Hello everybody. My name is Nadia Ioannou. I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 5th of August 1976. I have no siblings.


I attended Lyceum Kykkos A' and studied Physics at the University of Cyprus . I worked as a physics/maths teacher at a private institute for one year. Starting from the 15th of June 2000, I became a bank employee at Hellenic Bank Ltd. I worked at the Treasury Department as a Treasury assistant for three years. As from 1st of June 2003, I work as a Dealer at the Corporate Desk of the Dealing Room. 


The reason I studied physics is because I believe that it is one of the most beautiful sciences, helping in many ways in our lives and expanding our horizons at fields that we never thought before. I have a special website for physics with some personal notes and a lot of humor. If you are a physics fan, then don't hesitate to visit the page.


Returning back to me, I like reading , surfing the net, writing emails, cats, photography, travelling, basketball, painting, poetry, cooking, etc. I certainly adore computers and spend a lot of time in front of them.

The Internet is certainly an excellent way to meet people and get to know what is going on around the world. My first experience with the Internet was in 1995. Since then, I highly recommend it to everybody who has the opposite opinion. I started building my first page in the summer of 1998. Learning ,searching and thinking are what make us unique and remarkable creatures on this planet.

Since November 2005 I live on my own in a small one bedroom apartment in Nicosia. I have a great passion for cats. Right now I have three cats, who live with me, Napo, Bambina and Sissy.


I like mountains and nature.


I hate busy cities with lots of skyscrapers and traffic.

I prefer quiet beautiful cool places. How nice when you walk in a forest, looking at the green tall trees around, listening to the birds singing and breathing the fresh air... Although I like being practical in my everyday life, I always like spending a lot of time dreaming and "living in my own fantastic worlds".

I appreciate honesty, admire people with a warm heart and enjoy the nice clever humor.

I hope you will enjoy my homepage and don't hesitate to email me with any questions or suggestions at nsnant@logos.cy.net


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