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On August 8th 1998, we went to a Backstreet Boys concert in Los Angeles, Ca. We first arrived at 11:00am, even though the concert didn't start until 8:00pm. We like Nick and AJ and when we got to the Universal Amphitheater, we saw these two signs that were for Nick and AJ. We were like, "Oh no, who are these two girls who like our guys?" We kind of peeked around the corner to see who those girls were. When we saw them, we were like,"Oh, okay." Then we went to go sit down and then they came over to us. One of the girls (Christine) asked us where we got our "fake" backstage passes. We told them they were fake and they said, "Oh okay" and walked away. Then I (Dalila) said,"Why don't we go over there and talk to them?" So, we walked over to them and said,"We going to sit over here with you guys." So, eventually, we got to know each other and found out we have a lot in common. We mean A LOT. They're like an exact version of us in a different city. (Aja and Christine, if you're reading this, What's up??) During the hours we were waiting, we got interviewed by a reporter from a Brazilian teen magazine and had our pictures taken for the mag with Aja, Christine, and these four Japanese girls that we met. As the hours passed on, more people started showing up. People wearing Backstreet Boys stuff and carrying these really thick scrapbooks. More hours passed by and they finally opened the gates. The four of us started running towards the gates and the security guards stop us at the entrance. They asked us,"Do you want us to walk you guys to the theater?" And we said YES cause we didn't want to get trampled. So, finally we get inside the theater, only to find out we have to wait another hour. And while were waiting, we met these other two girls named Amy and Crystal. But we had to wait another hour to actually get into our seats. Sitting by the door, we heard Aaron singing "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and the band rehearsing. Also, while we were waiting, we met a guy named Brian, who worked for them. And he confirmed the rumor that Brian Littrell IS DATING A GIRL NAMED LEIGHANNE. Anyway, we finally got to our seats and had to wait another 45 minutes. While we were waiting, we met AJ's mom, Nick's dad, and Leighanne(by the way, she is the fakest person on this earth and she has fake boobs). On to a better subject, the show started half an hour early, but that was cool with us. First, Aaron came on. His show was good. He was the best out of all the opening acts. After Aaron's last song, Nick and AJ and some chick came out on stage to announce Aaron broke some record about being the youngest performer to do something. We couldn't hear what it was cause everybody was screaming so loud. Then they left and SOAP came out to perform. They were okay. After, Jimmy Ray came out and his show really sucked. Personally, we think Aaron should have gotten more time. Then there was a fifteen minute intermission. During this break, I (Dalila) asked one of the security guards where to put our presents. He said on the other side of the stage. So I (Dalila) walked AAALLLLL the way to the other side, with no shortcut. So, I asked another security guard to put our presents up on stage and he did. Then I was walking AAAALLLLL the way back to where we were sitting and I bumped into one of their choreographers, we talked, then I left. Two minutes later, the show started. They started with "That's The Way I Like It" and they ended with "Everybody". During the entire show, we made eye contact with every single one of the Boys. And Howie was staring down Dalila. Nick was looking at me (LeAndra) cause I had his Tampa Bay jersey #56. It also helped that we knew the words to all their songs. Then, all too soon, the concert was over. We walked out and bought more stuff, including something to drink cause our throats were dry from screaming so much (got caught up in the excitement). That was our experience.

LeAndra and Dalila

This isn't about a concert, but about the 1998 Billboard Music Awards. We (LeAndra & Dalila) had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas with some friends, and attending the Awards. It was really cool, seeing all these music artists that you hear on the radio. All the performances were great, especially the Backstreet Boys' performances. If you didn't watch the Awards, too bad, because the Boys were awesome. All of us got to sit near some big names like Savage Garden, Mase, Jay-z, N' SYNC, Leanne Rimes, as well as the Backstreet Boys. Some of us sat by actors and actresses like Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, and Andrew Keegan (who, by the way, was with Leanne Rimes again!) All of us got to talk to, wave to, get an autograph from, and, if you were lucky, get a hug from the Backstreet Boys!!! But the whole lot of us were very disappointed to find out that Brian Littrell has, in fact, gotten back together with Leighanne. Yup, we got to hear her complain to Brian about how bored she was and how much she wanted to to back to the hotel, which caused Brian to leave early. Leighanne IS back in the picture, so we guess Brian and Leighanne took only a little break from each other (sorry to all you Brian fans). But they have been on and off for a while now. Also, Nick was there with an unknown girl, who we strongly suspect is his girlfriend (sorry to all you Nick fans). Finally, AJ gave his love to Amanda Latona during the Boys "thank you" speech after they won Best Group (sorry to all you AJ fans). Other than those few bad things, we all had a great time.

Dalila & LeAndra


This is our review on the Backstreet Boys appearance on the Grammys. First of all, let's start with the best-looking one, Kevy-Kev. He looked gorgeous as usual, but then, does he ever look bad? We think not. Second, is Howie D. He looked really nice. In fact, he looked better than Nick, AJ, and Brian. Third is Nick. Well, first off we noticed Nick lost a bit of weight (which is good. Not to say he looked bad before, but now he looks even better), but he just happened to use a whole jar of gel, which didn't look cute (no offense, people). Next we have AJ. First of all, I (Dalila) would like to say, that I love you and all, AJ, but the outfit has got to go. Has Amanda's bad sense of style been draining out into your brain? I get the trying-to-be-a-fashion-starter thing, but you've taken it too far!!!!(But I still love you!) And lastly, we have Brian Thomas Littrell. THE HAIR, MAN, THE HAIR!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING????!!!! DID LEIGHANNE MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE THAT??!! WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER DO THIS TO YOU!?!?!?!?! *sniff sniff* *tears in our eyes* But wait! We have something else to say, cuz there's more!! We have the down low on their GIRLFRIENDS!!! First off, Leighanne Wallace, who, as we all know, is Brian's girlfriend. We don't have anything too bad to about her, but we have friends that went to the Grammys, who the Boys (minus AJ, we'll tell you about it later) and their girlfriends, and our friend Aja says that Leighanne wear 1/3 of the world's makeup (which means A HELL OF A LOT), she doesn't look pretty up close, and she has these crater-like things on her face and she had on PURPLE eyeshadow. Next we have Amanda Latona, AJ's girlfriend. First of all, this "woman" does NOT know how to dress for the Grammys. Let's start from the top. First, she also wears the next 1/3 of the world's makeup. Now for her outfit. Once again, let's start from the top. She was wear a PINK TANK TOP, and you know those warm-up pants? Well, here skirt was that material and it was all bunched up in the back. Needless to say, it was NOT CUTE. And, by the way, when our friends met the Backstreet Boys, as we said before, AJ wasn't there. Apparently, he left early, looking extremely pissed off, and left Amanda there all by herself (hahahaha). Now for Nick's girlfriend. We finally know her name and it's Mandy (don't know her last name, but we will find out). Let's start from the top with her also. First, her hair was a big mess, and she wears the last 1/3 of the world's makeup on her face. Which brings me to her next screw up. She wore PURPLE EYESHADOW with a RED DRESS that had BLACK LACE over it. Do that seem seriously stupid to you? So, once again, needless to say, she DID NOT LOOK CUTE! I guess the whole "We like girls with the natural look" thing went down the tubes when they hooked up with these girls. Also, a family conflict. BJ and Aaron Carter were also at the Grammys. Well, it seems they don't like Nick's girlfriend at all. Aaron was going on and on about what he disliked about her and telling where she lived, among other things that we won't get into. When BJ was asked about her opinion on Mandy, she said, "No comment." Then our friend said, "Well, I'm not gonna ask you any more questions about her, 'cause I take it you don't like her", to which BJ replied, "No, I don't like her." (By the way, BJ is really nice.) Nick, honey, I (LeAndra) think you better start listening to your brother and sister. They are obviously seeing something you don't seem to. And the fans have been seeing it from the start. Well, that's our little review of the Grammys. Hope you enjoyed it and if not, too bad. Isn't freedom of speech awesome? We certainly think so! By the way, Kevin came with A DATE. NOT a girlfriend, A DATE. Aaron said so himself.

Concert: June 2, 1999

Here's a review from someone who was at the concert in Belgium:

"I want to let u know that I've been to the concert of BSB on 2 june in Belgium & I have to say it was amazing.

We were there fron the day before & saw the boys coming out after rehearsal. When the doors open we run & yes, we stand on the front row.

The stage has 5 sides & the band stands in the middle. There was also a smaller stage in the middle that goes round.

Then the boys came from behind us on surfboards flying over us to the stage. This was magnificent. They were dressed as spacemans & started with "Larger Than Life". They also sang almost all the songs from "Millennium" & also "Get Down", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Quit Playing Games", "As Long As You Love Me", "All I Have To Give"...

With "Quit Playing Games" the boys were flying above the audience. There were 2 cords where their pants were hang on, so they could fly & do crazy stuff like turn upside down. It was crazy & scary. Brian was very calm on it 'cause of his fear of heights.

They didn't sing any solos this time. There was lots of fireworks & confetti. While singing "The Perfect Fan" there were 5 mom and their little daughters on stage, this was so sweet.

There were dancers (boys & girls) & they were pretty cool. The whole concert was unbelievable, u have to see it. It's something u will never forget, its the best concert ever."

Concert: June 5, 1999

Here's a review from someone who was at the concert in Amsterdam:

"I went to the show in the Amsterdam Arena (Holland) on the 5th of June, there were 61,000 people in attendence. Before the show I saw AJ and Brian (from a distance), AJ waved to us, Brian was carrying a trashbag into the tourbus.

The show started with the dancer coming on carrying torches, then the boys 'surfed' in on their boards, it was all very spacey, there was a platform in the middle of the stage that could move up and down, it had 4-foot boards, once they got off their boards they sang larger than life and get down and the one. After that Nick said hello and welcomed us to the concert, while the others changed into long black coats (they changed their clothes on stage). Then Kevin, Howie, Brian, and AJ said their hello's, while Nick put on his coat. They sang As long as you love me, with the chair routine, and then left the stage, the dancers stayed and danced some more with the chairs.

When the boys came back on stage they sang quit playin' games, at the end of the song they all sat on a said of the podium and counted to 3 and then they were lifted in the air by two cables, they did saltos and stuff. After they had landed savely, 5 mothers and daughters were brought on stage and the boys dedicated the next song perfect fan to them and all the other mothers in the stadium. They brought the moms and daughters to the side of the stage, while the dancers put 5 ladders on the stage, the boys sang don't want you back whilst climbing the ladders, at one point AJ and Kevin were hanging upside down from theirs.

The next song they did, after they got changed again, was I'll never break your heart. They were sitting on the platform in the middle of the stage. After they got changed again (into white clothes) they reappeared on stage hanging underneath the platform they went up. They performed everybody, we've got it going on, and that's the way I like it.

Next they asked a couple of fans in the audience what their favourite songs of millennium were and they told us their favourite songs. A piano was then lowered onto the platform and Kevin played it when they sang back to your heart, after that song the piano was hoisted back up. They got changed and performed all I have to give, it's gotta be you, don't wanna lose you now, no one else comes close, and show me the meaning. At the end they introduced all the dancers and musicians, together with the dancers they bowed for the audience and then got of stage.

For the encore they sang I want it that way. Throughout the show there was loads of cool fireworks and pyro.

I'm not completely sure about the order of the songs in my review but they did sing all the songs that I mentioned.

Concert: November 8, 1999

Well, my BSB concert was just simply incredible! I saw them on November 8th in Detroit, Michigan. They played 3 concerts in Detroit, and I was fortunate enough to have seen them on their last night there. Me and my friend Lucille arrived at the Palace of Auburn Hills around 6:30. We ran into the building with our signs and cameras screaming. We got in our seats and we were one of the few people that were there already. I was so excited I was freaking out. Our seats were in the club seating which is about 30-40 rows from the stage. I stopped an usher and asked if he had any meet and greet passes. He said no, they only did that for the first night. So, that sucked, but oh well. The first opening act was Mandy Moore. Wow, she sucked big time. I couldn't stand hearing her twangy voice go on and on, so I went to the bathroom. Next, EYC came out. They're ok, except for the fact that they try way to hard to be like the Backstreet Boys. Then the concert began and we were all going nuts. Me and my friend held up our signs almost the whole time. (I think the people who sat behind us hated us since they spilled their pop on my friend's $20 program) I think Nick saw my sign when he was flying around on the cords. Yippy! Once the encore started, a lot of people started to leave, so me and my friend pushed our way up to the third row!! It was awesome! Too bad we ran outta pictures by then. After the concert was over we hung out in the arena for awhile while the stage crew took down the stage. We had an awesome time! Even though I didn't get to meet anyone important, it was well worth the money just to see them perform!

Kassandra Barnes

Concert: Milan, Italy

My best friend and I got tickets to a Backstreet Boys concert in Milan (we live in Italy) and we got there at about 8:00 AM even though it started at 9 pm. When we first got there were already at least 100 girls. Throughout the morning it was cool and we had suntan lotion and water, but it the afternoon it started to get hotter and unfortunately most of the Italian girls WERE NOT wearing deodorant. To make matters worse the BsB bus driver was teasing us by driving the bus around and I have never been so jostled in my life. There were also Brian and A.J. impersonators out there. My friend's mom came by later on to see if we needed anything and we gave her the backpacks we had, stupidly forgetting about the suntan lotion(we got burnt to a crisp). Then the guards started spraying us like cattle to cool us down. Finally they opened the gates. Now get this, those stupid people had put bars in front of the gates and not on the sides and they were exspecting us to go under the bars with people pouring through! We almost got trampled. I lost my frien in the crowd and was carried in through the gates and the poor ticket guy just told me to keep going after I flashed my ticket instead of tearing it. I ran to the doors of the Forum and when I got inside I was literally carried up the escalator, I must have been hanging a good foot and a half off of the ground. When I could finally see again, I found myself at the very top, which was NOT were I wanted to be. So I ran back down and ran out into the open arena area where I saw my best friend waving to me from a third row seat(they were the best because they were even with the stage). We waited about and hour there and then this group named W came onstage and did the opening act. They were good at first but after a while all I wanted was the Backstreet Boys. They left and we waited another hour and then FINALLY the moment I had been waiting for happened. Hot Pink Smoke burst into the are with fire and out of it came the BsB on cabled Space boards(I think that's what they were).
I was screaming and about to cry and I felt SO dizzy. They filled the concert with awesome dance moves and hearttouching lyrics mixed with a couple of fireworks(which was sorta cool considering we were inside)and of course Kevin's piano solo while the guys soulfully sang "Back To Your Heart". At the end(yes sadly there was an end)they were waving good night and everyone was sitting down for some reason and I remember thinking "what is wrong with you people?" and my friend and I were screaming and jumping up and down and Kevin saw us! I wish I could say we got to meet him, but he only blew a kiss and gave us the peace sign(sigh). After the concert all I could here was ringing in my ears and my friend and I were yelling at each other(not purposely) and our throats were hoarse from all that screaming. I was surprised we even heard the guys with all of the girls screaming. The night ended with going home and dreaming about the Backstreet Boys.

Taryn Amic

Concert: Johnny No-Name, March 27, 2000:
The Johnny No-Name concert was totally awesome. My friends and I had a total blast. The conference was pretty cool too. AJ talked about why he likes doing "Johnny No-Name", some of the songs he was doing, among other things. Oh yeah, he said "Johnny" is constantly on probation 'cause he's constantly getting trouble and he goes back to jail after every show. It was so funny. Before the concert started, I was on my way to the bathroom when I ran into my friend Future (yes, that's her real name). She said she made her boyfriend come to the show with her. Anyway, she sat at the other end of the row from us. We were fourth row. We were left stage, she was right. Anyway, my favorite parts were when he covered Rage Against The Machine and Stone Temple Pilots. I absolutely love them. Also, Howie sang "Brick House" with AJ (as himself) for an encore. I was wondering if Howie was going to sing with AJ because AJ mentioned during an interview that he was trying to get Howie to go up on stage at this show. Well, he did it. After the concert, Future told me about a bunch of fans scaring the hell out of Howie when he got to the theatre. She said she and her boyfriend were at the entrance way and the fans attacked Howie's SUV, rocking it back and forth. She said a fan even jumped onto the hood of the SUV!! She said Howie looked pretty scared, and security had to get everybody away so he could move forward. Anyway, that's my experience.