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Updates: June, July & August 1999

August 31st: As you've already been told, I (LeAndra) am back from my vacation. I stayed longer than I planned for a couple of reasons: I was enjoying myself more than I thought I would; my mom let me use her car (she never used to let me); and I hooked up with my Christmas fling again, which I'm happy to say has become my boyfriend. I'm thinking of writing an summary of my summer and putting it in the "Fan Fiction" section. Anyway, the "News" section has been updated, the "Links" section has four new links, and the "Fan Fiction" section has a new story called 'Summer Of Love', inspired by my summer vacation. Oh yeah, the "About Us" section has been updated (at least my part). I haven't updated any of the other stories. Please by patient with me. I've had a very life-changing event happen to me and I'm still trying to get back into my old routine. Thanks.

August 30th: The "Tour Dates" section has been updated with the absolutely comfirmed dates to the sold-out tour. The mad dash for tickets forced the Boys to put in additional dates, so if you want to know when their tour bus is coming to your town so you can watch drive by, look in that section. Lucky me, my cousin won four tickets and backstage passes off the radio to the Phoenix concert on October 12th, so we're making our boyfriends go with us. Thanks, 105.1 FM in New Mexico!!!

July 20th: The "Tour Dates" Section has been updated with CONFIRMED dates, so go check it out!!!!

July 2nd: The "News" has been updated. 'Heaven On Earth' has been finished, Chapter Thirty-Two and the Epilogue have been put up. I (LeAndra) didn't get a chance to update 'Spanish Eyes', 'Who Do You Love', or 'Promises- Part Two: When Things Happen'. I'm off to the Land of Enchantment, or New Mexico, early tomorrow morning. So if any of you were reading any of the unfinished stories, you'll be left in suspense for a while.September 2nd: The "News" section has been updated and Chapter Three to 'Summer Of Love' has been added.

July 1st: The "News" section has been updated. "The Girlfriends" section has some interesting news on Nick's girlfriend, Mandy, but if you don't particularly feel like seeing her face, it's in the "News" section also. Chapter Thirteen to 'Spanish Eyes' has been posted. I (LeAndra) will probably write a couple more chapters before I leave on the 3rd. And if you've been reading 'All My Love', you know it's finished. I'll try to update the stories while I'm gone, but don't count on it.

June 29th: The "News" section has been updated with some pretty cool news. Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen to 'All My Love' have been added. I (LeAndra) think this story will be finished by later today.

June 28th: Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen to 'All My Love' have been put up.

June 27th: The "News" section has been updated. I (LeAndra) did write Chapter Fifteen to 'All My Love', but unfortunately I had ran into a problem and the whole chapter got erased. It will get put up and right now I'm concentrating on just this one story so I can get it finished before I leave (and I've only got 6 days). I don't know if I'll be able to finish the others on time. If I don't, well, don't expect another chapter until August. Thanks!

June 23rd: The "News" section has been updated with some interesting info on what's been going on behind the scenes while the Boys are on tour and Chapter Twelve to 'Spanish Eyes' has been posted.

June 22nd: The "News" section has been updated with news about Brian and some TV appearances. Chapter Thirty-One to 'Heaven On Earth' has finally been put up and Chapter Fourteen to 'All My Love' has been added. Now I (LeAndra) would like to say it's been fun writing these stories for you all, but they are all being ended very soon. I will be going out of town on July 3rd and won't be back until sometime in August. I will have very little access, if any, to a computer, so I've decided to find a way to end all stories currently unfinished. I don't want to leave everyone waiting in suspense for a month before the next chapter comes out, so I'll be spending a lot of time working on them. Thanks for reading them and for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

June 19th: The "News" section has been updated, the "Tour Dates" section has a notice you need to read, the "Aaron Carter" section has been modified a little, and the "Link" section has a new banner. I (LeAndra) apologize for not updating the stories for the past week, but it couldn't be helped. In fact, Chapter Fourteen to 'Who Do You Love' and Chapter Eleven to 'Spanish Eyes' have been posted. The other stories will be updated soon.

June 12th: The "News" section has been updated and Chapter Ten to 'Spanish Eyes' has been added. The other stories will be updated soon. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, they should be updated more often.

June 11th: The "News" section has been updated, the "Links" section has two new links, "BSB Extreme" & "Backstreet Craze". They look pretty good so check them out. And sorry I (LeAndra) hadn't updated the stories, but the past couple of days has been hectic. I finally graduated from high school yesterday, but I should be updating the stories really soon, if not later today. Thanks!!

June 8th: The "News" section has been updated.

June 7th: I(Dalila) added five new "site protectors" at the bottom of the page. I also updated the "News" section with some very important news! By the way, LeAndra, I have recieved my invitation. Well, I (LeAndra) have added Chapter Thirteen to 'All My Love' and Chapter Eight to 'Spanish Eyes'. "The Girlfriends" section has also been updated. It does have something to do with the "very important news" Dalila has mentioned. I would also like to add that there is some news about the Backstreet Band. The "Pictures" section has a couple of pics of the June 2nd concert in Belgium and a picture of the BSB Band. You will understand why I put it up when you read the news. And, Dalila, thanks for letting me know. Which reminds me, due to the fact that I will be graduating on Thursday, June 10th, the stories will not be updated that day. Not only that, but I will be a Disneyland until 6am the next morning. Thanks!!

June 6th: The "News" section has been updated, and the "Reviews" section has a review of the June 5th concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Also, Chapter Seven to 'Spanish Eyes' and Chapter Twelve to 'All My Love' have been posted.

June 4th: I(Dalila) updated my profile in the "About Us" section.Also as you can see, I changed the color scheme of the site because a lot of people said that it would look better if it were brighter.LeAndra if you're reading this and you don't like the color scheme fell free to change it if you wnat, plus if you can add graphics beside the content links because I don't know how. Also for anyone who wants to reach any either Leandra or me, my email address is, and Leandra's email address is, and by the way I haven't got my invitation to your graduation yet!! I (LeAndra) updated the "News" section yesterday, but I had to go to "Senior Awards" last night, so I didn't have time to type it up in this section. The "Reviews" section was also updated yesterday, with a review of the June 2nd concert in Belgium. Today, Chapter Six for 'Spanish Eyes' and Chapter Eleven for 'All My Love' has been posted. My profile in the "About Us" section has also been updated. Oh, and Dalila, your invitation has been sent. You should be getting it soon. If not, come anyway. And before I forget, I like the color scheme. It does look better.

June 2nd: The color schemes for all the Boys' biographies have been changed and Chapter Five to 'Spanish Eyes' has been put up. Also, there is a new banner in the Main Page to replace another that no longer exists.

June 1st: Chapters Three & Four to 'Spanish Eyes' has been added and the "News" section has been updated. Also, "The Girlfriends" section has been updated with more information and new pics.

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