*A Love Story*

Sometimes the happiest outcomes in life
are those that are unexpected.
Neither knew what transformation their lives
would take after their meeting.
How they met in itself was unconventional,
the medium "high tech",
but the feelings which emerged
over time were as ageless
as those shared by lovers before them.
At the time, neither of them realized
how their love would strengthen each other.
Somehow, both knew that their lives
would never be the same,
their hearts completely at the mercy of the other.

For one, she had been searching her heart,
going through a rebirth of self-discovery.
Reaching for the 'unattainable' star.
Carved out was a life of familiarity
and the expected.
Yet, there existed a void inside her.
Happiness surrounded her days,
and still she felt not the overconsuming joy,
that those around her were given to believe.
Life was "good", but her heart was aching
for what she knew was her need
to be true to herself.

For the other,
she was longing to regain control over her life,
settled in a relationship
spanning close to two decades.
Comfort and security surrounded her,
yet her heart longed to dance,
she longed to feel love as it should be.

In life's play,
the actor's paths are sometimes crossed.
Unknown at the time, their drama unfolds,
love being the script waiting to be performed.
So is the case, between these two people,
Chrys and Stormy.

Just as the new growth of spring
comes alive after a bitter winter,
their story also begins...

It was a quiet afternoon,
when they first exchanged the typed word,
bridging miles between them over wires, phone lines
and the well known screen of one's personal computer.
Months passed, words filled their minds,
feelings poured forth from their hearts
and whispers of adoration echoed between the two.
Withstanding the trials of indiscretion,
the challenges of the finality of past relationships
and the faith held during a life threatening situation,
their love blossomed,
renewed to this day.

This is their story,
these pages chronicle their journey.
Their lovers' dance in the moonlight,
stars smiling down upon them.
The following pages are a testament
of their continuous love.

3/18/2000 Chrys

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