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True Patriotism

and keep up your TRULY PATRIOTIC work!


Weezie's Foxhole Pages
November 17, 1998 (by DF)

Richard Fox's LCT 376
Richard Fox's LCT Pages
The site's webmaster is working in concert with ours !
November 21, 1998 (by DF)

Jake Jacobsen's Pages at "Jakes Place"
This site is an inspiration for all !
November 24, 1998 (by DF)

Bootsie's Bunker!
If her letter to veterans doesn't move you, nothing will!
December 10, 1998 (by DF)

Clay's Place!
Clayton's web site is inspirational!
December 12, 1998 (by DF)

The Korean War Museum
Our thanks to Lynnita Sommer for showing us this site!
December 15, 1998 (by DF)

Nam Medic's Page(s)
Our thanks to "Doc" & Donna Otero for their veteran's tribute to the 173rd Airborne Brigade!
December 17, 1998 (by DF)

Rolling Thunder (R), Ohio Chapter Two
Heartfelt thanks Rolling Thunder for their support of all Veterans!
December 19, 1998 (by DF)

13th Bomb Squadron Association (Korea)
This is the squadron our Korea War POW/MIA's were assigned to!
December 23, 1998 (by DF)

"A Walk in My Shoes" During the Battle of the Bulge
This is a daughter's tribute to her father, a WW2 Prisoner of War!
December 29, 1998 (by DF)

Dave's Home Port Pages
Dave is retired Navy, and his web site is great!
January 16, 1999 (by DF)

Willy's Place - 9th Infantry Regiment (MANCHU)
Willy's web site(s) are extensive, and a veteran "must see"!
January 22, 1999 (by DF)

Clay Crowder's Alabama POW/MIA Dedication
Clay has "adopted" all 40 of Alabama's POW/MIA's - his pages of honor, to each!
February 7, 1999 (by DF)

David H. Lippman's World War II Plus 55
Dave's chronology of WW2 is a must see for all! (A work in progress!!)
February 8, 1999 (by DF)

Merrill's Marauders - 5307th Composite Unit(Provisional)
History & photo's of the famous CBI unit of WW2! A must see for all!
February 11, 1999 (by DF)

314th Inf Reg & 79th Recon Trp - 79th Div, WWII
History, facts, reunion info, and more on this well known WWII unit!
March 6, 1999 (by DF)

Lest We Forget - A Tribute to My Daddy and All Veterans
A very well done site, created by a loving daughter!
March 29, 1999 (by DF)

America's Secret War
American Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920!
March 30, 1999 (by DF)

Tibbo's Adopted Pow'Mia's Honor Pages
by Peter J. Fraser-Tibbett, Australian Vietnam Veteran!
June 8, 1999 (by DF)

Chester L. Ball's Artillery Home Pages
by a Veteran that fired a nuclear round from "Atomic Annie"!
June 9, 1999 (by DF)

The Women Marine WebRing!
by Barbara Conover - A new web ring, for women Marines!
June 9, 1999 (by DF)

Memorial Day Tribute Page!
by Wendy - A remembrance from the heart!
June 22, 1999 (by DF)

106th Infantry Division Association
by John Kline - Valor & Glory: The Lions & the Battle of the Bulge!!
June 29, 1999 (by DF)

Camp Atterbury - Freeman AAF - Atterbury AAF and Bakalar AFB
by Jim West - Great personal stories by the men of the Battle of the Bulge!
July 1, 1999 (by DF)

Joe & Liz's Homepages - POW/MIA Tribute
by Joe J. Bongcayao - A personal POW/MIA tribute, graphics intense!
July 6, 1999 (by DF)

AFJROTC / TX-924, The Official Website
by Jon Voreh - A personal tribute to the high school Air Force JROTC Program!
July 17, 1999 (by DF)

William F. Taylor VFW Post 9486, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
A site well done, and an honor to visit!
July 24, 1999 (by DF)

Graves Registration
by Charles Gerlach - A job seldom acknowledged, even by Veterans!
July 25, 1999 (by DF)

California Historical Artillery Society
by Daniel Post - A great re-enactment group, with very good horse-drawn artillery photo's!
July 30, 1999 (by DF)

USS America and USS Detroit
by Travis Logsdon - A well done site, in true Naval style. Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
July 30, 1999 (by DF)

The 199th Light Infantry Brigade
by Clay Crowder - A site for Redcatchers everywhere. Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
July 30, 1999 (by DF)

William B. Pate VFW Post 7041, Chandler, AZ
by Jerry Pujat - Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
August 21, 1999 (by DF)

Memories of a Time and a Time of Memories
by James R. Drummond - Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
August 22, 1999 (by DF)

Women Veterans
by Veronica Reilly - Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
August 22, 1999 (by DF)

Grunts.net - Home of Infantry History
by John Silva - Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
September 6, 1999 (by DF)

The Black Watch R.H.R.
by Stewart Cochrane - Patriotism and Dedicated Excellence Awards !
September 12, 1999 (by DF)




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