29 FA4ID Spotswood deWitt
Spotswood deWitt Chapter
(6-29 FA, Vietnam)
4th Infantry Division (IVY) Association

How To Join
Print out the application form, which is linked below.
Fill it out, and forward it to the address listed on the form.
Let the appropriate Battery Chairperson know your joining!
Your cost is only $ 15.00
And, a portion is returned to us to defray administrative costs.

Membership is open to include all former members of the 6-29 Field Artillery
during the Vietnam War, all batteries, any capacity, all years, inclusive!
Eligibilty further extends to former members of attached unit elements
during Vietnam service, such as the following:
The Aviation Section The Metro Section
B/3-6th Arty A,B,C/2-9th Arty C/7-15th Arty
A,C,D/5-16th Arty C/8-15th Arty A,B/2-17th Arty
B/2-19th Arty A,B/4-42nd Arty A,D/4-60th Arty
B/1-92nd Arty A/173rd Abn Bde B(SLT),29th Arty
D/320th Arty

Click here, and print the application

This is a modified version of the IVY Association form, which can also be found on their web site!

Battery Chairpersons

Until the first reunion is held, and officer elections can occur, the following men have volunteered to be the "Battery Chairpersons" for each unit, as indicated below. For privacy reasons, postal mailing addresses are not listed. Such information can be obtained either by an email message, or telephone call where listed, to the man coordinating for your specific battery! The webmaster will assist in any means possible, but direct coordination with these men will be much faster.

Battalion Coordinator
John Kaye
Send an email


HQ Battery    Ralph A. Spigarelli    Send an email

A Battery    David Dollner    Send an email    

B Battery    Richard Harger    Send an email

C Battery    Donald K. Cox    Send an email

Members ask that you print the following on the back of the application:

"The Spotswood deWitt Chapter"

to ensure the 4th Infantry Division Association is aware of which Chapter applies!

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