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Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), that's Vermul to you...
It's a way to make a 3-D virtual world that others can stroll through. VRML is a collection of some simple little commands which can be used to build complex scenes. You'll need a VRML plug-in or control for your browser. They are FREE. You can use either the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 VRML2.0 control or the Netscape 4.0 VRML2.0 plug-in. The Cosmo Player plug-in by Silicon Graphics works with either browser, as does Blaxxun Interactive's Contact. Blaxxun's Contact also allows multi-user, real time, interactive chat. It is what I use.

To learn more about VRML please see the excellent tutorial at
To learn all about it, please see the specification at

See my main VRML page at GeoCities for more objects, or my Cybertown Help Pages.

My Colony City Help Index

Colony City County Airport

My Multiuser Blaxxun CCpro World

Early examples from the VRML 1.0 years.


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