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Exploration of the New World

- World History -
The English and French Explorations

English and French Explorers

The English and French explored on a much smaller scale than did Spain or Portugal. Subsequently, they had less spectacular results.

Mariner's Mirrour, handbook
Title Page of The Mariner's Mirrour,
a handbook used by navigators during the time of Elizabeth I.
Click for an enlargement of the Mariner's Mirrour.

John Cabot (English) made two voyages along the northeast coast of North America, 1497 -1498. He hoped to find a northwest passage to Asia. The English claimed North America based on his voyages.

Cartier (French) also looked for a northwest passage in 1534. On his second voyage, 1535 - 1536, he sailed up the St. Lawrence River. France claimed North America based on his claims.

World Map. John Cook
John Cook's World Map
Click map for an enlargement

Europeans became dominant over much of the globe within a very short time. Neither the English nor the French had any permanent settlement in North America until the early 1600s.

Age of Exploration / Expansion of Western Europe
The Portuguese Explorers

The Spanish Empire in America

English and French Exploration

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