Unit Crest
G Battery (SLT)
29th Field Artillery

Personnel Roster

(From DA Form 305-3, dtd 11 April 1968)

CPT Cook, James Fulton, Michael Reed, Jerry
LT Abraham, Dennis Fuqua, James Roberson, Melvin E.
LT Jackson, James Gapen, Leon Rolfes, Robert L.
LT Maxwell, Hosie Garza, Leon Sanders, Sammie T.
Osborn, Robert Gause, Donald Sarment, Gary
LT Seeger, Larry Grbovac, Matthew L. 1SG Scales, Zeb
LT Feldman, Fred Green, Johnny Schmidt, Joseph
Adkins, Donald T. Grice, Gary W. Schultz, Eric
Albert, Samuel N. Gurley, Doyle Shankle, Larry
Antenucci, Robert Haley, Thomas W. Shropshire, Alfred
Atcherson, Leavern Hardy, Edward Smith, Richard J.
SSG Baird, Elbert Helman, Dwaine Smith, Claxton G.
Baltimore, Larry Hunter, Alfred Smith, Oliver Jr.
Bassham, Kenneth D. Hurney, Joseph * Smith, Danny
Baza, Vincente W. Johnston, William E. Solis, David V.
Booher, Harvey Jones, Hubert R. Solis, Arnold N.
Brauer, George Kent, Clifford Spanovich, Robert
Brennan, Gregory C. Kuhn, Randel Spelecki, John R.
Brodigan, Robert Larson, Clyde Sterbenz, John
Brooks, William T. LeMaitre, Ronald Stewart, Gregory C.
Butler, James E. Livengood, Tony L. Strobbe, Dale L.
Callahan, Clarence Lofton, Thomas Tabler, Gail
Campbell, Johnny R. Lovett, John Tafoya, Alfredo
Carn, John B. Lucas, David J. Teske, Robert
Carruth, Lynn Luster, George Thacker, Larry R.
Chonowski, William Lym, Robert L. Thomas, Larry B. *
Christensen, Darrel Massey, David Jr. Thompson, Robert
Chumley, Curtis Matusek, Rudolph Torres, Benjamin
Clark, Eugene Maynard, Carroll L. # Turner, Arthur
Crawn, Vincent E. Jr. Mays, Charles E. Uskert, Robert
Crawford, John H. McKenzie, James D. Van Wagner, Gary
Cyphers, Byron C. Michel, Robert A. * Vasquez, Raul
Damdudt-Rodriguez, Mollanen, Robert Wade, James R.
SGT Davant, William Morse, Joel Warren, Willie J.
Davison, Richard D. Nelson, Arthur Washington, Elmo V.
Davis, Glenn Ogg, Jerry Waterman, Robert W.
Dodson, George E. Page, Larry J. White, Thomas
SSG Dupre, Kerry Parker, Robert S. Wilfong, Byron D.
Elliott, Steven Petty, Jerry C. Wilson, Thomas
Epperson, Harvey I. Polen, Dennis E. Wolf, Leroy F.
Erickson, James Preston, Lloyd T. Woolley, Robert
Evans, Franklin J. Ratcliff, Stanley Yates, James R.
Fogle, Don H. Ray, Thomas H. Smith, Bruce C.
Hunter, Gerald L.

A very special thanks to Gary Puro, for providing this personnel roster!

NOTE 1: Names underlined denotes located.
NOTE 2: Names with # denotes died since returning.
NOTE 3: Names with * denotes KIA.

G/29 Personnel Roster dtd 1 May 1970 !

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