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Stephen Kasenda's Official HomePage
Stephen Kasenda's Official Homepage

Hello there ... first of all, I would like to say thanx for the visit to my lovely home. Stephen Kasenda, that's what the name my parents gave to me when I was born 16 years ago, on 6th of August. I usually just called Steven by my friends. I guess that's a cool name, what do you think ?? Must be cool :) I live in Manado, a peaceful town situated in northeastern peninsula of Sulawesi, eastern of Indonesia. I'm the eldest one, and of course I do have a bro and a siz (what a stupid explanation :)) My cuty bro's name is Michael, and my lovely siz's name is Stephanie (she's really pretty :)).
My Picture
I'm heighted about 168 cm, I don't know for sure, and weighted about 61 kg. I'm in a second grade in SMUN 1 BinSus, the best high school in town (really!). I'm a Buddhism... a very obedient well Buddhism, trust me! :) I'm Chinese, but I'm an Indonesian citizen. Actually, I should have a Chinese name, but my parents don't gave me one, don't know why. Our family's name is Liem (a very famous name, right ??). I do love lots of hobbies ! Yeah.. almost all the cool things is my hobby, but only one I hate..
wanna know what ?? Shopping! Yeah.. that what makes me sick! But, you gotta live with it, what else ? Every girl should live with it, and you must live with a girl, so ? That's the destiny, guys! Okay, let me tell you some of what I like to do. Computer! That's the most important thing.. yeah, I do love these Internet, love gaming, love programming, love doing things in my PC. Music! That's also a cool one. I really enjoy listening to rock n' roll music (you must know it ... Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison, KISS, etc. playing R&R). Most of R&R bands have a beautiful ballads song, and you must admit it! :) I'm a guitar player, but still a novice one. Still can't compete with Clapton, Malmsteen, or Slash :)
Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and lots of cool sports is some of my hobbies, too!!! I play as a shooting guard in the basketball team (just like Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, etc.), and guess what... I play as a goalkeeper or an attacking
Steven & Michael
midfielder in soccer :) I also love to play chess, card-games, and snooker. I don't know why, but I really love doing lots of things. Well, I guess you finally knew all the things about me. What else ? Oh yeah... I love Saturday, Blood-type of O, I cut my stress off with my PlayStation :) That's it I think. Well, maybe sometimes if you have a chance, you can visit my place, Manado. Please click here to learn more about our place, Manado. Thanx for reading my short bio :) Look at the cute baby face above.. ha ha ha, I'm also almost dying laughing lookin' at my pix. :p
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Some Snapshots in Manado
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