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Actors Co-Op Active Members

John Allsopp
Staci Armao
Thom Babbes
Travis Bauer
Michael Beattie
Laura Becker
Joan Benedict
Lori A. Berg
Elizabeth Brower
Jum Bullock
Francesca Casale
JoAnn Campanella
Gus Corrado
Lana Donovan

What Is The Actors Co-Op?

The Actors Co-op, at the Crossley Theatres on the grounds of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, began on January 8, 1987 when a dozen veteran actors came together to create a professional, personal and spiritual support group. It is the first Christian based professional theatre company in the United States which operates under a contract with the Actors Equity Association. The Crossley theatre opened in April of 1989 and the Crossley Terrace Theatre in March of 1995. Actors Co-op has a membership of seventy actors and associate artists and is a company dedicated to Christ and excellence in theatre. The Co-op has received over 80 awards including the Hollywood Arts Council Charlie Award for excellence in theatre and the 1996 Margaret Harford Award from the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle for Sustained Achievement in Smaller Theatre.