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 1/2 kilo of pork meat (cut in small cubes)

  5 potatoes

  5 carrots

  Some cut parsley

  2 chopped onions

  2 eggs

  Juice of 2 lemons

  6 spoonfulls of floor (3 fulls)

  1/2 cup of cornoil

  1/2 Knorr cube

  Some pepper

  Some cinnamon


In a small bowl mix the flour with one cup of cold water (or cold milk). Stir well until the mixture becomes creamy.

Cut the potatoes, carrots and meat into small cubes. Cut the parsley as well.


Then warm up the oil in a big casserole. Add up the meat and stir well until it takes a brown color. Add the onions and stir well for a few minutes. After that add the creamy flour slowly slowly while stirring well. Then add water slowly slowly until half of the casserole is filled. Finally add the carrots, potatoes, parsley, the Knorr cube, pepper and cinnamon.

The soup takes about one hour to be cooked. From time to time it needs stirring.

When the soup is ready, prepare the cream for the top, made of eggs and lemon.Beat the two eggs well in a big bowl and then add the lemon juice slowly slowly. Get a cup of hot juice from the soup and add it very slowly in the big bowl of lemon and eggs.Stir well. Do it several times until the eggs and lemon become warm enough. Finally add it in the casserole and stir well for a few minutes until it becomes a uniform mixture.





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