The Acadians came from France in the mid 1630's in order to establish a new life on the land they called "ACADIE".
Unfortunately, the English and the French soon started continuously fighting over this land.
The Acadians were a peaceful people and did not want to fight on either side, the English wanted them to sign an oath of allegiance. and started to worry when the Micmac Indians sided with the French.
The Acadians had signed the oath of allegiance on several occasions but under the condition they would not have to bear arms against their fellow Frenchmen, and so were forcibly expelled from their adopted homeland of "Acadie" in present day Nova Scotia.
An estimated 13,000 were expelled, their homes burnt and many families were seperated as they were placed on overcrowded ships. They ended up scattered all over the Thirteen Colonies,England and France.
Those that were brought to France, found they could not adapt. They had grown away from French customs and had developed a unique way of life.
The Spanish Government brought the Acadians to Louisiana in ships where they were granted land in the New World.
What began as Le Grand Derangement in the mid-1700's became a thirty year odyssey that led the Acadians to the swamps and bayous of Louisiana where they lived in virtual isolation until the early years of the 1900's.

The largest group of Acadians to arrive in Louisiana left France on May 10,1785 aboard the ship Le Bon Papa. It took 81 days to cross the ocean, arriving in New Orleans on June 29,1785 with 36 families, totalling 156 persons.
This ship was followed by La Bergere, Le Beaumont and Le Saint-Remi.
The fifth expedition left France on La Amistad on August 12,1785.
La Ville de Arcangel, the sixth ship to leave France, arrived on December 3, 1785. The Acadians on this ship were sent to Bayou Lafourche and Bayou des Ecores.
A total of 1,596 Acadians were thus transported from France to Louisiana on these seven expiditions.
The descendants of the Acadians in Louisiana are still proud of their origin and have preserved, perhaps more than anywhere else, the culture of their ancestors.

My sources were from various places during my visits to Louisiana

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