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  Clan Info
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  UG 2 Clan Members
Message Board
Xbox Main Page

To join the chatroom get go
  and Download
MIRC once
  you have done that open up
  the program and put in this
/Server and
  once your connected
put this
/join #xbox to join the xbox
  chat room.

Favorite Xbox Links

Friends sites & forums
Fakebloods Website
Smoovdoggs Dbz Forum
}{u}{A Inc. Website
  Altrons Website
Welcome to the UG clan page.
  IF you wish to join one of the
  two UG clans please stop by
  the forum and sign up.  The
  leaders of  the UG 1 & 2 Clan
  Are Sdogg & SmoovDogg. If
  you need to know any info
  about what type of clan we
  are or anything along that. Go
  to the forum and contact 
  administrator ot moderator
  and we one of them will fill
  you in with the details. You
  can also view the Unreal
  Tournament  rules page here
  on the site to answer any       
  questions you need to know.

For those of you that want to
  create your own clan you
  need to visit the unreal
  Section in the forum and
  contact a admin to get your
  forum section for your clan
  set up.  You can also contact
   us at
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