2001 SnoCore Rock Tour
February 10, 2001 Northern Lights Clifton Park, New York

On one of the coldest of all nights the small and smokey Northern Lights in Clifton Park, New York hosted a pocket - sized Ozzfest known as the SnoCore Rock Tour. With fellow Ozzfesters Slaves On Dope, Kittie, Fear Factory and new commer Boy Hits Car it proved to be a sort of micro - powerhouse tour. Missing from the bill tonight was Union Underground because of medical reasons.

Wind - Up Records recording artisits BOY HITS CAR started the show off. This band didn't prove to be what the fans were there to see as the sold-out group of about 850 people just stood there and moshing was at a minimum. From one who sees and hears bands all the time I felt that they had the musical edge and stage presents to attract attention but I guess not the attention of these patrons. Songs such as "The Letter From Prison" was one of the most raucous moments of the smoke - filled evening. Visit the bands website at www.boyhitscar.com for more information on this up and coming band.

Next in line and my personal favorite, Canada's SLAVES ON DOPE started in getting the corwd going with heavy moshing. So heavy, in fact, that one of the photographers was nearly hit by an incoming set of Airwalks. Take my word for it SLAVES ON DOPE, whose Priority Records release "Inches From The Mainline" which yields their hit title track would be money well spent. Check out their cool site at www.slavesondope.com and learn more about this hot band.

Now, even though it wasn't billed as it, I would say that this was a dual - headlined show. Kittie's a relatively new band on the scene but has proved to be a successful group that show no signs of slowing down. This band brought a good portion of the fans to Northern Lights tonight as seen by the number of shirts worn by their fans. Kittie is unique because they are the opidemy of what every female high - school metalhead wants to be. Right from the begining of their set you know what your in for. Girls they are but these little ladies have vocals more baritone than most male vocalest I have seen. They bark louder than the biggest dogs and scream so high I don't think there was an icicle left on the building. It may have been freezing outside, but if you could round up the festivities inside, it would have been when singer Morgan nailed the best phrase of the evening with her now infamous seven - word "This is one hot mother- f**king room!" Look for Kittie to infiltrate every nook and cranny in the near future.

Fear Factory, the eldest of the four groups, and I am sure a strong inspiration on all of them, rounded out the evening. Crunching licks, powerhouse voices and legends in the making is what you see at a Fear Factory show. Judging from past experiences with this is band, Fear Factory was better than ever. Fear Factory started the Industrial Metal movement and have proven to be one of the heaviest hitters throughout the 90s and into the new millenuium. Their new album Digimortal will be released next month and should be in everyones CD rack.

The 2001 SnoCore Rock Tour proved itself to be loud, hard and powerful. The bands on this tour should have success for many years to come.

Story & Photos by Christopher Wright / Chad Koenig