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Potatoes 2 kilos

 Eggplants 1/2 kilo

  Two cups of corn oil

 ------------------------------For the stuffing-----------------------------------------

  half kilo of chopped meat (pork or maybe chicken)

  some chopped parsley

  two big chopped onions

  salt, pepper, one or two tomatoes

  two or three soup spoonful of oil (Corn Oil)

  half cup of dry white whine


------------------------------For the "mbeciammel" cream-------------------

  two eggs (only the yolks)

  six glasses of whole milk

  six soup spoonful of flour ( full the spoon well to the top)

  salt , white pepper

  half a cup of corn oil




--------------Preparation of the stuffing-----------------------

Put in a small casserole the meat, the onions, the two chopped tomatoes,

the oil, wine, a glass of water, salt and pepper. Cook it for about one hour in low

heat. When you see that the meat is done, and there is no more juice in it, put the

parsley and cook it for a few more minutes.


----------------Preparation of potatoes and eggplants-----------------


Peal and cut the potatoes in round pieces about 1cm. Then cut the Eggplants in the

same shape as potatoes.

In a fry pan put two cups of corn oil and let it boil .Start adding the potatoes. Make

sure to fry them on both sides. After finishing with potatoes , do the same with the


Then take pan or pyrex 37x23x10 cm or a round one of 30cm. Lightly

grease the whole area. Make one layer of potatoes in the pyrex.

Make a second layer of eggplants above the potatoes.

Make a third layer with the stuffed meat.

Make a forth layer with eggplants and a fifth layer of potatoes.

On the top pour the mbeciammel cream. Cook them for about one hour in low heat.


------------------Mbeciamell cream-------------------------------

Boil 6 cups of milk in a casserole.

Put the half glass of oil in another casserole and leave it boil (not burning).

Then add the flour very very slowly in the hot oil and keep beating it well for a few

minutes. It must be like a cream.

When the flour is done, pour the hot milk in the mixture of flour and oil but be

careful to beat it very fast. Beat it until you see it like a cream. Then beat the two

eggs' yolks with a spoonful of water. Add the eggs in the cream together with salt

and pepper and beat it for some more minutes.


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


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