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For more than ten years Anumukti has been coming out with authentic information on the nuclear issue. Information that is readable, easy to understand and which tries to demystify the jargon. Our attempt has been to convert nukespeak into plain English. We have also tried to relate world trends and events to those in India. Another of our aims has been to put the nuclear issue in the context of the overall development paradigm. How far we have succeeded in these objectives is for you to judge.

Today the situation has become more and more critical. On the one hand there has been the dismal and fully predictable failure of the nuclear enterprise in India. When we started in August 1987, the stated objective of the nuclear establishment and the government was to produce 10,000 megawatts of nuclear electricity by 2000 AD. This itself, was a big come down since according to the original plans of Dr Bhabha, 25,000 Megawatts was to be the nuclear capacity in 1987. Today, there is no prospect whatsoever of this reduced target being achieved. On the other hand despite repeated failures and near accidents, the nuclear establishment remains as cocky as ever and has now started talking about vision 2020 - projecting a nuclear capacity of 20,000 megawatts by the year 2020. The need for Anumukti has never been greater.

With the explosions of May 11, the oft repeated claims of "peaceful" intentions have been suddenly buried under congratulations to scientists on their wonderful 'accomplishments'. The budget of the department of atomic energy has been sharply increased. The mood in the country amongst some has become dangerously jingoistic which if neglected can lead to real and serious tragedy in the not too distant future.

Our efforts can only succeed if we continue to receive your unstinted support both in terms of money and even more important in terms of active participation. Anumukti in contrast to the ever fragmenting nuclear family has to be ever inclusive. To subscribe, please send us a check for $15 (for 6 issues). Also please send us a list of potential subscribers with their mailing address to whom we can send a complimentary copy of Anumukti.

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