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Mona's    Kool    Kollection    of    Links

So you wanna check out some interesting sites? Then this page is definitely for you! That is, if you've got plenty of time to spare!! So go on and enjoy yourself but be sure to come back here since these links are not related to my site.

My "Must Sees"

IQ Test: Fun and Fast, it is my favorite on the net.
What's your E-IQ?: Find out your emotional IQ.
European IQ Test: A 20 minute test.
The Official Keirsey Temperament Sorter: Find out your personality type.
Personality Online: For various personality tests. An excellent site!
Rockie Horoscope: Weekly and personalized horoscopes.
4YourHoroscope: Daily and personalized horoscopes.
Philosopher Jokes: They're cute, but need some skill to understand... The epicenter of jokes, jokes and humour on the web.
Brain Candy: Includes "Poetry Quotes" and "Dying Words" of famous people!
Trivial Trivia: I certainly could not add anything, the name says it all!!

Mona's Misc. Links

Egypt has it all!: Includes some very useful info and excellent pictures.
Magical Eye Productions-Boris Said: Presents Egypt in a new, fun and mysterious way... For constant updates about the latest places to see and stuff to do in Egypt.
Andrew Bayuk: Go there to see an incredible picture of the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.
The Definitive Brad Pitt Resource: Satisfaction Guaranteed!!
World Population: Shows you the exact current world population. Scary!
Go Chat: One of my favourite chatrooms.
Chathouse: Another really good one.
The Official Titanic Homepage: A definite must!
Cote D'Ivoire Homepage: Some interesting stuff about the country I grew up in.
Your name in Hieroglyphs: Go there and see what your name will look like in hieroglyphs!
"The Curse of the Pharoahs" : The best homepage that I've ever seen on the net. If you don't visit anything, just visit this one. You won't regret it!!
Countdown to the millenium : Find out how many seconds there are to go!!
My Pic: Just to prove to you guys that I'm not photogenic! :)

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