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Unit Crest

6th Battalion
29th Field Artillery
Historical Summary


Calendar Year 1966

Note: This summary came to me with only the cover sheet, page four, and a general statement, included herein. I will attempt to get another copy of the full report!

SUBMITTED BY S-3, dtd 3 April 1967:

During the next two and a half weeks the Battalion practiced every available minute for the coming Battalion Test. As always true, hard work brings results and when the Battalion Test date arrived the Battalion proved its worth. The accuracy of the Firing Batteries was superior and only minor deficiencies were noted by the test team. The Battalion was now "Combat Ready".

The Battalion, with the exception of C Battery, moved to (??illegible??) on 3 June 1966. C Battery remained at Yakima for an additional week supporting the 1st Bn, 8th Infantry in a field exercise. This was the first time a Battery had the opportunity of fulfilling its primary mission of providing direct support for the Infantry.

Upon completion of individual and unit training, the battalion entered Operational Readiness Training which stressed methods and techniques applicable to duty in Southeast Asia. On 1 August 1966, the Battalion was placed under operational control of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry division.


The month of August was hectic in that the unit was preparing for overseas movement, while half the battalion was on leave at one time or another. Throughout August more and more personnel were assigned, until the battalion achieved 2% over strength just prior to embarkation.

The Advance Party left the first week of September, while the main body was delayed a week due to a bad boiler on the USNS General Walker. The main body finally departed the Port of Tacoma on 15 September 1966, aboard the USNS General Gordon.

The advanced party arrived in country 8 September 1966, and established the battalion base camp with a mere 19 personnel. The main body, after a three week voyage, arrived in Vietnam on 6 October 1966.

Battery A, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery was attached to the battalion as general support upon arrival in country. Also attached were two H-23 helicopters with pilots and mechanics. A Metro Section and a Searchlight Platoon were also attached from 4th Infantry Division Artillery.


Only three weeks after arrival in country the Battalion was combat ready. Immediately thereafter the battalion was involved in direct support of the 1st Brigade in "Operation Adams".

Note: That was all, plus the following attachment:

Throughout the operation the Battalion operated in coordination and conjunction with artillery units of the 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Division; the 28th Regimental Combat Team; 9th Republic of Korea Infantry Division and Civilian Irregular Defense Groups in Phu Yen Province. Initially operations were conducted along Highway 1 from Tuy Hoa to Tuy An. By Thanksgiving operations had (??illegible??) north and westward in the vicinity of Lai Hai, Dong Tre and the (??illegible??) Valley. For the remainder of 1966 the 6th Battalion 29th Artillery continued to provide timely and accurate artillery fires in support of the 1st Brigade 4th Infantry Division during Operation ADAMS.


Calendar Year 1967

SUBMITTED BY S-2, dtd 29 February 1968



The mission of the 6th Battalion, 29th Artillery is to provide direct artillery support to the maneuver elements of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division to include Target Acquisition, Communication, Liaison, Survey, Ground Transportation and Logistics; to reinforce the fires of other field artillery units.


The 6th Battalion, 29th Artillery is organized under TOE 6-156E. In addition to the assigned units of this command, Battery A and B, 4th Battalion, 42nd Artillery; Battery A and B, 3rd Battalion, 173rd ABN Brigade; Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 19th Artillery; 2nd Platton, Battery D, 4th Battalion, 60th Artillery (AW); and one SLT Platoon of Battery B, 5th Battalion (SLT), 29th Artillery were attached for operations.


Lt. Col Lynwood B. Lennon, in command of the Battalion since June 1966, turned his command over to Lt. Col Elritt N. Nettles on 1 March 1967. Lt. Col Nettles continued to guide the Battalion through all maneuver phases until 11 August 1967 when the Battalion was presented to Lt. Col Donald E. Kenney, the present commander of the 6th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Lt. Col Kenney, came to the Battalion from HHB, 4th Infantry Division Artillery where he served as the Executive Officer.

Prior to arriving in Vietnam, Lt. Col Kenney was affiliated in a Research and Development Program in Washington, D.C.

Graduating from Ohio state University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics in 1949, Lt. Col Kenney entered the Artillery School at Ft. sill, Oklahoma in 1951. For several years thereafter, Ft. Sill became his home as he attended additional schools such as: Air-Ground Operations, Artillery and Ground Missile, and Battery Officers Course. In 1962, Lt. Col Kenney attended the Command and General Staff College after which he attended the University of Arizona and acquired a Master of Science Degree in Aero Space Engineering in 1964.

Lt. Col Kenney has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal with First Oak Leaf Cluster, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal and Vietnam Service Medal.

Lt. Col Kenney is married and has two children. Mrs. Kenney and children are presently living in Amandale, Virginia.

As of 31 December 1967 the Battalion Staff consisted of the following personnel:
Executive Officer: Major Harry B. King
S-1: Captain Allan W. Johnson
S-2: Captain Joseph L. Bauer
S-3: Major William P. Boyd
S-4: Captain Richard H. Wright
Communications: 1LT William D. Carter
Surgeon: Captain Raphael A. Rivera



After the Battalion arrived in Vietnam on 6 October 1966 it was committed to direct support of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in "Operation Adams". This operation covered a large portion of the Tuy Hoa area. On 19 February 1967, the Battalion was ordered to deploy to the Pleiku area (Central Highlands). The entire move was completed on 21 February 1967 and the Battalion established itself in Camp Enari on the outskirts of Pleiku City. Two firing elements were moved to the 1st Brigade Area of Operation two days later by road. The remaining elements of Headquarters Battery had an impossible mission to accomplish; construct a Battalion Headquarters, Mess Hall, maintenance shop, supply shop, and troop billets by 1 April before the "Monsoon" season arrived. In addition to this task, support to the forward elements must be accomplished. Never failing in support, the base camp mission was completed on 30 March 1967.


Throughout the operation the Battalion operated in coordination and conjunction with artillery units of the 4th Infantry Division Artillery and 52nd Artillery Group supporting the 1st Brigade. The 1st Brigade area of operations was west of the base camp encompassed by the villages of Plei Diereng, Le Thanh, Duc Co, and Thang Duc. Only sporadic contact was made by the maneuver elements from 23 February 1967 to 12 March 1967. On 13 March, 1st Brigade and 2nd Brigade elements came under heavy mortar attack. An effective counter mortar program was initiated and B/6/29th fired all day and night suppressing the enemy fire. On 6 April 1967, Operation Adams ended. The total number of rounds expended in support of the operation was 67,149.


Operation "Francis Marion" began on 7 April with a slight change in mission. Only minor contacts were made with the enemy by the 1st Brigade maneuver elements. It was apparent that the enemy was avoiding contact to poise for a pre-monsoon offensive. The maneuver elements were deployed into the Ia Drang Valley on a search and destroy mission. On 18 May, contact was made and maintained until 26 May when the beaten enemy withdrew across the Cambodian border under cover of darkness. The three direct support batteries, A, B, C, 6/29th fired 17,399 rounds to support the Infantry in this single action. Remaining in Cambodia to regroup and retrain left the 1st Brigade area of operation relatively quiet during most of the monsoon season.

To discourage the enemy from infiltrating across the border again, a well planned interdiction firing program on avenues of approach and previously used assembly areas was fired daily. It was not until August that the enemy made his presence known by attacking a Fire Support Base. This was followed up by a 122mm rocket attack on the 1st Brigade Headquarters. A total of 347 artillery rounds were expended and the rocket position was silenced. On 30 August 1967, intelligence sources revealed the location of another rocket position whose target was the 1st Brigade Headquarters. A, C, 6/29th fired a TOT at the location resulting in secondary explosions. The rocket attack was aborted.

Note: At this point my copy appears to be missing a page, or pages! But there was more:

Ssg Tanner, Richard L.

B Btry Bronze Star w/"V" 13-14 March 1967. Serving as Battery Ammunition Sgt, SSG Tanner distinguished himself during mortar attacks on the camp his battery was to defend. Subsequent counter fires required resupply necessitating the movement of ammunition in the midst of incoming rounds. SSG Tanner continued to resupply all howitzer sections throughout the entire night.

Ssgt Fetter, Thomas H.

A Btry Bronze Star w/"V" 28 April 1967. Assigned as a member of the Forward Observer Party to A Btry 6/29 Arty and attached to Co C 1/8 Inf, 4th Inf Div, Sgt Fetter was on a search and destroy operation when the Forward Observer was seriously wounded. Moving from the rear of the element, he managed to reach the wounded observer, apply first aid and removed him to a safe area. Returning to the front of the element, Sgt Fetter adjusted artillery on the enemy until contact was broken.

Sp4 Bowman, Paul E.

B Btry Army Commendation w/"V" 3 Novemebr 1967. Assigned as a Recon Sgt of the Forward Observer Party to Co B 3/12 Infantry, 4th Inf Div, Sp4 Bowman moved to the perimeter area to better adjust artillery against the enemy who was attacking with mortars and automatic weapons. Despite having been seriously wounded by grenade fragments, Specialist Bowman moved forward to assist a wounded Platoon Leader to safety. Returning to his position, he continued to adjust artillery fire until the attack was repelled.

Sp4 Murphy, Daniel J.

B Btry Army Commendation w/"V" 3-4 November 1967. Assigned as a member of a Forward Observer Party to B Btry 6/29 Arty and attached to Co A 3/12 Inf, 4th Inf Div. Sp4 Murphy accompanied his company in a two company action to the objective. Enroute to the objective the other company, Co B 3/12 Inf came in heavy contact with the enemy resulting in the loss of their Forward Observer Party due to wounds. Sp4 Murphy moved forward to Co B and directed the fires of three (3) batteries in an expert and competent manner. It was this action that eliminated the threat and minimize the number of friendly casualties.

SSgt Harper, Edward B.

B Btry Bronze Star w/"V" (Posthumously) 11 November 1967. SSgt Harper was assigned as a Forward Observer to B Btry 6/29 Arty and attached to Co D 3/12 Inf, 4th Inf Div when he volunteered to accompany a reconnaissance patrol up a hill known to have enemy fortifications. The patrol was soon engaged, with the enemy using mortars, rockets and small arms. SSgt Harper remained forward to adjust the artillery strike on the enemy force. When word was received to withdraw SSgt Harper continued to direct the artillery to insure a safe withdrawal, SSgt Harper was mortally wounded.

1Lt Souder, Hershel R.

B Btry Army Commendation w/"V" 12 November 1967. Serving as the Executive Officer for B Btry 6/29 Arty, Lt Souder was controlling the fires in support of maneuver elements of the 3/12 Inf, 4th Inf Div. During the mission, fire broke out among equipment that was stored near ammunition thus detonating some small arms, hand grenades and other explosives. Disregarding his own safety, Lt Souder removed ammunition and explosives to a safe area. His actions in this dangerous action prevented casualties and enabled the unit to continue its support mission.

SGM Taylor, Charles A.

Hq & Svc Btry Bronze Star w/"V" 15 December 1967. SGM Taylor was assisting the Battalion Survey Team in conducting a crater analysis of impacted mortar rounds when the enemy succeeded in hitting the ammunition storage area, setting it on fire. SGM Taylor rushed to the ammo dump with a water truck in a attempt to extinguish the blaze. Acquiring the proper range, the enemy continued to land mortar rounds inside the dump forcing SGM Taylor to seek cover. When the incoming rounds subsided, he returned to the fire which was now completely out of control and detonating the stored ammunition. Reluctantly he returned to the crater analysis team and assisted in accomplishing their mission.

Pfc Hegener, Sydney E.

Hq & Svc Btry Army Commendation w/"V" 15 November 1967. Assigned to the Hq & Svc Btry Survey Section, Pfc Hegener was conducting a crater analysis of impacted rounds when a fire broke in the base ammunition storage area. Unhesitatingly, he rushed to the fire in an attempt to extinguish the flames though the ammunition began to explode from the intensive heat. Disregarding the threat of personal danger, Pfc Hegener remained at his post until driven off by the now uncontrollable flames.

SSgt Hackett, Robert E.

B Btry Bronze Star w/"V" (Posthumously) 25 November 1967. Serving as Howitzer Section Chief with B Btry 6/29 Arty, SSgt Hackett's gun crew came under intensive mortar attack with fifteen enemy mortar rounds landing in or near his position. Braving the enemy fire to insure expedient preparations for effective counter fire was being conducted, SSgt Hackett was mortally wounded by mortar fragments. Inspired by his bravery the unit was able to successfully repel the enemy attack.

Cpl Crowe, John A.

B Btry Bronze Star w/"V" 26 November 1967. Serving as a Howitzer Section Chief with B Btry 6/29 Arty, Cpl Crowe was firing his howitzer against an enemy mortar position that was attacking the fire base. When his howitzer was put out of action by a direct hit, Cpl Crowe moved about the battery area administering first aid to wounded personnel and moved them to safety despite the continuous incoming mortars. He continued his mission until the enemy was repelled and the mission completed.

Sp4 Knott, Wilson D.

B Btry Army Commendation w/"V" 26 November 1967. Serving as a Howitzer Section Chief in B Btry 6/29 Arty, Sp4 Knott was firing his howitzer in a counter-mortar program against the enemy who was mortaring his position. Soon realizing his weapon was the only one capable of firing, he increased his rate of fire in an attempt to silence the enemy mortars. It was this feat that finally quelled the enemy mortars.

1Lt Forbes, Jeffrey R.

C Btry Soldiers Medal 16 December 1967. Lt Forbes was assigned as a Forward Observer to C Btry 6/29 Arty and attached to Co C 3/8 Inf, 4th Inf Div when a helicopter carrying six (6) persons and a crew of four (4) lost power after take-off and crashed outside the perimeter. Disregarding the insecurity of the area and the imminent danger of explosion, Lt Forbes rushed to the scene of the downed helocopter. Removing the seriously injured pilot from the aircraft and danger, he returned to assist the remaining personnel to safety thus saving at least one life and preventing the other members from being more seriously injured.


The Medical Assistance Program (MEDCAP) of the Battalion has been quite successful in winning the hearts and minds of the local people. The program involves four (4) villages that are visited twice each week. Doctors, Dentists, and medics are used to treat the sick and lame in addition to assisting in raising the living condition standards. Immediate medication or hospitalization are made available for the ill as the case may be. Construction material for building of schools, churches and homes is provided with a sole purpose of uniting the people to a common cause.


Calendar Year 1969

NOTE 1: This information was trancsribed from the official historical summaries!



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