Australian League of Rights

The Australian League of Rights Are Dangerous

Melbourne headquarters at 145 Russell Street, Melbourne.
Active in Melbourne, in Queensland and rural parts of Australia.

Listed by the 1991 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission report on racist violence in Australia as "... the most influential and effective ... best organised and most substantially financed racist organisation in Australia".

The founder of the League of Rights, Eric Butler, was a supporter of Hitler and Mussolini. The League of Rights opposes Land Rights and the environmental movement, and describes them as part of a "world government" communist conspiracy. They build front groups to help fascists and violent right-wingers organise, particularly in rural communities. In the early 90s the League of Rights organised the mass rural protests in Melbourne called Save Australia.

They oppose Asian immigration, and strongly back Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party. They promote Hanson's racist book "The Truth". The League of Rights support Nazi author David Irving, who says that the Holocaust did not happen. They have organised tours of Australia for Irving, and they publish his books through their company Veritas Press.

Close Down the Australian League of Rights and its front organisations.

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