Unit Crest
G Battery (SLT)
29th Field Artillery

Personnel Roster

(Compiled by Gary Puro, dtd 1 May 1970)

NOTE: HQ Platoon, Commo Platoon, 1st & 2nd Platoons. The 3rd Platoon was attached with the Americal Division at this time!

CPT Almerez, Charles F. Trent, David L. Perrier, David m.
LT Duckett, Ronnie E. Cherry, Dean R. Rhea, Harris E.
LT Horton, Phillip Hamby, Joseph D. Sidorow, john
LT Leary, Kevin Taulbut, David C. Stabile, Martin L.
LT Mattick, John B. Jr. Valles, Russell J. Tidquist, Dennis J.
LT Slocum, Arthur F. Witkowski, Martin Torino, Bernard B.
Sonnett, Robert Zera, Thomas J. Warner, Michael W.
Dusack, Chester W. Boggs, Richard D. Wilson, Carl L.
Howard, John H. Barnett, Donald S. Wiseman, Harry L.
Farris, Billy J. Barham, Larry W. Wright, William D.
Lovelace, Charles Comfort, James H. Arnold, John C.
SSG Potter, Stanley A. Crews, Thomas A. Bailis, Charles R.
Russell, Donald R. Dennis, William F. Banks, Mack E.
Santiago-Cruz, Rudolfo Dunn, Richard E. Baum, Thomas A.
SSG Spurs, Willies Jr. Faison, Jimmie Bond, Robert R.
Brooks, William T. Florio, Joseph J. Close, William A.
Butkiewicz, Stephen Franzeca, Paul J. Fuentes, Jocob F.
Casey, William T. Goldstein, alan L. Kane, William D.
Cipriano, John Graulich, Paul W. Klein, Dennis V.
Claybourne, Clayton Graves, Steven W. Larsen, Paul T.
Conner, Charles R. Green, Sammie L. Lopez, Earnest
SGT Daniels, Robert J. Gregory, Phillip E. Maldrigal, Adolph
Esquibel, Joe S. Harris, Walter E. McElroy, Jerry A.
Gooding, Charles R. Hunter, Wayne R. McShane, JamesM.
SGT Harrington, Donald W. Kiley, Patrick H. Nasello, Charles N.
Henning, Robert T. Koenig, Harold L. Norman. Steven E.
Miller, Charles R. Kolozsky, Joseph P. O'Connor, Eugene T.
Onie, Terry A. Laughridge, John A. Pastre, William E.
Phillips, Randy D. Mahoney, John H. Roper, Neil L.
Rifice, Philip L. Martin, Edward E. Ward, James A.
Scheuler, George B. McClain, Horace F. Whetstine, William E.
Scovill, Jon R. Menish, Douglas B. # Gutherez, Juan M.
Shaver, Harry E. Nero, Charles E. Carter, Mackey Edgar
Simpson, Bryan S. Ott, Rarry K. Claxton, Ronald H.
Thompson, Richard L. Panfili, Robert J.

A very special thanks to Gary Puro, for providing this personnel roster!

NOTE 1: Names underlined denotes located.
NOTE 2: Names with # denotes died since returning.
NOTE 3: Names with * denotes KIA.

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