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This site is house #41 in the Venus section
of Crystal Tokyo. It's owned by Minako-chan.

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§Minako§-chan's Dream World

In honor of Sailor Moon S (we hope) being shown on Cartoon Network starting June 12, 2000, this page is being completely redone. There will be WORKING MP3's, hundreds of images (and good ones too), midi files, character info (and the TRUTH about Chibi Chibi), and much more stuff than on this current page. The new webpage will be at

Rooms in my Home

Sailor Moon: Songs from the Hit T.V. Series
Sailor Moon & The Scouts: LUNAROCK
Sailor Moon: Songs from the Hit T.V. Series Lyrics
Sailor Moon & The Scouts: LUNAROCK Lyrics
Minako-chan's Message Board
Sailor Moon Web Rings
Chat Central
Minako-chan's Chat Room
(And this is a VENUS chat too! Get it? Minako...Venus...nevermind...)
Japanese Words
Sailor Moon Character Name Pronunciation
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