Last Updated: February 4, 1999

Unit Crest

Service Battery
6th Bn, 29th FA
1984 - 1987

This is a listing of the men I served with during my assignment with
Service Battery, 6th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery
Where possible, I've included duty assignments, based mostly on old records I have, and my memory (which may be in error!). If you happen to visit this page, and note something wrong, or inadvertantly left out, then just EMAIL me, and I'll make the necessary adjustments.

CPT De La Vega, Jorge Unit Commander
CPT Seabolt, George Unit Commander (Gulf War Vet, 75th FA Bde)
CPT Wackerman, Damien C. Unit Commander
1LT Thomas, Johnny Special Weapons
1LT Willis, Jeffrey Ammo Platoon
CW3 Dunn, Willard Maintenance Tech
CW3 Voight, Frank Maintenance Tech
1SG Coffey, First Sergeant
1SG Long, Elmer First Sergeant
1SG Twitty, Samuel Fisrt Sergeant
MSG Fisher, Danny L. Bn Motor Sergeant
MSG Gregory, Fred Bn Maint Sergeant
SFC Battle, Maintenance
SFC Chapman, Benjamin F. Maintenance
SFC Crist, Norm D. Ammo Sergeant
SFC Drigger, Stanley Maintenance
SFC Hunt, Michael Maintenance (Gulf War Vet, 3-82 FA)
SFC Giles, Paul Bn Mess Sergeant
SFC McKellar, Kevin Maintenance (Gulf War Vet, 3-82 FA)
SFC Yearby, John Ammo
SSG Avery, Rayford Ammo
SSG Bragg, Carl Special Weapons
SSG Conway, Dennis Maintenance
SSG Cordew, Alberto Maintenance
SSG Jackson, Isam Maintenance
SSG Matthews, John Mess Hall
SSG Murrell, Todd Maintenance
SSG Nash, Henry Maintenance
SSG Parsons, Roger Maintenance
SSG Penerosa, S-4
SSG Perry, Charles Maintenance
SSG Plumlee, Andy Maintenance
SSG Reagan, Steven Maintenance
SSG Reddick, Errol J. Maintenance
SSG Rhodes, James Mess Hall
SSG Riggs, Charles T. Maintenance
SSG Rodriguez, Blaz Ammo
SSG Tambunga, Reymundo Mess Hall
SSG Taylor, Thomas Maintenance
SGT Alabran, Maintenance
SGT Ashcraft, Steven POL Section
SGT Brandon, Charles NBC NCOIC
SGT Brodowicz, Joseph Ammo
SGT Canady, Franklin Maintenance PLL
SGT Cowing, Douglas Maintenance
SGT Dehart, John Maintenance
SGT Gentry, Mark Maintenance
SGT Gillette, Harlin Mess Hall
SGT Green, Howard Bty Supply Sergeant
SGT Haugabrook, Timothy Maintenance PLL
SGT Johanson, Barry Maintenance
SGT Leach, Timothy Ammo
SGT Linhart, Kelly Maintenance
SGT Malalua, Eneliko Maintenance
SGT Matherly, Robert ?
SGT Meekins, Samuel Special Weapons
SGT Meeks, Donal P. Maintenance
SGT Miller, Randy Maintenance
SGT Milton, Larry Maintenance
SGT Nunez, Aergio Mess Hall
SGT Parker, Nathaniel Ammo
SGT Reid, Walter Mess Hall
SGT Rodriguez, Walter Bty Supply Sergeant
SGT Satterwhite, Earl Bty Amorer
SGT Scrivens, Maintenance
SGT Soltysik, David Bn Postal NCO
SGT Stephenson, James Ammo
SGT Strickland, Ricky Ammo
SGT Sweatt, Earl Maintenance Welder
SGT Tuck, Steven POL Section
SGT Vadeboncour, John Mess Hall
SP4 Auers, Christopher ?
SP4 Barber, Alonzo Maintenance Recovery
SP4 Bunkleman, Timothy ?
SP4 Ceasar, Sylvester Mess Hall
SP4 Fallis, Kelly ?
SP4 Ford, Timothy ?
SP4 Frazier, Rudolph ?
SP4 Gumm, Brian Ammo
SP4 Hardeman, Jerical Maintenance
SP4 Harrison, Todd Maintenance
SP4 Haynes, Maintenance
SP4 Hernandez, Raymond Maintenance
SP4 Levey, John Maintenance
SP4 Lindsey, Kenneth Maintenance
SP4 Mackey, Lee Ammo
SP4 Martin, John Maintenance
SP4 Martin, Timothy ?
SP4 Martiz, Mozarit Bty Orderly Room
SP4 McKee, Theodore ?
SP4 Montoya, Victor Maintenance
SP4 Morgan, Willie Maintenance Supply SGT
SP4 Pedraza, Ralph Maintenance
SP4 Perkins, Vincent ?
SP4 Randall, Ernie Maintenance
SP4 Ratliff, Curtis POL Section
SP4 Rothell, Maintenance Generators
SP4 Rutan, Kenneth Maintenance
SP4 Scheeman, Craig Maintenance
SP4 Schuman, Joseph ?
SP4 Soto, Alejandro Maintenance
SP4 Torres, Sanchez Special Weapons Section
SP4 Trujillo, Daniel Commo
SP4 Van Cleve, Kenneth Maintenance
SP4 Vasquez, Edgar Special Weapons Section
SP4 Wheeler, Todd Mess Hall
SP4 Woodard, Jimmy Maintenance PLL
SP4 Yarolem, John Maintenance
SP4 Zentz, Scott M. Maintenance Generators
PFC Armstrong, William ?
PFC Austin, Kevin Maintenance
PFC Black, Ronald Maintenance
PFC Brake, Kelly Maintenance
PFC Campbell, Allen ?
PFC Carpenter, Terry ?
PFC Cook, Jeffery Bty Supply
PFC Cooper, Wayne Mess Hall
PFC Delgado, Julio Mess Hall
PFC Donovan, Maintenance
PFC Encalado, Jose POL Section
PFC Fox, Kirt POL Section
PFC Gilbert, Robert ?
PFC Godfrey, Archie ?
PFC Hand, Ronald Maintenance
PFC Harris, Kenneth ?
PFC Hamilton, Maintenance
PFC Howard, Danny Maintenance
PFC Jefferson, Rickardo ?
PFC Martin, George Maintenance
PFC Martin, Robert Maintenance
PFC McAllister, Llewylle ?
PFC McDowel, Sylvester ?
PFC McNeal, Cameron Maintenance
PFC Mills, David Mess Hall
PFC Olson, Robert ?
PFC Perkins, Noel Maintenance
PFC Schleappi, Ted ?
PFC Scott, Maintenance PLL
PFC Strickler, Steven Ammo
PFC Tisdale, Kyle Maintenance Generators
PFC Tyson, Kevin Mess Hall
PFC Williams, Charles Mess Hall
PVT Allen, Maintenance
PVT Dussler, Mark Mess Hall
PVT Grogan, Mark Mess Hall
PVT Hasell, Maintenance PLL
PVT Torres, Greg Mess Hall
PVT Manubay, Maintenance Generators
PVT Poole, Marcus Mess Hall

Note: If you have data to fill in the missing info, I'll be happy to add it!

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