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Last updated: June 28, 1999

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29th Field Artillery
Photo's from Vietnam

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More Vietnam Photo's

Wayne Smith B-29 (SLT), in Vietnam!
Wayne Smith, B Bty (SLT), 29th Artillery
Photo Courtesy of Wayne Smith.

This is Wayne Smith, B Bty (SLT), 29th Artillery, and his searchlight jeep with a 30" light. The light was called " Flick It" at Tue Ha, Phe Hip, An Kay. He was supporting the Korean Army in Phe Hip in May 70 to Sept 70..., and hopes that some of you will remember him!

NOTE: The original photo was nearly 300K in size! Thanks to our friend, Sandy, for resizing the photo so it would display on our web pages! To save on our server space, the original photo was deleted. Sorry Wayne, but I have to "cut corners" to save space!

Members of 2nd Platoon, H-29 (SLT), in Dong Tam, Vietnam!
2nd Plt, H Bty (SLT), 29th Artillery
Photo Courtesy of MSG Benjamin A. Clarke, and sent by Pat Malone!

Pat Malone writes that he was in the Long Beach, CA Veterans Hospital at the time the photo was taken.
MSG Ben Clarke took the picture from a perch on the Radar tower next to the 3/39th Artillery Barracks in Dong Tam.
He said that he couldn't remember exactly why everyone was together, but it was the first time that the whole 2nd platoon
was in Dong Tam at the same time!

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