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Chicken and potatoes in the oven




  One whole chicken about 1 kilo

  One kilo potatoes.

  5 or more small onions

  Bay leaves (5)

  Thyme, salt, peper and a little cinnamon

  One cup of corn oil

  One cup water

  Lemon juice


 LET'S GO...


First wash and clean the chicken very well. (Leave it for a while in a bowl full of

water and some lemon juice.)

Put the whole chicken in the middle of a sauce pan or pyrex. Peel the

potatoes and cut them in the middle. Wash them and put them around the

chicken. Peel the small onions (But do not cut them in very small pieces).

Put them in different places all around the chicken.


Take a small onion and put it in the hole of the chicken. In there you must

put one bay leaf ,salt, pepper, thyme , a little cinnamon and some drops of

lemon juice. On the top of the chicken put some more salt, pepper, thyme ,

cinnamon and another bay leaf. Finally put the oil and the water.


Put all in hot oven and cook it for about one hour. In the meantime in

half an hour you must open the oven and turn the chicken on the other side.

Otherwise it will not be cooked in both sides.


Make sure that there is enough water in the saucepan until the food is well cooked.

Otherwise it will burn.




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