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Dal Sites

The Ivy Dalmatians
Devoted To Dalmatians WONDERFUL Site!
Mithryll Petz Another must-see site.
Vikie's Petz
Lincoln White (From the owner of Ruth--A Dal site)
Streets of Gold Kennels
Fantasy Island Kennels Deffinately a must see site for adoptions, shows and more.
Crystals Petz
Abercrombie's Petz
Stormy Side Kennels Has over 40 shows!
Valley Of The Dals
Dizzy Petz
Stream Fall Kennels


Barnett Landing Kennels
Dogma's Breeders Directory Looking for particular breeds? Check the list!
Pine Cone Cattery
Nikotub's Petz House One of the oldest Petz sites and still one of the best!

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Other Sites I Host

Windswept Waters Cattery
The Sailor Moon Collection
Silvara's Mysteries Of Vampires Unlocked