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---- THE PROGRAM ----
Piano Prelude
(Opening Medley)
Deck The Halls
I'll Be Home For Christmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
(The "Peaces")
Jingle Bell Rock
White Christmas
Last Christmas
The Night Before Christmas
Merry Christmas, Darling
It Must Have Been the Mistletoe
O Holy Night
Happy Christmas
The Lord's Prayer
Silent Night

Our Cast and Crew

Meet the folks who made "Peaces" of Christmas !
MARJORIE JOYCE HALL -- actress, singer, director of TV commercials, 
event planning. Her experience took her in classic & contemporary 
work, however her true love is the musical.  She also directed her 
own show for 5 years and is winner of awards including the Angel 
Award, and is a published writer.  Marjorie looks forward to future 
writing and directing.
THERESE DALY-VALDEZ -- B.A. in Art, and a variety of experience as 
costume mistress for Zina Bethune's "Theater Danse -- Loud Roar," 
props & costume for "911" Record Label party at Billboard Live, and 
costume designer for "Fahrenheit 451" at Pierce College (1996)
DAVID ASMUSSEN -- A Texas transplant, has lived in Los Angeles for 
the past six years. His theatrical credits include:  "The Fantasticks,"
"A Company of Wayward Saints," "A  Midsummer Night's Dream," and 
"Some Like It Hot."  TV/Film credits include "Unsolved Mysteries," 
"Blue Sky," and "Triage." David has just landed the leading role in 
a feature film titled "Foxhole," set to begin filming next year. His
writing includes a play titled "Bridge Over Troubled Water," which he
also directed and starred in.  He is the current assistant artistic 
director for the Entertainment Fellowship Theatre Company.
MICHAEL SAVAGE -- an actor, writer, produce, and director, Michael 
was a 1995 Telly award finalist and recipient of AUDIO/VIDEO Magazine's
Top 100 Producers of the Year Award.  He has recently been granted 
the screen rights to author Terry Hodge's bestseller, TOUGH CUSTOMERS, 
and looks forward to bringing it to television in 1998. Michael hopes
you can understand his accent, and says he is happy to be a small 
part in a show that celebrates the most important day of the year.
PATRICIA SAVAGE -- This production marks her return to the stage. 
Patricia recently co-produced an award-winning educational video and 
currently works in programming development for Disney Televentures.
                     SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMERS:
LIA HOWELL -- Performed as vocalist for Virgin records, for Jackson 
Family Honors, and the Gap Band. She performed as a dancer for a U.B.U.
music video, and played "Chi Chi" in Musical Theater, MOMMA, I'M SORRY.
Lia has also done print modeling for Carushka Athletic Wear.
ROBERT HANLEY -- has acted regularly with such greats as James Earl 
Jones, Richard Crenna, and Jack Warden.  At the suggestion of Charles 
Nelson Reilly, he began ROBERT HANLEY ACTORS STUDIO in 1980, where he 
continues to teach and direct actors.  As founder of the Entertainment 
Fellowship, Robert Hanley received the prestigious "Humanitarian of the 
Year" award in 1996 from both the city and county of Los Angeles. Robert
is very involved with the California Special Olympics, Children's 
Hospital, and his church, Our Lady of Grace, in Encino, CA.
MICHAEL ASMUSSEN (dancer) -- made his acting debut in a commercial at 
age 4.  He has done several commercials since then, and has appeard on 
the TV show, "Days of Our Lives" and also models for catalogs.
PAUL BOYER (Merry Christmas Darling, It Must Have Been the Mistletoe) 
-- from Kokomo ("a city in Indiana, NOT the islands"), Paul has been 
involved in theatre since the age of seven.  He has worked on sever 
productions with an "English" theatre group, while living in Spain, 
and is currently studying with Producer/Director Larry Goodman, while 
serving as Production Director of the Entertainment Fellowship Theatre 
ANNA MARIE DUGGER (dancer) -- Ann came to the United States from Bolivia 
at age 3, and has performed in school productions and choruses from 
elementary school through college 
DAVID WAYNE DUGGER (dancer) -- born and raised in California, began 
performing at an early age in a school production of "Casey at  Bat."
David also worked as a background actor in the satire "Silence of the 
Hams," with Billy Zane, and in many other productions, but the main 
focus in his life is serving his Lord, Jesus Christ.
KATE FOX (dancer) -- Currently a junior at Hollywood Performing Arts 
Magnet School. She is a recipient of many academic awards and honors, 
as well as being a published poet.  She has been dancing and performing 
since age 3, with California Ballet and other groups.  She is also 
appearing in "A Christmas Carol" as Scrooge, opening this week at her 
MARIE FOX (Merry Christmas Darling, It Must Have Been the Mistletoe) 
-- hails originally from New York, and studies under Producer/Director
Larry Goodman. Some of her credits include virtual reality shows like 
"Behind Bars" and rave reviews for her role as "Kate" in "Brighton Beach
Memoirs."  She has also co-hosted "The Actor's Showcase" on KCEO AM 1000
radio in San Diego.
PENNY LEA HABER (dancer) -- self-proclaimed "Jack of all trades, master 
of none," who came from Missouri to get into the entertainment industry.
Penny is a licensed cosmetologist, currently working as operations 
manager for a post-production company. She also has experience as a 
production manager and is an aspiring writer.
ALEXANDRA KELLY (Last Christmas) -- From Port Washington, New York, 
Alexandra is currently an acting student of Play House West, and a 
graduate of the Cal State Northridge Film Dept.  This show is her first
theatrical performance, and since she won't be home for Christmas, she 
dedicates this performance to her family in New York, especially her mom.
TRISH OSTROSKI (Chorus) -- A native Ohioan, Trish has appeared locally 
at Valley College and with the Encino Players.  She is the recipient of
the Brass Ring, Pinnacle, and Apex awards for her efforts in various 
media fields, including writing (video and feature) and direction.  She 
is pleased to be in this inaugural production of the Entertainment 
RANDY SIMER (Santa -- The Night Before Christmas) -- went into acting 
in 1995, after a decade of working in radio and playing in rock bands 
in San Diego, CA, where he grew up.  He's been a member of The Playhouse
West, led by Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum, since 1996. He's currently
appearing in the long-running production of "Welcome Home, Soldier" at 
their North Hollywood theater.  Randy is also the lead in 2 other plays 
that tour California, presented by The Music Center (downtown) and the 
Orange County Performing Arts Center.  His film work includes "Independence
Day," The Nutty Professor," and "Deep Impact," and TV credits include 
"ER" and "Ned & Stacey."
JUSTINE VISONE (Happy Christmas) -- actor from NYC, where she studied 
under Sandy Meisner and Philip Burton, at the American Musical & Dramatic
Academy. In Los Angeles, she has performed in award-winning plays 
"Neutrality" and "I Stand Before You Naked" and produced numerous plays 
as well.  She received a B.A. in Radio, TV, & Film from CSUN and won 
the CSUN Foundation Award for creating a short film documentary titled 
"My Child--Like Mother," dedicated to her mother, who struggled with 
Alzheimer's Disease for 19 years.  "My future is in God's hands, using 
my talents to make a difference."
TANYA F. YARBROUGH (The Night Before Christmas) -- Tanya was born in 
Glendale, California, and was raised in several midwestern states. She 
is the oldest of 4 children and the only girl.  Throughout primary and 
secondary schools, she has been involved in community theatre. Tanya 
also loves biology and had dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but her 
love of acting steered her back to her rightful vocation.  Recently she 
appeared in a movie short.  This production marks Tanya's first stage 
appearance in her professional career.
BRENDA SMITH (piano, electronic keyboard, musical arranger) -- has 
studied piano for 25 years, receiving her B.A. in Piano Performance 
from CSUN.  Brenda has been on staff at Mission Hills Christian 
Church as Lead Accompanist for 13 years, and teaches elementary 
school in Simi Valley, after receiving her M.A. in Human Development
from Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, CA.
MARIDEAN MANSFIELD SHEPARD (drums) -- as a  teacher, online"Sysop," 
artist, musician, and actress, Mari has won art awards, Johns Hopkins
Award of Merit for Technology for the Disabled, and induction into 
WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA.  She was a keynote speaker for the ADA in 
Washington, DC.  She has performed in local shows and traveled with 
several bands as drummer, dancer, director, stand-in, background 
actor, and vocalist.  Mari was also a courtroom sketch artist on the 
TV show MURDER ONE,  and plays drums in the Mission Hills Christian 
Church Praise Band.  Sign language performance, program design, web 
page production, and special lyrics for "Deck The Halls"  for this 
show are by Mari.
PATRICK McHUGH (prelude pianist)
ROBERT COX (Sound Design) -- has been in the sound business for over
30 years.  He has been involved on Broadway, in the design of stage 
shows, "Cabaret," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Follies," "Company," "Sweeny
Todd," and "The Tap Dance Kid."  He had his own sound shop in New York 
(Cap Audio Co.) and supplied equipment for many Broadway and off-Broadway
shows as well as road shows and bus and truck shows, including "Amadeus"
and "Evita."  He learned about California when visiting Los Angeles in 
1982 as a sound consultant for "Amadeus" at the Shubert Theater in 
Century City. 
STEVE BECKHAM (Technical Consultant) -- grew up in Tulsa, OK. He has 
lived in California for 30 years, and worked as a "roadie," sound 
recordist, and PA/technical consultant for Dave Mason, The Doors, and 
many other well-known bands. He has also worked as a service technician
for Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships, and now works as a freelance 
auto mechanic and as a technical consultant for local bands and clubs.
LEONARD FIELDS (Lighting Tech)
CONRAD (grip, technical consultant, lighting)
All proceeds of this production go to the Entertainment Fellowship, a 
non-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to enable people 
in the entertainment industry to recognize Judeo-Christian principles 
and apply them to their careers.  By offering the individual spiritual 
and practical choices, the Entertainment Fellowship addresses the issues 
of ethics, morals, and survival in this industry.  The fellowship hopes 
to effect a positive change in the life of the individual, which 
subsequently will bring a higher standard of morals and ethics to what 
the industry as a whole produces. In addition, the Fellowship encourages 
all people to apply ethical principles as a wise and valuable guideline 
in the selection of their entertainment.
Entertainment Fellowship Theatre Co. -- P O Box 17313 -- Encino, CA 91416-7313
(818) 909-0841 ext. 4 --


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