29th Field Artillery
Veteran Appreciation
Award Recipients

Below is a sample of the award we present to web sites that show an appreciation for veterans. If you think this award should be presented to a specific web site, then email me with the URL. We'll pay them a visit, and if we agree, the award will be presented.


Congratulations to the sites listed below,

and keep up your PATRIOTIC work!



LadyDebbie's I'm Proud of Our Veterans

The Graphics Hanger

Support Our Soldiers

Desert Storm Mom's Vet Center

Al Varelus - USMC - International Hall of Honor

Sandy Easton's Graphics Pages

LadyShag's Home Pages

Mike Morris's POW/MIAs - Lets Bring Them All Home!

Dutchess County Military Alliance
September 27, 1998 (by JB)

"Waves" Home Page
September 28, 1998 (by DF)

Jeanette's Tribute To Her Dad
September 28, 1998 (by DF)

MSG Crofton's American Patriot
October 2, 1998 (by DF)

Sumner Bonney Lake VFW Victory Post 3070
October 5, 1998 (by DF & JB)

LadyJen and the POW/MIA Freedom Fighter's Web Ring
October 5, 1998 (by DF)

Gerald O'Dell's - The Vet's LZ
October 6, 1998 (by DF)

Sylvana J. Anderson's Portrait Of A Soldier
Notification of this award was erroneously sent to the wrong person!
For that, we offer our most sincere apologies to Sylvana (October 31, 1998) !

October 6, 1998 (by DF)

Rosebud and Minnestoa's American Hero's
October 6, 1998 (by DF)

Ben Drake's "Family of Marines" Web Site !
October 7, 1998 (by DF)

David H. Lippman's "USS Washington" Web Site !
Focuses on the battleship & the war in the Pacific!
October 7, 1998 (by DF)

"Frank W. Sidler" American Legion Post 40, Danville, PA
October 8, 1998 (by DF)

Dar's Army Life
October 11, 1998 (by DF)

Raptor's Nest
October 13, 1998 (by DF)

Operation Just Cause
October 13, 1998 (by DF)

With Our Deepest Sincerity:
Clara Ann Hill's Home Page(s)
October 14, 1998 (by DF)

The Dragon Clan's Pow/Mia Home Page
October 22, 1998 (by DF)

Frank Rivera's Enterprising Sphere
October 23, 1998 (by DF)

I8 Sharks Home Page
October 23, 1998 (by DF)

Robin Poole's Page's
October 30, 1998 (by DF)

My Annie's Military Honor Page
October 31, 1998 (by DF)

Kelly Runyon's Home Page(s)
November 1, 1998 (by DF)

Ann Carol's Home Page(s)
November 3, 1998 (by DF)

Normandy - Normandie (en francais)
November 5, 1998 (by DF)

Joanna & Carolee's "Very Patriotic Pages"
This is a joint site, by two very patriotic ladies!
...Be sure to visit both their sites, from this link!...
November 6, 1998 (by DF)

VFW Post 2566, Baumholder, Germany
November 10, 1998 (by DF)

Veterans Day - A Day Of Reflection
November 11, 1998 (by DF)

Rod & Kate Ploessl's Entire Website
and it is a very extensive web site!
November 12, 1998 (by DF)

Graphics by Dovesong
November 13, 1998 (by DF)

Sue Crowder's 199th Light Infantry Bde(SEP)
November 15, 1998 (by DF)

Tim A. Robertson's Home Pages
November 15, 1998 (by DF)

Ralph L. Dettwiler's "Bloodstripes" Pages
November 16, 1998 (by DF)

Doug's Place
November 24, 1998 (by DF)

Woody Tyson's POW/MIA Page
December 13, 1998 (by DF)

Cori Schrader's Leathercraft and More!!
This is a Christian site that will put a good feeling in your heart!
December 17, 1998 (by DF)

National Artillery Association of Switzerland
Verband Schweizerischer Artillerievereine
This site is a German language site, but is of interest to the Artillery!
December 19, 1998 (by DF)

Mario Warnaar's HORUS' Website
A veteran of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, with a touch of "Egyptology", for interest!
December 20, 1998 (by DF)

The CRIBA "Battle of the Bulge" Website (Belgium)
An extensive website, with lots of information, stories, and photo's!
December 29, 1998 (by DF)

Karen's Patriotic Page
January 15, 1999 (by DF)

Sharon Holden's - In Loving Memory
February 17, 1999 (by DF)

Lady Luck's Likeables
March 5, 1999 (by DF)

Lest We Forget - A Tribute to My Daddy and All Veterans
March 29, 1999 (by DF)

The Desert Truckers' Homepage
March 30, 1999 (by DF)

John R. Martin's "War Stories"
May 11, 1999 (by DF)

Yes, there is a date gap here, but I don't "hand" awards out, they are "earned" by each web site creator!

Yan Kraffe's "The French Foreign Legion"
August 28, 1999 (by DF)


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