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 2 cups of flour (Self Raising).

 Half cup of Cocoa powder.

 2 tea spoonful Baking Powder

 Half teaspoonful of Vanilla.

 Half cup of corn oil

 One cup of fresh milk

 3 eggs

 1 and a half cup of sugar.




  2 cups of chocolate powder (Drinking Chocolate)

  Half cup of water

  4 soup spoonfulls of sugar

  2 soup spoonfulls of Spry or butter .



---------------------------Preparation of the cake---------------------------

Put flour, Baking Powder, sugar, cocoa and vanilla in a bowl. Mix them

all and then pour the milk and corn oil . Then add the eggs one by one and mix them

well to be a stiff cake. Grease a round pan and pour the cake in it. Cook it in the

oven for about three quarters of an hour. Check when the cake is ready by putting a

knife in the middle of it and if the knife gets out clean then the cake is ready.


Cut the cake in the middle. Pour a little milk on the two pieces of the cake so that

the cake will become softer.


----------------Preparation of the topping-------------------

Mix the drinking chocolate, water , sugar and butter into a sauce pan

and cook them with very low heat until they look like a cream.

When the topping is ready (while it is still hot) put half of it on the top of half of the

cake. Then add the second and top layer of the cake and on the top pour the rest of

the topping.



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