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Rise of Nation State England
Other Kings of the Dark and Middle Ages -
William II, Henry I, Henry II

Mr. Sedivy can't possibly put the entire history of the world (or England) online, but following are some more great pictures, illuminated manuscripts, portraits, and trivia about English kings that aren't featured elsewhere at this site. If you still can't find who you're looking for, please see the contents page.

King William II (1087 - 1100)

Silver penny of William II.
This coin was minted at Wallingford early in William II's reign. For five centuries, until 1280, silver pennies were the only royal coins in circulation. This coin is unusual because William faces toward the right. (Most of William the Conqueror's coins used a front-facing bust.)

Brough Castle in Cumbria
Brough Castle in Cumbria. This castle was built at a crossroads on the Anglo-Scottish frontier by King William II when he conquered Cumbria in 1092. Brough Castle used Roman defenses, but was partly demolished by King William the Lion in 1174. After that, a rectangular keep and other buildings were constructed.

Henry I, King of England (1100 - 1135)

Henry I has nightmares
Henry I's nightmares, illustrated in John of Worcester's Chronicle
c.1140, soon after King Henry I's death. The sleeping King Henry I
is shown dreaming of the problems of kingship, represented by
complaining peasants and violent barons.

Henry I King Henry I is shown crowned and seated on a cushioned bench in this 15th-century pedigree-chronicle. Below Henry I in the wreck of the White Ship in which his only legitimate son William perished, along with one of his bastard children, Richard. This left Henry I's only daughter Matilda "the Empress" as the king's heir.

Henry II, King of England (1153 - 1189)

Brougham Castle, built by Henry II
Brougham Castle was built by King Henry II c.1175, at the time
of the English occupation of Westmorland. This and the
rebuilt Brough Castle in Cumbria (above - see William II)
marked Henry II's consolidation of the Anglo-Scottish frontier.

Wedding of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
In 1152, King Henry II as Count of Anjou is shown
marrying Eleanor of Aquitainein this stained-glass window at
Poitiers Cathedral. The window was donated by them in
celebration of the alliance between two great territorial lordships.
Poitiers was at the crossroads of the two territories.

Henry II and Henry III
The coronation of Henry "The Young King" in 1170,
during the lifetime of his father, Henry II. In this unusual ceremony,
the young king is presented with the scepter, but not with the orb
of power, by the archbishop of York. This was deeply
resented by the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.
To the right, Henry II delivers a closed cup to the young king.

Effigy of Henry II The tomb-effigy of King Henry II at Fontervrault Abbey. The king is shown robed and crowned as he was carried to his burial. This portrayal of King Henry II may have an element of portraiture about it, dating from the end of the 12th century.

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Mr. Sedivy's Lecture Notes & Historical Info

The Celts
| Gallic He-Men | Celtic Culture, Trade, Religion, Women |
| Threat of the Celts - Celtic Battles and Conquests |

- Rise of Nation State England -
| Roman Conquest of Britain | Christianity in Britain |
| Customs: Thanes, Churls, Thralls, Wergeld, Folk-Moot |
| Dark Ages: Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, Athelstan |
| The Return of the Vikings |
| Kings of Britain: Aethelred, Cnut, Edward the Confessor |
| Bayeaux Tapestry, William the Conqueror,
Edward the Confessor, Harold Godwinson, Harold II
| The Crusades: Richard Lion Heart, Pope Urban |
| King John, Innocent III, Archbishop Stephen Langton |
| Magna Carta / First Parliament |

Wales and Scotland
| Wales: Edward I, Llewellyn, Snowdonia |
| Scotland: Alexander III, John Balliol,
William Wallace, Robert Bruce, King Edward II

The 100 Years War
| Edward III, Longbows at Crecy, Edward IV, Black Prince |
| Henry V, King Charles VI, Battle at Calais, Treaty of Troyes |

More Information
| Other Kings of the Dark and Middle Ages:
William II, Henry I, Henry II
| The British Monarchy's Peerage: Dukes, Viscounts,
Marquess, Earls, Baronets, and Barons

Class Activities
Roman Conquest Comparison
Battle of Agincourt

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