Unit Crest
H Battery (SLT)
29th Field Artillery

Personnel Roster

(From DA Form 305-3, dtd 21 October 1968)

CPT Price, Martin L PFC Finnegan, Samuel L SP5 Morris, Fred Jr
1LT Case, Bryan R PFC Franklin, Eddie L SSG Moser, Billy G
1LT Kurtz, James W PFC Franklin, Johnny A SGT Nagle, Roy E
1LT Sandoz, Jesse Jr SP4 Gallo, Robert H PFC Neal, Chester R
1LT Suchocki, Joseph PFC Garcia-Vargas, Rey PFC Nelson, Joel R
1LT Trenary, Larry M PV2 Gatton, Lester L Jr SP5 Nix, Robert E
SP4 Alston, Ronald PFC Gibson, Ben D SFC Okada, Minoru M
SP4 Anderson, Clifford SGT Gillis, Robert D SP5 Olsen, Bruce T
SP4 Anderson, Ernest SGT Godlewski, Chester SGT Parrish, Larry M
PFC Armstrong, Loyd B SFC Gomes, Joseph V SP4 Patterson, Larry A
SP4 Bailey, George H SP5 Gonzalez, Paul PFC Pereira, Arthur
SP4 Balog, Stephen PFC Goodwin, Randall L PFC Pettis, Warren K
SP5 Barnes, Jerry D PFC Goodwin, Bobby S SGT Pines, Cossie Jr
SP4 Barriere, Donald M SSG Gordon, Benny J PFC Pitcher, Grant M
PFC Beck, George T SP4 Green, Charles L PFC Pulfrey, James E
SP5 Belniak, Robert K PFC Griffith, Dennis W SFC Raymond, Edward E
SGT Blackmon, William SP4 Guarino, Valentino PV2 Reynolds, Jackie L
SP4 Blaxx, Gary L PFC Hammerstrom, Ronald SGT Rice, Peter B
PFC Blevins, Raymond PV1 Harris, Ronald L SGT Richsels, Randolph
PFC Bobholz, Martin B PV2 Hill, Gary D PFC Ritchie, Johnny J
PFC Boettger, Walter A PFC Hoagland, Earl J PFC Rogers, Robert B
SGT Branham, Buck G SGT Hobaugh, Kenneth W SP5 Salazar, Jesus
PV2 Bransiter, George SSG Humphries, Arthur PV2 Sanders, Elbert R
SP4 Broderick, Barry E PFC Hunter, Gary K PFC Schmidt, Paul E
PV2 Bumler, Gary C SP5 Jacobs, Guy A PFC Scott, Eugene C Jr
SP4 Bushnell, William SP4 Johnson, Henry A SP5 Shuler, Fred H
PFC Bustos, Joseph E PFC Jones, Paul F PFC Silverman, Moncle
SP4 Bux, John H SP5 Jones, Willie D SFC Soonett, Robert A
SP4 Carmichael, James SP4 Keeney, Floyd M PFC Sorensen, Robert M
PFC Charles, William A PFC Kendall, Marvin D SP4 Sowden, Jerry T
PFC Chavez, Richard L PFC Kennon, Isaac SP5 Starner, William J
SP4 Childs, Gene C SP4 Keny, Robert L PFC Street, Larry
SGT Christian, Gary I SP4 Kido, Audis D SP4 Summers, Danny G
PFC Cisneros, Gilbert SP4 Klint, Ronald C SP4 Thomas, Larry
MSG Clarke, Benjamin A SFC Knight, Kenneth L SSG Thompson, Jackie G
PFC Cochran, Walter L SP4 Kriso, William J SP4 Thueringer, Stephen
SP4 Collins, Russell L SP4 Landing, James E SP4 Triche, Albert Jr
PFC Costa, Gary W SP4 Leeth, James E SP4 Upton, Gale E
PFC Crandell, Bruce J PFC Lemon, Dudley C PFC Usinger, Philip
SP4 Curtis, Gerald M SP4 Linklater, Gerald M PFC Vaccaro, Peter M
PFC Dale, William H SP5 Lyles, Jimmie R PFC Vanhorn, Eber D
PFC Davis, Austin A Jr PV2 Manning, John C SGT Wainscott, John A
PFC Davis, Ralph E PFC McCoistion, Jerry L PFC Weaver, Wallace D
SP4 Dawkins, Bennie S SP5 McLynn, William D SGT Westerling, Roger
SP4 Delaney, Gene E SP4 Melendez-Yipado, A PFC Wilding, Warren R
SP4 Dixon, Tony L SP4 Mesman, Willebrord SP4 Williams, Clifford
PFC Echols, Robert F SP4 Miller, Terry L SP4 Williams, Marvin
PFC Fetz, George L Jr PFC Molitor, Robert L

Author's Note

This roster had 2 names "lined" out which could not be accurately interpeted.
One name was between PFC Echols and PFC Fetz.
The other was between SP4 Landing and SP4 Leeth.
And, are mentioned for the record.

A very special thanks to Patrick Malone, for providing this personnel roster!

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