SoWy PeOpLe MaH HoMePaGe iS CuRrEnTLy UnDeRGoInG ReMoDLiNg!! AnYwAyZ i GoT a NeW eMaiL aDdy ItZ sO HiT mE uP TheRe FroM NoW oN OkaY! AiiGhT i KnOw YoU DoNt WaNnA KnOw AnYtHinG bOuT mE BuT GuEsS wHuT? ThaTs JusT tOo BaD!! oTaY WeLL iM 15 YeArS oLd BoRn JuLy 15tH..i LiVe iN ViRgiNiA..ItZ BoRiNg TrUsT mE sO nEVeR MoVe hErE!! UmMmM i LiKe RaP, aNd R&B MuZiC..mY FaVoRiTeZ ArE LiNk (WhUtChA GoNe dO?), AaLiYaH (ArE U ThaT sOmEBoDy?), TaTyAnA ALI (DaYDrEaMiN), ThReE SiX MaFiA, JaY-Z, ToO sHoRt, JoN B (oOh hE LoOk sOoO GoOD), BoNe ThUgZ, MaStER P, DmX, mYsTiKaL, C-mURdeR (FiNe FiNe FiNe), tUpaC, cYpReSs HiLL, UsHeR (oOh hE iS SeXy, NeXt (ToO cLoSe!! oTaY LeMmE ThInK i LoVe sOutHPaRk, iMmA MaRrY KeNNy aS sOon aS hE GeTs HiS HoOd oFf *LoL*!! aNd i LoVe CoCa CoLa (FuK HaTeRz, CoLa CoLa CouLd WhiP SuM PePsI aRsE aNyDaY!! =)~ I CoLLecT aNYtHinG coCa CoLa!
UmMmM LeMmE ThinK I GoT 3 DoGgIeZ (PriNceSs, ShEbA, & CouJo) aNd 3 kItTyZ (MiStY bLuE, PrEcIoUs, & MiDgEe) PiCz oF aLL DeM iS a LiNk aT Tha BoTtOm!! uMmM oKaY tHaTz aLL FoR nOw..ThAnkiEz 4 ReaDiN aLL ThaT CraP! =)

United States

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