Unit Crest
H Battery (SLT)
29th Field Artillery

Personnel Roster

(From DA Form 305-3, dtd 15 April 1967)

SP4 Alonso-Vazquez, F SP4 Hopkins, Dave R SP4 Reader, Allan G
PFC Anderson, Lake F PFC Horner, Ronald D SP4 Reardon, Jimmie L
PFC Ayala, Roldan R PFC Houston, Andrew J PFC Rocamontes, Sergio
PFC Barnes, Jerry D SP4 Hovey, Bobby D SP4 Rogers, Talmadge
PFC Barnick, Ervin J SGT Hughes, Franklin PFC Ross, Ronald E
PFC Barrett, Howard L PFC Hummelbaugh, Richard SP4 Schoen, Larry R
PFC Baxa, Joseph D SP4 Hunter, Lorenzo PFC Shaeffer, Ricky R
PFC Bellah, Robert E PFC Hylman, Toney R SSG Sharber, John P
SP5 Black, Aaron B SP4 Jacobs, Allen PFC Shingleton, Larry F
PFC Braswell, David H PFC Jarvis, Jerry D PFC Short, Donald
PFC Brooks, George L SP4 Jenson, Leland A SP4 Sibert, Thomas L
SP4 Brown, Jerome H PFC Johnson, James B SP5 Sims, Emmet V
PFC Burrows, Robert L SP4 Jones, Eugene J SP4 Smerkol, John L
PFC Canas, Reynaldo SP4 Jones, Willie SFC Smith, Dale L
PFC Click, Lloyd E PFC Kelley, Harrie K SP4 Smith, Gregory F
SP4 Conley, Thomas T PFC Kerkhoven, Joseph P PFC Starling, Steve R
PFC Cothran, Richard C PFC Killmon, James E PFC Stidham, Fred W
SP4 Crosby, Thomas H SP4 Kirkland, Willard B SP4 Stover, James E
SSG Culbertson, Thomas PFC Knowles, Thomas L SP4 Sweatt, John H
SP4 Czuczko, Nicholas SP4 Kresge, Ralph A III PFC Sweet, Monty E
PFC Davidson, Allen SP4 Lankford, Avery L SP4 Taylor, T L
SP4 Day, Benny SFC Loscuog, Louis J 1SG Thomen, Charles A
PFC De Maio, Anthony M SP4 Malik, Richard E PFC Toman, Ronald F
SP4 Decker, Bruce E PFC Malo, Duane M SP4 Torres, Stephen
PFC Devore, Jackie W PFC Marquardt, Saron E PFC Tripp, Gary G
PFC Dickson, Paul PFC Martin, Michael O SP4 Vanselous, Stephen
PFC Ellis, Harry D PFC Massie, Douglas M SP4 Waldon, Paul R
SFC Etheridge, Hal E PV2 Mathisen, Robert A SP4 Walker, Francis A
PFC Falk, Donald R PFC McCullers, Clestas PFC Walker, Richard D
PFC Farris, Russell E SFC McGill, William J PFC Washington, George
PV2 Floyd, Harry S SP4 McLaughlin, Fred H SP4 Weekes, Leroy R Jr
SP4 Galbraith, Larry W SP4 Mendini, Daiel P SSG West, William J Jr
SP4 Gaskins, Johnny SP4 Mokma, Douglas F PFC Wiglesworth, Mitche
PFC Gibson, Ben D SP4 Molthop, Michael D SP4 Williamson, Rodney
PV2 Glaze, Robert L Jr PFC Mosley, Phil SP4 Williams, Michael L
PFC Godlewski, Chester SP4 Montner, Dean J SP4 Williams, Clyde S
PFC Gorman, James M SP4 Nagle, Roy E SP5 Wills, Raymond R
SP4 Grasso, Richard P PFC Nelson, Raymond C PFC Wills, Harold
PFC Green, Micheal PFC Osten, John H PFC Winner, Carl A. Jr
SP4 Hahn, John W PFC Patterson, Anthony SP5 Wiorkowski, Bernard
PFC Hahnah, Eddie C PFC Patterson, Dennis R SSG Wood, Bobby J
PFC Haught, David E SP4 Peternell, Dennis F PFC Woolverton, Warren
PFC Herman, Floyd SP4 Pipes, Jerry L PFC Young, Henry L III
SSG Hettiger, John F SP4 Pittman, Robert L PFC Zieser, Joseph W
SP4 Hicks, Clyde L SSG Pollock, Bonnie O
SP4 Histia, Lindred F SP4 Pritchard, William
PFC Holder, Eugene M PFC Raines, Donald T

Author's Note

This roster had names "lined" out with handwritten notations which
could not be accurately interpeted. They are provided for the record.

PFC Albert, John A PFC Michaelson, Patrick PFC Wade, Edward S Jr
SSG Harris, Sid M PFC Pitts, Thomas F SP5 Woodward, William R
PFC Kellaway, William H PFC Simmons, Kenneth D

A very special thanks to Patrick Malone, for providing this personnel roster!

H-29 Personnel Roster dtd 21 October 1968 !


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