast, which got 50 million hits on the internet. That would be pretty cool if they did. Been watching MTV lately. Then you've probably seen the commercial for the made-for-TV movie, 2gether. It's about a manager who helps a fictional group called "Whoa!" (where did they come up with this name??) and after being fired by the group, puts together another group called "2gether" to dethrone his former group. It airs on MTV on February 21st. This should be interesting.

January 24th: Great news for all those who loved the Backstreet Band website. It's back up!! And updated with a lot of new info. Howie's sister, Pollyanna, is chatting on at 7pm ET on February 9, 2000. AJ was on CNN talking about the Grammys. He said even if they don't win any of the five categories they're in, it's an honor just to be nominated because it means people are recognizing their talent and other stuff. The Herald Leader, a newspaper in Kentucky, said that Brian did a awesome job singing the "National Anthem" at the Thoroughblades' game last night against the Louisville Panther and he joined the Ice Patrol throwing autographed T-shirts to the crowd of 11,134. The paper said the crowd was double the average crowd this season. There will be a new site up in sometime soon at this address: Tommy Smith, the Backstreet Band keyboardist, said it's from the Boys themselves and he will be posting backstage pics of them and news about them EVERY WEEK, or else "Denise will shoot me." Very funny, Tommy. Brian is in Nashville right now recording and producing his brother, Harold III's country album. He and Tommy will be writing songs while on tour, for the album, then Brian will finish them after the tour in the studio. Guy Walker, the Backstreet Band guitarist, also wrote a song for the album. Good luck to Harold Littrell on his album. Speaking of Brian, he and AJ both bought new houses. I wonder if these houses are any bigger or smaller than their last houses. I know AJ's was pretty huge. Maybe we'll see.

January 23rd: What I'm about to say has nothing to do with the Backstreet Boys, but I'm gonna do it anyway 'cause I'm a happy fan. ST. LOUIS RAMS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! Okay, now that I've got that out of my system.... Last night on ABC, they talked about the deal Burger King made with the Backstreet Boys and showed a clip of the Boys performing in Boston. On NBC's The Inside Stuff, they showed a clip of the Boys saying, "Hi, we're the Backstreet Boys and we want the inside stuff." They're everywhere!! "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" debuted at #16 on "Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40", the highest debut for a song in five years. Way to go, Backstreet Boys!! MTV is holding an online poll to see who will be brought back to the ring for Celebrity Deathmatch and Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync is one of the matches to vote on. Go there now and cast your vote. Here's some good news for Backstreet Fans in Louisiana and places nearby. The Superdome has added 8 more floor sections are not sold out yet. Good luck at getting tickets!!

January 22nd: You know how they say save the best for last?? Forget that!! The best news comes first. Burger King (a restuarant Dalila like to go) has signed on as the official sponsers for the Backstreet Boys fall tour. In addition, Burger King will be giving out an exclusive CD and video by the Boys. You HAVE to go to Burger King to get this because they will be the ONLY ones distributing these items. The CD will be an advanced copy of the yet-unchosen single off their new album (which they will start recording after this upcoming spring tour) and five previously unreleased live cuts. The video being sold at Burger King will have backstage footage and interviews with all five Backstreet Boys. So, come August and September, you'll be hearing, "Would you like fries, or an exclusive Backstreet Boys CD, with that?" During 'N Sync's latest chat online, they said they're confident that they'll beat the Backstreet Boys' record for sales. I'm sure it's possible, so let's see what happens. Speaking of 'N Sync, guess who auditioned on Friday for a chance to win a dream date with them?? I DID!! Yes, I (LeAndra) actually auditioned for a dream date with 'N Sync. MTV has been up in the Big Bear Mountains, which isn't too far from where I live, for a few days now, taping the MTV Snowed In or whatever it's called. Needless to say, I didn't make the cut, but I got to meet 'N Sync, as well as about 750 other girls. Well, that's how many girls MTV said they were letting audition. Gave Lance my number, maybe he'll call. Tomorrow, I'm going back to see Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees perform. Now, we've been waiting for that video Standing Room Only for the last couple of months now, right?? Well, according to, this video is not being released until March 2, 2000. Come on, guys!! We've been put on hold long enough, don't you think?? Hopefully, it'll come out sooner than that.

January 20th: The Backstreet Boys send their deepest apologies to the fans planning to go to the Greenville concert because it has been cancelled due to the Grammys. Sorry, BSB fans!! Well, we've all heard that the new album was tentatively set for a September release. That's been pushed back and is tentatively set for release in October or November. has signed on as a official sponser of the Spring 2000 Tour, the second leg of the Into The Millennium Tour, and are going to have the first webcast ever of a Backstreet Boys album. They're going to tape the two opening shows and be webcast pay-per-view on March 15th to July 31st. They are also holding various contests where you can win "meet-and-greet" passes to select concerts and autographed BSB memorabilia. People Magazine received a lot of mail from angry BSB fans about putting Millennium on their "Worst of Song" list, so they printed five letters in the January 24th issue. For all of you who have the MuchMusic channel, set your VCRs because they will be showing the "Johnny Suede" concert on January 22nd at 2:30pm 4pm.

January 19th: Not much to tell. Brian and Kevin have signed up as member of the ASCAP in Orlando, FL, with their attorney present, of course. Did you ever wonder what happened to the old musical director/drummer of the Backstreet Band, Tim Berkebile?? Wonder no longer. Tommy Smith, the band's keyboardist, said Tim is now musical director for the group, LFO, and to look for him on the group's spring tour. There are some fans who don't feel positively towards the "Backstreet Boyz", a tribute to the Backstreet Boys. Well, I can understand where they're coming from. I was a little shocked when I saw the website for this "group" who supposedly look, sound, and dance just like the real Backstreet Boys. I haven't seen them dance, but I have seen how they look and how they sound and I have to disagree. They similar to the Backstreet Boys, not just like them, and they don't sound anything like the Backstreet Boys. But I think it's nice gesture to do that, but they're also making money off of the people that started the whole thing. Should they be allowed to do that? I really don't know. If you'd like to see for yourself (if you haven't already) what the "Backstreet Boyz" are all about, CLICK HERE.

January 18th: Congratulations to the Backstreet Boys for winning "Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group" at the American Music Awards. I had a lot of fun last night and thoroughly enjoyed all the performances, even N Sync's performance of their new single. Actually, I kinda like the song even if it's a lot like "Don't Want You Back". I was a little disappointed when I saw Howie was the only one there, but, hey, at least he was there. He brought his sister Pollyanna with him, as usual. Nice talking to him again. Moving on, I was watching Days Of Our Lives today, as always since I love that soap opera, and they had a scene where the character named Belle, was talking to another character named Sean on the phone. (I see a hook up in the near future). They're talking about Sean losing his mom (she just died, or so they think; you know how soaps are) and the camera panned the room showing Backstreet Boys posters on the walls. Kirsten Storms, who plays "Belle", is a huge BSB fan and I think it's great she gets to show her support on through her character. Well, as said before, 'Lil Tyke Thomas, Brian's dog, has a new little sister and her name is Litty Leigh. She also a chihuahua and his four months old. It's being said new singer Jessica Simpson is to be the opening act of the Backstreet Boys Spring 2000 Tour. R&B artist, Sisqo has listed Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life" one of his favortie songs. Here's what he had to say: "I like songs that evoke emotion. I mean, in my neighborhood, you don't listen to this kind of song, but one day I caught the video, and they were doing things like using crescendos and decrescendos, different kids of instruments, doing breakdowns in the middle of the song. Musically its just terrific." Finally, the Boys are nominated for 16 awards in 13 categories in the Sonicnet/Addicted to Noise Readers Poll: "ALBUM of the year", "ARTIST of the year", "LIVE BAND OR ARTIST of the year", "SONG of the year (IWITW)", "ARTIST WEBSITE of the year", "VIDEO of the year (LTL)", "TREND of the year (boy bands, BSB)", and "TOUR of the year". Now those are the good ones. Here are the bad ones: "LAMEST ARTIST of the year", "MOST OVERRATED ALBUM of the year", "LAMEST SONG of the year (IWITW)", "LAMEST VIDEO of the year (IWITW, LTL [that's both songs])", "LAMEST TREND of the year (boy bands, teen pop [that's both categories])", and "ARTIST/BAND THAT SHOULD RETIRE". So, go ahead and vote.... for the good ones. If you wanted to go to the concert in Austin, TX, too bad because it's sold out. I'm told it sold out in 35 minutes. Incredible....

January 17th: First I want to say "Good Luck" to the Backstreet Boys at the American Music Awards tonight and I'll be there rooting for you all. Remember to watch for it at 8pm on ABC. Next, I just saw the most weird and amazing thing. I am still in shock from what I saw. But I am NOT about to ruin the surprise for you all. To see what I'm talking about, just CLICK HERE. It thought it was pretty cool, but a little bit weird. Check it out! Did any of you watch Saturday Night Live?? Ever since the Backstreet Boys first went on that show, I have watched it almost every Saturday night. Of course, I watched it because Freddie Prinze Jr. was on and I love him (great New Year's Eve party, Freddie!!). They did a skit about Boy Bands. I thought it was so funny and Freddie Prinze Jr. trying to be Nick was great. I loved it.

January 15th: Guess who has a new little sister?? It's not one of the Boys, but one of the Boys' dogs. Brian's dog, Tyke, has a new little sister. Don't know her name yet, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. It's being said the Boys are supposed to be on CNN World Beat on January 24th at 12am and 3:30pm. I don't know what it's about, but watch just in case. Wondering how well Millennium is doing?? Check out these numbers:
11x platinum- USA (hooray!)
10x platinum (Diamond)- Canada
4x platinum- Taiwan, Philippines, Japan
3x platinum- Italy, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia
2x platinum- Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium Platinum- Austria, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway Gold- UK, Finland, Sweden, the Gulf, France, Portugal

Keep those incredible numbers rising!!

January 14th: VH1 did a little segment on their new update about AJ's concert as "Johnny Suede". It showed AJ performing as his alter-ego, AJ presenting a giant check, and AJ talking about how Johnny allows him to be wilder than AJ. I have no idea how Johnny Suede can be wilder than AJ, but I guess there's a way. Tommy Smith, keyboardist for the Backstreet Band, said he has a new server and the "Backstreet Band Website" will be up and running soon with a lot of updates.

January 13th: Backstreet Boys are back in the top 10 at #9 on the Billboard charts after spending last week at #14. The Boys grabbed #10 on "The Lycos (TM) Top 50 Search Terms For The Week Ending January 8, 2000. When 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, started playing 'N Sync's new single, "Bye, Bye", the DJ's pointed out that it sounds a lot like a mixture of "Everybody" and "Don't Want You Back". Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed. The remixers of "All I Have To Give (Soul Solution Club Mix)", Bobby Guy and Ernie Lake, are nominated for a Grammy under category #83, "Remixer of the Year, Non-Classical". Good luck to them. Howie is in next week's TV Guide (Jan. 15-21) for being asked what he his favorite song is as part of a feature of the "Top 100 Songs". Here's Howie's answer: " 'Unchained Melody' by the Righteous Brothers. I sang it the first time I performed for my high school crowd, and I ended up having my first fans."

January 12th: VH1's Rock of Ages show put Backstreet Boys fans to a test. They had five singer they felt sounded like the Boys (I'm hearing they didn't at all) to see if Backstreet Fans would still like the Boys if they were singing country. Most of the fans still liked them, but there were a few that didn't. That goes to show that all true fans like them no matter what type of music they sing. As for me, I'm glad they sing pop/R&B 'cause I'm NOT a huge country fan, although I would tolerate it if it were the Backstreet Boys. During a chat on January 4th with Jon Bon Jovi, he was asked what he thought about the Backstreet Boys and here's what he had to say: "You know what is really great about them. They did us a good favour at a charity we had at my house and they did a meet and greet with the people backstage and sent out a limo for them and everything. Those boys are alright with me." Looks like they have a new fan. Also, we'd like to wish Nick's sister, Bobbie Jean, a Happy 18th Birthday.

January 11th: AJ's concert as "Johnny Suede" have been getting really good reviews and the fans that were there really seemed to enjoy it. They got a real surprise when Brian came onstage to sing "Back At One" with Johnny Suede. There was also a moment of celebration for AJ's 22nd birthday when his mother, Denise McLean, and a woman dressed up as Marilyn Monroe brought out a birthday cake, then "Marilyn" sang "Happy Birthday" to AJ. The Backstreet Boys are suing Lou Pearlman for the sixth time, trying to get all contracts with the man to be voided. I don't think it's too bad an idea. The suit was filed on December 1st. Gene Simmons, KISS singer/bassist, was asked what he thought about the teen pop craze and he said he was into it and that he likes Backstreet Boys more than 'N Sync. Isn't that cool??

January 9th: First, we here at "Backstreet Boys Locker" would like to send the Backstreet Birthday Wish of the millennium to Alexander James McLean. This day, 22 years ago, a star was born. So, "HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY, AJ!!". And good luck with your concert tonight!! Yesterday on MTV News 1515, the Boys talked about a fan that was able to get onstage during one of their shows. AJ said he felt his face being kissed and Brian said he was singing and his microphone hit him in the mouth. The excited fan was giving all the Boys hugs. They stood in shock and waited for someone to get her off stage. The Backstreet Boys won't be performing at the Amercian Music Awards because they are going to perform "I Want It That Way" at the Grammys! There's some thing saying if you perform at the AMAs than you can't perform at the Grammys and vice versa. Well, the Grammys landed them this year. It's being said that the Boys plan to announce more tour dates next week for their upcoming tour. So keep an ear out. If it happens, the dates will be posted in the "Tour Dates" section.
The People's Choice Awards was on tonight and Backstreet Boys won for "Favorite Music Group or Band". They weren't there, but they showed a part of the video for "I Want It That Way". Unfortunately, my dad was playing remote control commando and I missed the more than half the announcement. But the guy telling the winners said, "The Backstreet Boys couldn't be here because they're out touring as 'N Sync." The audience got a big laugh out of that, although there was a few who didn't take it quite as well. My dad thought it was funny....

January 8th: I saw that commercial that aired on VH1 about the American Music Awards, but to DOES NOT say anything about the Boys. It mentions them, even shows them, but that's it. And the page for the American Music Awards Page doesn't have the Boys on either the performers list or the presenters list. Brian will be performing the "National Anthem" at the Kentucky Thoroughblades game against the Louisville Panthers on January 22nd at the Rupp Arena, 7:30pm. The performance is to benifit Brian's Healthy Heart Club. For every ticket sold, portion of the money will be donated to the Healthy Heart Club. Tickets for the event are on sale now at the Rupp Arena Box Office and all TicketMaster outlets.Also I (Dalila) would like to congradulate the Boys on their 2 American Music Awards nominations for POP/ROCK: BAND, GROUP, OR DUO, and POP/ROCK:ALBUM.

January 7th: Cyber Venue has a VIP room that's featuring Kid's Couch hosted Kid Cruz and an exclusive interview with AJ. Last night, on 20/20 Downtown, there was an interview with Lou Pearlman, talking about his legal problems with first the Backstreet Boys, then *N Sync. They showed some video footage from the very beginning of the Boys. Some of it was from the homevideo, Backstreet Stories. Well, the part they showed of the Boys shopping in New York and when the Boys first hit it big in Europe. Then they showed an audition tape that had been sent to various record companies and the Boys performing at a high school. They also showed parts of the Frankfurt, Germany concert. Anyway, Lou Pearlman talked about how it cost $3 million to start the Boys' career and how he thought he was owed back a larger sum of money. He was taking a lot of money off the top before it even got split up between the six of them. Yes, six. Even after taking 25%-30% off everything first, he got yet another cut. The Backstreet Boys attorney said when he reviewed the contract the Boys' had with Lou Pearlman and his company, he thought it was the most "oppressive" contract for a group to have almost to the point of "absurdity". Lou may have been trying to justify taking a hell of a lot of money that probably should've been going to the Boys, but I wasn't buying it. The really bad thing is he doesn't even seem sorry for what he did. And other guys are willing to risk having that happen to them as well by auditioning for Lou's next project, the series for ABC. Also, much to my dismay, Lou is still getting a percentage of the Boys' earnings. I just hope it's not that big 'cause he's got more than enough of the money he put up.

January 6th: SoundScan got in the official numbers and Millennium is the #1 on it's "1999 Top Ten Selling Albums (1/04/99 - 1/02/00)". Then Millennium took #8 and Backstreet Boys took #10 on the "Top Ten Selling Albums of SoundScan Era". Also, Millennium is #1 for on-line sales. The Backstreet Boys Spring Tour 2000 had a little change made to it. The Boys will be performing in Austin, TX on March 5th at the Frank Erwin Center, and NOT Oklahoma City, OK. The Oklahoma concert has been rescheduled. Tickets for the Austin concert go onsale January 15th. You been to visit AJ's official website lately?? Well, if you have, you've seen that is now a website for a singer called "Passionately Pink". They are managed by WrightStuff Management and don't know how the sites got cross-linked. It was said on Interfax (a Musique Plus channel) that Brian might be doing a solo album in country. Millennium took a major fall on the charts, falling to #14. But it's expected that sales will be better on next weeks' charts, due to the Boys' Grammy nominations. A commercial aired on VH1 for the American Music Awards, saying the Backstreet Boys will be performing. Now for some TV stuff:
1/07/00- Before They Were Rock Stars on VH1 @ 11pm
1/08/00- Rock Collections on VH1 @ 12pm
1/09/00- Before They Were Rock Stars on VH1 @ 11am
1/09/00- Backstreet Boys Live on MTV @ 6pm (repeat)
1/09/00- FANatic on MTV @ 8pm (repeat of 2nd appearance)
1/09/00- People's Choice Awards on CBS @ 9-11pm
1/11/00- Before They Were Rock Stars on VH1 @ 8:30pm
1/17/00- American Music Awards on ABC @ 8pm; the Boys are said to be performing
2/23/00- Grammy Awards on ABC @ 8pm; unclear on whether the Boys will be there

January 4th: BACKSTREET BOYS NOMINATED FOR FIVE GRAMMYS!! They are nominated for the following: "Record of the Year", "Album of the Year" for Millennium, "Song of the Year" for "I Want It That Way" (that's actually presented to the writers of the song, who are Andreas Carlsson & Max Martin), "Pop Performance, Duo or Group with Vocal" for "I Want It That Way", and "Pop Album" for Millennium. Here's what was on the E! website:
Grammys Pit Teens Against Rock Titans
by E! Online News Staff
Jan 04 2000 09:40:00:000AM
E! Online

It will be the teens versus the legends of rock this year at the Grammys.

The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera are among the teenybop heartthrobs who'll be battling veterans like Santana, Cher and Madonna February 23 at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Record of the Year competition (presented to the artist) pits Santana's "Smooth" and Cher's club-hopping "Believe" against Backstreet's "That Way," Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" and TLC's catchy "No Scrubs."
The Boys were also mention on the Channel 4 News (NBC), Los Angeles, for their nominations. Howie's sister, Pollyanna Dorough, is going to have an online chat next month at Cyber Venue. I'll post up the date and time as soon as I find out. Now, there have been a few complaints made about the cover of Rolling Stone the Backstreet Boys did, and they were made by some upset fans. Rolling Stone has been getting emailed about this, and I think the fans who think it's a great cover should show our support for the cover and the group. I mean, sure they're in their boxers, but Britney Spears showed a hell of a lot more skin than the Boys are, so don't see a problem. The Boys have finally got the media on their side and a few bad comments can take all that away, so write Rolling Stone and show you're support to There's nothing wrong with what they did, so let the Boys have their fun. And before I forget, the Boys will be on Access Hollywood tonight at 7:30pm on NBC. Now for more TV appearances:
1/04/00- 1999's Top 10 Videos on VH1 @ 7pm and 11pm
1/05/00- 1999's Top 10 Videos on VH1 @ ??
1/07/00- Before They Were Rock Stars on VH1 @ 11pm
1/08/00- Rock Collections on VH1 @ 12pm
1/09/00- Backstreet Boys Live on MTV @ 6pm (repeat)
1/09/00- FANatic on MTV @ 8pm (repeat of 2nd appearance)
1/09/00- People's Choice Awards on CBS @ 9-11pm; unclear on whether the Boys will be there
1/17/00- American Music Awards on ABC @ 8pm; the Boys might be presenting
2/23/00- Grammy Awards on ABC @ 8pm; unclear on whether the Boys will be there

January 3rd: Not much to tell. Just that the Backstreet Boys tied with Boyz II Men for "Group of the Decade" in Canada. Way to go, Boys!! Now, I must say I was rather shocked when I saw that Britney Spears was #1 on Total Request Live today and not the Backstreet Boys new video, "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely". My first thought was what the hell happened, then I figured since MTV didn't show the world premiere of the video until there was a little more than an hour left before midnight (maybe more, maybe less), I thought maybe a lot of you all were at a party at someone else's house, you were watching something else at home 'cause dad didn't want to watch MTV, or you were just too into the greeting the new year, you simply forgot. Well, I was at someone else's party (the drummer for that ever popular heavy metal band, Motley Crue, is from Albuquerque and decided to celebrate the new year at home) and watched it over there. Anyway, I was so completely touched by it, I actually cried. Seeing Brian like that, so close to death, even though it wasn't real, I never thought about the possibility that something could've gone wrong after I heard Brian was okay. Then seeing Kevin watching home movies of him and his dad, that was so heartwrenching. Seeing AJ thinking about an old girlfriend and crying over her was so sad. Watching Howie at the bar, thinking about his sister Caroline, I felt the loss. Seeing Nick save someone he so obviously cared about a lot was.... I don't even know how to describe the feeling. When I saw the bus had "Denniz St.", a tribute to Denniz Pop who passed away from cancer last year, the river of tears started flowing. Well, I thought the video the best video they've ever done. Just my thoughts on the video.....

January 2nd: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! Hope you all had a safe and fun welcome into the year 2000. I'm still not over my celebration yet. You don't wanna know on account there could be fans under 18 reading this. Anyway, on with the news. If you've heard some of this, sorry, I did my partying out of town. Backstreet Boys came out on top on a poll done by Disney Adventure Magazine. They were voted "Best Band", "Best Pop Act", Nick came in 3rd for "Best Male Singer", "Larger Than Life" came in 2nd and "I Want It That Way" came in 3rd for "Best Video", "Favorite Disney Special 'In Concert'", "Best CD" for Millennium, came in 2nd for "Best Clothes", came in 1st for "Song You Can't Stand But You Can't Stop Singing Anyway" with "I Want It That Way", "Best Song To Clean Your Room To" with "Larger Than Life", and "Best Song To Do Your Homework To" with "I Want It That Way". On TRL's "Top 99 of '99" the Boys took #34 with "All I Have To Give", #12 with "Larger Than Life", and the coveted #1 with "I Want It That Way". On MuchMusic's "Top 90 of '99" the Boys took #2 with "Larger Than Life" and #1 with "I Want It That Way". I was watching the show Change Of Heart and they had on a guy who just loved the Backstreet Boys, which annoyed the hell out of his girlfriend. Much props to that guy for admitting on television that the Backstreet Boys is his favorite group. Also, I was reading the liner notes in LFO's album, and they thank the Backstreet Boys for their support (well, Brad did), but they were mentioned in the group thanks too. Coincidentally, I saw LFO on MTV's Loveline that same day and they said they played their biggest crowd while touring with the Backstreet Boys (of course this was a repeat). Brazilian Magazine, CAPRICHO's readers voted the Boys "Band of the Year", "Album of the Year" for Millennium, "Song of the Year" for "I Want It That Way", Kevin got 19% while Nick got 16% for "International Babe", and Kevin got "Best Dressed". "If You Knew What I Knew", a song written by AJ and the B-side to "Larger Than Life", is getting great reviews after being played on a radio station in Seattle. Wouldn't you like to hear it on your radio station?? Start calling in. MTV Asia did a "Top 2000 Videos" and here's how the Boys did: #1892- "Get Down", #1650- "We've Got It Goin' On", #887- "Quit Playin' Games", #732- "All I Have To Give", #150- "As Long As You Love Me", #32- "Everybody", and #9- "Larger Than Life". In Sisqo's new album liner notes he thanks the Backstreet Boys. Everybody's doing that these days. Guess what?? Another Carter is becoming a recording artist. Who?? Nick's little sister Leslie Carter signed a record deal with DreamWorks. And finally on the "Top 12 Songs of the Year" countdown on 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, the Boys took #3 with "Larger Than Life" and #1 with "I Want It That Way". Wow, that's a lot.....

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