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Can the Backstreet Boys handle it as they plinge into Live and Kicking's most probing questions ever?

*DO YOU PICK YOUR NOSE AND EAT IT? Eeeurgh! Nah--I definitely don't do that, not even when I was a kid! It was the one thing I wasn't into. Iwouldn't say I was the cleanest of boys, but I didn't pick my nose!

*HAVE YOU EVER FREAKED OUT AND THROWN A MASSIVE TANTRUM? Ooh yeah! I've got a little with our managers at times. Once I wanted to go out to a club, I'd been really looking forward to going for ages-and he turned around and said "NO WAY!". But you have to back down sometimes and look out for the benefit of the group. You know, if you go out late you can end up being sick or too tired for a TV show the next morning-so you don't do yourself any favors.

*ARE YOU STUBBORN? Yeah, I can be stubborn. I've got my evil moments and I can be real stubborn when I want to.

*DO YOU WEAR CONTACT LENSES? I wore green contacts once and mixed in with my natural brown color it made me look like I had spooky snake eyes. They were really cool-but my mom was like "Nah that's just too freaky for me to look at!", so I took them out! None of us wear contacts now.

*WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR SEXIEST FEATURE? My eyes. I like them and everyone says that my eyelashes are really long.(Gives us a flutter!)What else? I quite like my hands. (Huh?) well it's not so much the way they look, but the way I use them!

*ARE YOU BEING SAUCY? Erm...Well, I can touch very,very softly and-I don't know if I have a problem or what-but I can vibrate my body. (Eh?) I just kind of lock it out(does weird thing with neck) and vibrate, but it does give me a kinda headache. Some people think it's cool though.

*YOU WEAR LOADS OF MAKE-UP ON STAGE, DOES IT GIVE YOU SPOTS? No, not really-but I did get them when i was younger. I used to squeeze them and they started itching. My friends' mom said "Don't scratch them cause they'll leave scars". So I stopped and started using cucumber oil.

*YOU USE BEAUTY CREAMS THEN? Some-because there's some really good stuff around!(So you can have skin as smooth as a baby's bottom?) Er, yeah that's right!

*YOU MUST ARGUE SOMETIMES. DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU LAST QUARRELLED ABOUT? Yeah, we do argue, but its always about quite petty things-like who wears what and how you're gonna wear it. There's always different opinions, but we always come to some compromise at the end.


*OK-DESCRIBE YOUR SNOGGING TECHNIQUE? My technique? Sometimes-well almost out of 10-I let the girl lead. Nice! Yeah, Ilike that! Then I do whatever's "clever". It just depends on what mood we're in.

*WOULD YOU EVER HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY ON THE BITS OF YOU BODY YOU DON'T LIKE? I would, but I don't think it's a very good idea. I think if I had anything changed it would be my nose.(But you've got a lovely nose AJ!)I hate it, I think it's too big. People say that if you change your nose you change the way you sound so maybe I wouldn't. If I was older, married and I wasn't involved in the group thing, so much then...I would definitely consider it. Still I'd have them give me a major, super sedative!

*WHAT SUBJECTS WON'T YOU TALK ABOUT? Probably family issues like parents splitting up and things like that. Things people really don't need to know. Some things are that personal that they are of no one else's concern-but hey, anything else ask away!(Right then!)

*DO YOU EVER LIE IN INTERVIEWS? If I was honest, I'd probably lie about 30%-40% of the time.

*SO HAVE YOU LIED IN THIS INTERVIEW? No!(phew!)I haven't lied at all in this one! If there's a question I just don't want to answer, I'll say any old thing to get on with it-sometimes!

From Live and Kicking magazine