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Unit Crest

H Btry (SLT) 29th FA
Historical Summary




Battery H, 29th Field Artillery (SEARCHLIGHT) was activated on 5 October 1966 by the authority of General Order 184, paragraph 1.

Captain Kenneth L. Lowmiller Jr. assumed command of Battery H on 10 October 1966.

An intensified training program was initiated on 23 October 1966 in preparation for deployment to Vietnam.

At the close of the calendar year, Battery H, 29th Field Artillery (SEARCHLIGHT) was fully organized, trained, and combat ready. Battery H consisted of 3 searchlight platoons.


1967 - 1968


H Battery, 29th Artillery is one of four new field artillery searchlight batteries recently formed a Fort Sill. The unit was activated on 5 October 1966 and after an intense training program was deployed to the Republic of Vietnam on 13 March 1967. The lights are used through the IV Corps area to furnish direct and indirect battlefield illumination in support of tactical night operations.

Major commanders and their period of assignments have been Major Kenneth L. Lowmiller, unit commander from 10 Oct 66 to 28 Feb 68 and Captain Martin L. Price from 28 Feb 68 to the present.

Control is with the headquarters and communications sections at Can Tho. It is under the operational control of the Senior Advisor IV Corps. The battery commander is acting as a special staff under the supervision of the IV Corps Artillery advisor.

First platoon headquarters is located at Bac Lieu, it is under the operational control of the Senior Advisor 21st Division (ARVN). The platoon is composed of five sections situated throughout the most southern part of the Delta. The various duties of these sections include Special forces camp security, road security and airfield security.

Second platoon headquarters is located at Dong Tam. The platoon, under operational control of the 9th U.S. Division Artillery, is composed of six sections situated in the northern most section of the IV Corps area. The primary duties of these sections consist of aircraft guidance, road security and various perimeter securities.

Third platoon headquarters is located at Vinh Long, it is the largest of the three platoons. It is composed of seven sections situated centrally, throughout the IV Corps area. The platoon is under operational control of the Senior Advisor 7th Division (ARVN). Duties of these sections range from city patrol to compound security.

As the muddy Mekong River leaves the Cambodian border, it begins to divide and sends thousand of smaller streams swirling over the land like a giant fan. These tributaries spread across the flat expanse of South Vietnam, depositing tons of rich soil over the region.

Very little dry land courses over the Delta. Farmers build their homes on mounds of earth to escape the rising waters. Free cover for the Viet Cong is limited, consequently they must travel at night. This is where the use of searchlights are important.

Staging of H Battery 29th Arty by 9th Infantry Division at Bear Cat and they deployed south into IV Corps. On 13 March, the advance party proceeded to Camp Bear Cat with the Advance body initiating the staging phase for the arrival of the main body. Other major operations are classified.


Major Awards:

Bronze Star

1LT John M. Keith
SGT Lloyd Click
SGT Jerome H. Brown

Purple Heart:

SFC Louis J. Loscudo
SP4 Bruce E. Decker
SP4 Johnny A. Caskins
SP4 Richard E. Malick
SP4 Douglas F. Mokma
SP4 Leroy R. Meaks
PFC Lake F. Anderson
PFC Erwin J. Harnick
PFC Robert L. Glaze
PFC Dave E. Haught
PFC Ronald D. Horner
PFC Patrick Kinard
PFC Michael O. Martin
PFC Phil Mosley
PFC John Osten

Honor Roll of Members Killed in Action

PFC Raymond L. Jarvi
PFC Joseph G. Vogrinec
PFC Richard L. Pittman




On 17 March 1970 H Battery (SLT), 29th Artillery was relieved from attached 164th Gp (Cbt) and further attached to 307th Avn Bn (Cbt) APO 96215.

On 26 May 1970 H Battery (SLT), 29th Artillery witnessed a change of command. CPT Gene V. Baldwin FA relinquished the colors to the new commanding officer CPT John D. Lambert Jr. FA.

During the past year H Battery (SLT), 29th Artillery continued to provide searchlight operations in support of various airfileds, MACV Teams and Special Forces camps in Military Region IV. In the 44th Tactical Zone the third platoon of H Battery was attached to 5th Special Forces. During this time there were numerous sightings reported and five enemy KIA's. At Vinh Gai searchlight operations with the Navy produced three enemy KIA's and numerous sightings. If it were not for the instant response of the searchlight crew the position could have very well been over run. At Tinh Binh the searchlight crew being employed to work with 164th GP radar turned in an average of two sightings per week and was credited bt the radar section commander as having been a valuable asset in the success of the operations of the radar. The second platoon located at Dong Tam was credited with six enemy KIA's and frequent enemy sightings that were reported to the target control center at Dong Tam which proved to be very factual information. Additionally at Can Tho Airfield, the searchlights were instrumental in providing security for the airfield. During this period they allowed no sapper attacks to originate due to their sightings with infra-red light and immediate response to all attemps to bridge the airfield.

During the year H Bty acquired four new positions: Ha Tien on the Gulf of Thailand, Nui Cam a mountain southwest of Chi Lang, My Phouc Tay and MACV District Headquarters at Cai Lay.

Honor Role of Unit Members Killed in Action:

SGT Robert D. Farnham
SP4 Joseph Antonelli

Honor Role of Unit Members Receiving Major Awards:

Silver Star:

SP4 Kevin McGrath

Bronze Star with V:

SP4 Guy W. Hackney
SP4 William R. Lewis

Purple Heart:

SP4 Charles A. Vanagus Jr.
SP4 Larry N. Manning


NOTE 1: This information was trancsribed from the official historical summaries!

NOTE 2: Also included with this was a black and white drawing of the unit
patch of Battery H, worn on the left breast pocket, centered, for wear only
while in Vietnam. Harry Varney provided us with a large photograph of it.
And, Leon Baldwin, Webmaster for the 9th Infantry Division Web Pages,
created this rendition, which is pretty accurate to that drawing!


NOTE 3: Units supported by Battery H, 29th Artillery in Vietnam:
2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery
1st Battalion, 11th Artillery
3rd Battalion, 34th Artillery
1st Battalion, 84th Artillery
Battery C, 5th Battalion (AW)(SP), 2nd Artillery



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