G Bty (SLT)
29th Field Artillery

Americal Division, Vietnam

G-55 / G-29

During World War II the 55th and 29th Artillery Regiments saw extensive action on both fronts. The 55th Artillery, while serving in Europe, earned the Distinguished Unit Citation in the Ardennes as well as other honors in the Pacific. The crest, depicting the highly effective fire-arrow of pregun powder days, is an allusion to the highly effective fire of the unit's Quad .50 machine guns today.

The crest of the 29th Artillery alludes to the units landing on the beaches of Normandy, for which it was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation. In this seaborne assault, the 29th Artillery was part of Combat Team 8, the first to land in the VII Corps sector on the Allied right flank.

Since its arrival in Vietnam, Battery G (Machine Gun) 55th Artillery has been providing convoy security, combat assault support and perimeter defense to all organic artillery and infantry units within the Americal Division area of operations. Battery G (Searchlight) 29th Artillery was assigned to the 108th Field Artillery Group, Under operational control of Americal Division Artillery and has been providing target acquisition and battlefield illumination with 125,000,000 candlepower, 23 inch Xenon searchlights. Both units have had elements on 25 fire support bases throughout the Americal Division area of operations.

During June, 1969 3rd Platoon/Battery G 29th Artillery (Searchlight) was attached to Battery G 55th Artillery (Machine Gun). The platoon continued to enhance the security of isolated fire bases, provide target acquisition, and navigation aids. When co-located with the Quad. 50's immediate engagement was possible during attack.

Currently, in addition to normal duties, both units have begun new programs to further enhance their effectiveness. Battery G 29th Artillery has been extremely successful marking targets and gun runs at night when teamed up with Cobra gunships. Battery G 55th Artillery, under the auspices of the 198th Infantry Brigade, has initiated an extensive program of indirect fire into suspected enemy locations. To date the "Quads" have expended over 4,500,000 rounds since arriving in Vietnam and have combat assaulted on numerous occasions in direct support of Americal infantry and artillerymen.

NOTE: Transcribed from The Americal Division History, published in 1971.



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