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Tales From The Expo Part 2 Saturday, April 18...

I wake up with no idea whatsoever what time it is, since I forgot to wear my watch, and the curtains are shut. I stagger to the bathroom where I'm treated to an alternately scalding and freezing shower. Great showers they have in this place! Luckily, there is also basically no water pressure, so dodging the temperature changes is pretty easy.

I go to see if Neon is up and about yet, but she is still asleep. On the floor inside her door is an illegible note from Bri, which we have no luck in deciphering. We eventually decide that it's telling us that they tried to wake her, but had no luck, so they went on ahead. I realize that I oh-so-intelligently left my tickets at home! ARRRRRRRGH! I call my brother to stop by my place and pick them up for me on the way, since he and his wife are coming to the Expo also. We'll meet by the giant Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.

11:00am or so Dressed in our FMU sweatshirts Neon and I head to the El for the trip downtown. We sit and doze pretty much the whole way there.

12:15 We arrive at the Expo, groaning as we see the loooong lines outside the door, an hour after the Expo began. Neon gets into line, I go buy a paper and wait for my bro and sis-in-law at the ferris wheel.

1:00Still waiting...

1:30 Still waiting...

2:00 Still waiting...

2:10 My bro grabs my shoulders from behind as I read some incredibly boring article, causing me to jump approximately 4 feet into the air.

2:15 We get back to the Expo entrance, to find Neon and Bri sitting and waiting for me to get back. How sweet! Bri has no recallection of writing the note and no idea what it says, and was even later getting out than Neon and I were! I guess we should have checked her room before we left, huh? Introductions are made, and we enter the Expo! Woohoo!

2:15-6:45 We wander the Expo. Lots of little neat stuff at the non-official merchandise table. I buy an Area 51 security clearance pass and a little alien fetus in a jar of liquid, ala The Erlenmeyer Flask. This will look great atop my 'puter! Next, we head to the official merchandise tables, where they have all sorts of really cool t-shirts, none of which come in my size! :( I buy a pretty cool keychain. Whoopie! Since we had already missed Dean Haglund and Tom Braidwood's stage appearances, we decide to spend today seeing all the other stuff, and Sunday watching the stars do their stuff. We do watch quite a bit of Stephen Williams' Q&A, however. Damn cool, seeing X in person! Getting hungry, we go to get some overpriced food and $2.00 warm Pepsi. While eating, we notice the line for the movie preview has lessened dramatically, so we get in line right after we eat. While waiting, I decide to take a look at my little alien-in-a-jar, and discover that it is leaking! I go exchange it for another. The movie preview is great! I'm even more pumped for the movie than I was before, if that is indeed possible. Next, we're off to examine the props. It's amazing how cheap the guns look. I've seen squirt guns that looked more realistic! It was neat to see all this stuff, tho! The Luther Lee Boggs prison uniform! Woohoo! WotC rubber roaches! While checking out the doll from 'Chinga' I swear I heard "I want to play!" I got away from it quick....

We looked around all over for our friends from #xpa and #The Phile Cabinet who had also come to town for the expo, but were unable to locate or be located, even with our FMUwear. I joined the Official fan club, but they were out of the damn movie posters you're supposed to get when you join.:-( We all get our pictures taken in Mulders office! Very cool! We listen to Mitch talk for a bit, but not too long, since we'll see him tomorrow. It's cool to see the AD in person, tho! The lines are just WAAAAY too long to wait for autographs from MP and SW. Neon gets the Official Guide for Season 4 and has it autographed by Andy Milsner, the author! I would do the same, but I already bought the damn thing like three days ago and forgot to bring it along... We decide to head back early to the hotel to see if we can find anyone from our hotel group or if we have any messages from the cabbies, who we were planning on going to dinner with.

7:15 On the train on the way home, I check on my new little alien guy, only to discover that this one is leaking, too...*sigh*.

8:00ish Arrive at the hotel. No #xpa friends. No messages. We drop off our stuff and hop in my car in search of somewhere to eat. Having been out all last night, we're pretty beat, and we have *gasp* Cokes and water(!) with dinner at Giordano's.

10:30 or so Back at the hotel. Tired. Time to go to bed. At 10:30!! Damn, I'm getting old...

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