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Nadia Ioannou


Personal Information

Marital status: Single

Nationality:    Greek Cypriot

Date of birth: 5th of August, 1976

Place of Birth: Nicosia, Cyprus

Emails :  


1994 - 1998  University of Cyprus    B.Sc. Physics

Oct 2003      IFS - UMIST DFSM - Diploma in Financial Services Management

Structure of Accounts Distinction 81
Managing People in Organizations  Distinction 70
Marketing, Sales and Customer Services Distinction 72
The Financial Services Environment Merit Pass 69
Building Society Operations Credit Pass 53

Lending and Securities

Credit Pass 56



Physics Research from April 1999-August 1999


Physics and Maths Teacher from October 1999-May 2000


15 June 2000 - 31 May 2003 : Treasury Assistant

01 July 2003 onwards :            Dealing Room - Corporate Desk

Summary of qualifications

  Graduation Certificate of A' Kykkos Lyceum with 19 8/11 (June 1994)

  Graduation Certificate of Engomi Gymansium (June 1991)

  Pure Mathematics A' Level with grade A (January 1994)

  GRE PHYSICS WITH 700 (12th of December, 1998)

Awards received

  First prize awarded by the Department of Natural Sciences for having the best academic session 1994-1998.

  Pancypriot Olympiad of Physics and Chemistry

3rd prize in Chemistry for B' Lyceum (1993)

 Commendation in Physics for A' Lyceum (1992)

Commendation in Chemistry for A' Lyceum (1992)

   Prizes from Kykkos A' Lyceum for

Distinction in the lesson of reinforced physics

Distinction in the lessons and excellent moral

Distinction in the lessons of physics, chemistry and mathematics

  Honory diplomas from Engomi Gymnasium for

Prize of mathematics and moral

Subject of Art in 1989, 1990, 1991.

Honory diploma from the Cyprus Athletic organisation

  Letter indicating that my story was among the first three that have been chosen to represent Cyprus in the E.B.U competition.

Research Experience

  Worked for a summer project at K.F.A in Juelich in 1996.

  Dissertation in investigating the eigenvalues of Dirac matrix of Q.C.D on a lattice

  Summer course at TRIUMF in Vancouver - parity violation experiment


  English language

  TOEFL with 607 (August 1997)

  English Language O' Level with C (January 1992)

Professional memberships-subscriptions

  Member of the Institute of Bankers England - IFS


  Reading scientific books

  Surfing the Internet - Homepage design



  Passing a good time with my cats