Will They Ever Return? - Courtesy of Sandy Easton
SGT Ralph Lawrence Phelps
Ralph L. Phelps
Lost In Korea, April 4, 1952

SGT Ralph Lawrence Phelps was born on June 22, 1930. His official home of record was Bemidji, Minnesota.
He was assigned to the 90th Squadron, and on April 4, 1952, he was attached to the 13th Squadron for this mission,
While flying as the gunner on this B-26 mission over Korea, he and his crew never returned to their air base at Kunsan, Korea.

The dates are often conflicted in the known, available records. On March 31, 1954, the United States government made a presumptive finding of death in the cases of all three crewmembers, and changed their status to "died while missing, body not recovered", effective April 4, 1952. What little else is known about the fate of Ralph Phelps and his crew members, raises many disturbing questions about the issue of "unreturned" Korean War POW/MIA's!

POW Honor Plagues
A presumptive finding of death in each case!

Hall of Honor FlagPhelps

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Our thanks to Sandra Fenton & Charles Hinton for permission to use the photographs!

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