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Welcome to Nareed's Guide to SF Literature

Thanks for stopping by.

I intend this guide to offer some useful information on books by my favorite authors. This includes synopses, comments and reviews.

At the moment I'm sorry to say that you won't find much. I'm concentrating on Asimov's Foundation series first, and will continue with other authors in time. If all goes well, I should add more books shortly.

If you have any suggestions of authors or books you would like to see here, please email me by clicking in the mailbox icon at the bottom of the frame.

For your convenience I have added three types of links to Amazon.Com.

1) You can click on the amazon logo on top of this page and you'll get to Amazon.Com's home page.

2) The searchbox at the bottom of this frame will get you to search results on the keywords you type in at Amazon's site

3) Every book listed on this site also contains a direct link to that book on Amazon's site.

I'm providing this service because I have found Amazon.Com to be the best place on the Internet to purchase books, not only of SF but of all kinds. I've placed several orders with them over the past few months and their service has been prompt and reliable.

Again, thanks for visiting and please stop by again in the future.

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