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The Mechanical Magician


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The Mechanical Magician


The Mechanical Magician has been:

Tickled and Pinched

Kicked and Punched

Kissed and Slapped

Hugged and Loved

Laughed at, and Talked about, all Around the World

My magic act is a silent show. I can perform it anywhere in the world. A magic show for the stage, street festivals and parties. Illusions combined with robotic movements. "The Mechanical Magician" has been making an impact on audiences around the world for over 40 years.

“Katmandu was incredible. They had never seen a Robot Magician before, about two hundred people crowded the streets, climbing trees and temples to get a better view of my show. It was very strange, after my show no one would leave, I was not going to pass my hat (you don't ask poor people for money), but someone pick up my hat and passed it around for me, when he brought it back he said, "Do it again" so I did. Still no one would leave after my second show, I had to walk away to find a new place to play. A lot of the people followed me down the streets chanting - “Sadhu, Sadhu”. Which I was told means holy man, I think the locals thought I was doing real magic. It was a little scary, I've never had a reaction like that to my show."

- David Gee.

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