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------MISSION HILLS CHRISTIAN CHURCH------: Find out about my church family, and all the kewl stuff going on there.
Youth Ministry: MHCC News from our Youth Mnistry
Missions:Missionary News!
Study Notes:Interesting notes from our Sunday Bible study group!
Sound & Music:Links to Christian Music on the Web
MORE FROM PHILIPPINE CHRISTIAN MISSION: Find out more about the work of Chris McKinney, Kaylene Carr, and others in the Philippines!

PlanetAll: Nice contact service and place to locate people and organizations with similar interests.
Kent Photography: Great photos, guidelines for headshots, theatre information, and more

Internet Movie Database: Huge database of past, present, and future film releases
Chuck Girard: Web page for a VERY talented Christian Musician (one of my long-time favorites!!)
Modern Drummer: Online version of great magazine for drummers.
NewSong Online: Music News, Reviews, Demos. Christian/Secular music/artist comparisons!
RockSolid Software: Christian producer of some great non-violent computer games, plus excellent resource pages

SAFESURF:One of the Premier sites for keeping the web Child-Safe. Also contains some wonderful resources for teachers and families.
Bigfoot For Life: Create a Permanent E-Mail Address
Free For All Family Links: Lots of Links for all ages
MetaCrawler: My favorite search engine

123 Greetings: Send someone a free electronic greeting card.
Acts of Light: provides professional, plays, monologues, customized scripts, and other youth resources.
Music/Drama Ministry: Music, Links, & Free Skits
Anastasis Theater: Christian Drama on the Internet
Dramashare Resources: List of Christian Drama resources on the Net
The Entertainment Fellowship: Entertainment Fellowship & its new Theatre Company

Christian Community Network:News, Reviews, and Links to some really awesome Websites
Church Locator: Need a Church Home? Try this Directory!
Christians Online:Christian Resources and Chat
Maranatha Christian Journal Online:News from a Christian Point of View
Christian Answers: Great site for movie and music reviews, games for kids, etc. Even some links to information on Creation Science.
Christian Link Page Top 100 Free area for listing/finding a multitude of Christian websites, by category.
Christian Church, Disciples of Christ: Church Website
Disciples of Christ Electronic Village: Locate churches and members of Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, around the world!
Dove Foundation: Listings of "Family-Safe" movies
Youth Ministry Links: List of all sorts of youth-related websites, provided by Mindspring
HIS-Net : Great Resource for Christian Links on the Web
NetCentral: The latest in Christian music, concerts, videos, screensavers, interviews, etc.
Kidz-Net: Games, Homework Help, Teacher Aids, and Fun for Kids of ALL ages.
OmniList: Large database of Christian and Family-Oriented Links, including OMNILIST OF CHRISTIAN MUSIC LINKS

Deaf Ministries & Resources: One of the Best sources for Deaf-related websites and for listings of churches that provide Deaf Ministries
Alphabetical List of Braille Signs: Liz Gray's helpful site for Braille transcribers
Braille & Sign Language: Information and interactive programs
CyberSign: Learn Sign Language words in several languages
ERIC Clearinghouse: Resources for Disabled and Gifted needs
Factsheet: Information on disABILITIES Rights & Resources
Fibro Facts: Resources and Information about Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Language Guides & Resources: Foreign language programs, info, and links
THE TEXAS GAZETTE The Truth as a Texan Sees It With A Texas Twist!

disABILITIES Related Links

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