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This page has been visited by Backstreet Boys fans

Here's a picture taken at the June 2nd BSB concert in Belgium.

Here's another picture taken at the Belgium concert. (Sorry it's partly messed up.)

This is a picture sent to me from my friend Tim and his girlfriend Jennifer, who went to the Backstreet Boys concert on October 31, 1999, on Denver, Colorado. You can see Kevin's arm in a sling and check out AJ's new chalk-yellow buzzcut.

In Loving Memory Of The Original Backstreet Band.
Obie Morant, Freddie Mollins, Tim Berkebile, Billy Chapin, and Paul Howard (Not Pictured) have gone on their separate ways. We'll miss you guys!! Even Paul, though he was with the band for only a few months and we never got to see him play live.


Please do not use these pictures without asking first. I (LeAndra) spent hours scanning them, some we asked permission to use, and we would really appreciate it if you asked to use them. If you would like to use any of the pictures email us at: or Thank you!

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