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By Eva Dano, (c) 1998

-Last updated on June 21 1999-

Lady Wentworth with Mirage Excerpt from the Crabbet Arabian Stud Catalog, 1924:

"-Mirage. Lady Wentworth has also at Crabbet Park a very fine white stallion imported by King Faisal of Irak from the Denednasha tribe, to whom he paid 500 for the horse through General Haddad Pasha, who identified the horse and his history in 1922. He is a Kehilan Ajuz of the Denednasha Nejd strain."

And from The Raswan Index, entry #6407:

"MIRAGE" (#790, AHC. of A.), a white SAQLAWI-DAL'AN stallion. Bred by the SABA' tribe and sold by them to the DANADUSAH (DHANADUSHAN tribe of the 'AMARAT), who gave "MIRAGE" (as a young colt) to General HADAD PASHA for H. M. KING FEISAL's (FAYSAL) private stud farm in IRAQ. Foaled 1918; imported to CRABBET PARK, England, and imported to the U.S.A. (1930) by ROGER A. SELBY. Sire: a Desert-bred KUHAYLAN-'AJUZ. Dam: a Desert-bred SAQLAWIYAH-DAL'AH (originally of the 'AMARAT tribe in IRAQ). CRABBET PARK Stud catalogue 1928 states: "MIRAGE, an imported horse bred by the ANAZEH tribe from NEJJD stock and sold by them to the DENEDNASHA tribe, from whom he was purchased"

To the best of my knowledge, Lady Wentworth was never able to get Mirage registered in GSB, which is probably the reason she never used him for breeding at Crabbet Park. However, he is still considered part of the Crabbet heritage.

Headshot of *Mirage Headshot of *Mirage (Da Miano photo)
Bodyshot of *Mirage, from AHR stud book, vol. 5 Bodyshot of a younger *Mirage at Crabbet Park
*Mirage at 27 years of age, Roger A. Selby Jr. up (R.A.S. Photo) Drawing by Geo. Ford Morris of Roger A. Selby holding Champion *Mirage
*Mirage (R.A.S. Photo) Lois Selby on *Mirage (R.A.S. Photo)

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