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Last Update: June 29, 2000


Unit Crest 3rd Battalion
29th Field Artillery
Email Listings
It is "assumed" that all of you wish to renew old friendships, or make new ones!
Email addresses are posted here "with permission", or simply a matter of "public record"!

Please inform the Webmaster, if any address returns as invalid!

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Fort Carson, Colorado

CPT DAWSON, Philip H. HQ, 3-29 FA Current 3-29 FA Bn Webmaster
DEVORE, Todd HHB, 3-29 FA 1996-1997 Remember "SLEDGEHAMMER"?
CPT DUGO, Theodore D. ? Bty, 3-29 FA 1989-1992
GILL, Cory P. HHB, 3-29 FA 1991-1994 - FO
SGT HOLMES, Brad (Reid) C Bty, 3-29 FA 1987-1990 - FDC
2LT JOHNSON, Kirk A. HQ, 3-29 FA Current Bn Historian
LTC * KELLIHER, Michael HQ, 3-29 FA Bn Cdr, 3-29 FA PCS'd - Email Invalid
LARSEN, Larry A. Svc Bty, 3-29 FA 1991-1993
1LT PHILLIPS, John HQ, 3-29 FA Current Bn Adjutant (S-1)
CSM SPEED, Cornelius W. HQ, 3-29 FA Current Bn CSM
SSG * STEPHENS, William A Bty, 3-29 FA 199?-199? - Operation Desert Watch - Email Invalid
SP4 THOMPSON, Wayne A. B Bty, 3-29 FA 1990-1993 - Gun # 2
PFC TREST, Dennis HHB, 3-29 FA 1993-1994 - FIST with A/2-35 AR
CSM * WILLIAMS, Tommy A. HQ, 3-29 FA Former Bn CSM, now with 3-7 FA in HI - Email Invalid
SGT VAN AKEN, Kris R. HHB, 3-29 FA 1988-1991 - Bn FDC/TOC

Email Verification as of: October 15, 1999

NOTE: * denotes email address has returned as INVALID !

Rank titles above, are as of the time served, or current, if still active duty.

It is important you notify other former members you may have contact with
about this site. It is the only way for our email "contact" and postal "contact"
listings to grow! And, give us the means by which we can reunite in friendship!


Fidelis Et Verus !


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