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2001 Mars Odyssey
- Launch Photos
By Ed Sedivy, Rocket Scientist, and Other Cool Lockheed Guys
April 7, 2001

Odyssey 2001 Logo
Logo: 2001 Mars Odyssey Mission

Odyssey LaunchClose up of Rocket
Left: Conditions are great. The launch is ready to go... Right: Close-up view of Odyssey logo on launch rocket.

Cool View
Cool View of Odyssey Launch Waiting to Take Off.
Lockheed Guys, Ed Sedivy, centerTons of Locheed guys waiting
Lockheed engineers (Ed Sedivy center, left photo) and others involved in the engineering of 2001 Odyssey Mars take a moment to pose
for photos before daylight and the launch of 2001 Odyssey on the day of big launch.
Optimistic Lockheed GuysAnother Cool Rocket Scientist

Now It's Daylight! And, the Launch Takes Off!
2001 Odyssey Launch Begins
At launch time, others watch the start of the rocket launch from a bit further away.

Odyssey 2001 launchOdyssey launch
Off to Mars!

Odyssey 2001 launchOdyssey 2001 off2001 Mars Odyssey into spaceOdyssey 2001 to Mars
In six or seven months, the world will be awaiting the outcome of this historic space mission.

GatorFlorida gators
After the successful launch, team members enjoyed just a bit of R&R and relaxation in Florida before heading back to Colorado.

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